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  1. fix like find LPCHARACTER npc = CHARACTER_MANAGER::instance().SpawnMob add Before
  2. hi man

    i want to admin tool metin2


  3. ken

     I want to protect against Bob

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    2. klars99


      I'm waiting for you I want to protect against Bob as soon as possible

    3. Ken
    4. klars99


      ok i waiting

  4. Hello socket_accept: accept: Software caused connection abort (fd 13) What is the solution to this SRVER RAM 64 GB Intel Xeon E5 E5-1630v3 4/8t hard disk:SSD
  5. Page metin2fw not work does not connected to the final database base server

  6. SYSERR: Dec 16 13:19:19 :: ReadDragonSoulTableFile: DragonSoul table Check failed.SYSERR: Dec 16 13:19:19 :: Boot: cannot load DragonSoulTable: locale/singapore/dragon_soul_table.txt
  7. Still doesn't read current mob proto Like this
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