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  1. unfortly my probleme presist. I add one item with for example 1 single bonus bonus vs animal 4%. but in weapon information show inteligence 10%. looks like the information no begin in attr_type0 but begin in attr value0. but in sql the information is good and if i remove the item the item is good. Only visual bug :S
  2. @terrorr who you fix? i make the @RealReznov changes fix in server but no fix visual. if i see looks bad attr but if i buy the attr fix. You know if i need change something in client?
  3. bump. any one know who to fix this plz?
  4. my love need send you pm. but say i cant

    1. Galet


      Sorry mate, now, you can :)

  5. error code 204 hackshield only in windows 32bit. Some one know who i can fix? :S
  6. continue the same.. can some one upload your libs? plz :S
  7. no. i have no probleme compiling the source with granny 2.9. but Wahmon say for compile the client source with "/usr/src/novaline/Srcs/Extern/lib and copy all to lib_stuff for client binnary" I get the error before make that.
  8. i upgraded to granny 2.9 some time ago like in this topic .. so i cant resolve the 32libs if i use granny 2.9?
  9. can you explain here i get that 32 bit library? Wahmon say me in pm to copy all novaline library but i receive .Mesh.cpp(139) : error C2065: 'GrannyAllowUncopiedTail' : undeclared identifier error. thomething in granny 2.9 upgrade . can you help me @MichaelM ?
  10. Can you explain me who i make that plz?
  11. Who i change hackshild version??? i compile evry time with win32 mode. :S i compile evry time with win32 mode. :S
  12. Hello friends. I heave a real probleme and maby urgent. i know litle c++ but this probleme make me real anoying. My hackshield wont work in windows 32bit. only work in windows 64bit. Some one expert know who to fix this in c++ or need more something? Plz help me im beg you. Best regards
  13. nice. and who to block player trade or drop in single map index?
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