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  1. Thanks for responding. https://gist.github.com/payalord from here I was able to add the sqlite3 module. Where is it?
  2. Hi, I want to make a system where players can see their whisper chat history. I want to use this in python of the sqlite3 module. But somehow I could not use sqlite3 for Metin2. Anybody know anything about this? Thank you from now.
  3. Thank you, I'm getting this error; The page you are trying to access is not available for your account.
  4. Thank you, I know this formula, but the market does not come back when the name closes again. I met this video on the internet. But I can not access the web site of the video owner. : / uiprivateshop OnUpdate; if systemSetting.GetShopDistance() < player.GetCharacterDistance(self.vid): self.Show() x, y = chr.GetProjectPosition(self.vid, 220) self.SetPosition(x - self.GetWidth()/2, y - self.GetHeight()/2) else: self.Hide()
  5. Hello Metin2dev, Is this system in your possession?
  6. Thanks for the answer. I solved the problem without knowing it. I will find the solution method to share.
  7. Hello all, I'm coding the speech system for my server. I only need to receive data when logged in from P2P. Unfortunately game.core is giving. Game.core errors; #0 std::_Rb_tree<unsigned int, unsigned int, std::_Identity<unsigned int>, std::less<unsigned int>, std::allocator<unsigned int> >::_M_insert_unique ( this=0xbfbfaf57, [email protected]) at stl_tree.h:997 #1 0x08287a31 in CWhisperGroup::P2PLoginMember (this=0x29455390, pid=1) at stl_set.h:307 #2 0x0828b80f in CWhisperGroupManager::P2PLoginMember (this=0xbfbfbc8c, pid=1) at whispergroup
  8. Hello there, When another character appears in the game freezes for a short time with me. Is there a way to fix this?
  9. Some of them I get this error when entering the game What is the reason?
  10. Hi m2dev, 6 socket attaching attr slips What should I do about this? Database records to doing it right. Looks like the shop window td::auto_ptr<SQLMsg> pMsg(DBManager::instance().DirectQuery("SELECT pos,count,vnum,price,socket0,socket1,socket2,socket3,socket4,socket5,attrtype0,attrvalue0,attrtype1,attrvalue1,attrtype2,attrvalue2,attrtype3,attrvalue3,attrtype4,attrvalue4,attrtype5,attrvalue5,attrtype6,attrvalue6 FROM %soffline_shop_item WHERE owner_id = %u", get_table_postfix(), npc->GetOfflineShopRealOwner()));
  11. Hi, You get the following error Can you help? 0603 04:37:00191 :: Traceback (most recent call last): 0603 04:37:00191 :: File "introLogo.py", line 62, in introLogo.LogoWindow.OnUpdate (introLogo.c:1396) 0603 04:37:00191 :: File "networkModule.py", line 179, in networkModule.MainStream.SetLoginPhase (networkModule.c:3131) 0603 04:37:00191 :: File "system.py", line 138, in system.__hybrid_import (system.c:3428) 0603 04:37:00191 :: File "introLogin.py", line 11, in init introLogin (introLogin.c:28827) 0603 04:37:00191 :: File "system.py", line 138, in
  12. Hello, Eng: Not given effect to the players outside the group. Shaman blesses himself. Can you help on this issue? Tr: Merhaba, İngilizce bilmediğim için google çeviri kullandım fakat bu forumda türk arkadaşlarında bulunduğunu öğrendim o yüzden türkçe yazma gereği de duydum. Şaman'ların grup içinde kendisini kutsarken bütün grubun kutsamasını sağlayan sistemi ekledim. Bu sorunsuz çalışıyor fakat grup dışındaki oyuncuları kutsamaya çalışınca şaman kendisini kutsuyor. Bu konu hakkında yardımcı olursanız sevinirim.
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