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  1. This should help def GetShopNamesRange(): try: file = open("shop.cfg", 'r') value = file.read() file.close() try: return float(value) except ValueError: return 1.0 except IOError: return 1.0
  2. Well, that's all you need. First try to understand how it works then ask for a help
  3. filipw1

    const char to tchar

    Try chaning it to: while ((ch = getopt(argc, argv, TEXT("npverltI"))) != -1)
  4. I stopped using SQL proto, just it. I'm not sure what was wrong exactly.
  5. I have an old server project on my pc, I used it to demonstrate problem, since I don't have this fix there, then I used another server project I'm working on
  6. When you are changing attributes in your item for every-single attribute server sends update packet to client, which is up to 4 unnecessary packets per one change. You must agree this is pointless. If you use bonus switcher and, let's say, with 500ms delay for 7 items it is 5 * 7 * 2 update packets per second. Going lower with delay you will get absurd amount of those packets. Another issue is you are not able to read attributes, I mean, avarage human cannot. After digging in code I got rid of redundant packets and received smoother in-game experience This how it looks for
  7. Great job. Every topic from you is just must-have for proper server
  8. With default login window when you select server and channel, go to input form and then back to select you can't select it with key. It helps with it
  9. MilesLib\Stdafx.h Under: #include "../eterBase/Debug.h" Add: #define WINDOWS_IGNORE_PACKING_MISMATCH And that's all
  10. GuildSafeboxManager.cpp, check queries
  11. Yep. Some time ago I managed to fix that but this system wasn't nessesary to me so I deleted it
  12. There is a typo in this public C++ system, I don't remember where is it exactly, somewhere in db, the thing is, if you read the code precisely, you will fix that system.
  13. Sent you an invite on discord
  14. I know, but I don't see point. Why would you use quest when you have source code on whole game? This would have be game changer in 2013, but now it's useless



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