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  1. Remove 3x price in another shop empire?
  2. in questlib.lua Search function say_item(name, vnum, desc) say("[INSERT_IMAGE image_type;item|idx;"..vnum.."|title;"..name.."|desc;"..desc.."]") endReplace function say_item(name, vnum, desc) say("[INSERT_IMAGE image_type;item|idx;"..vnum.."|title;"..name.."|desc;"..desc.."|index;".. 0 .."|total;".. 1 .."]") end
  3. Error http://prntscr.com/8m8a6c I changed all the scripts py that were in the pack directory.
  4. I am in doubt, use the mainline or NovaLine?
  5. Reup Metin2 Map Tool v1.4 BlackYuko, please. the site is off http://www.blackyuko.com
  6. Help Please! Server side Orc Labyrint, please! server_attr and Town.txt
  7. Help Please! this error appears when compiling.
  8. very very error py and pyc in syserr
  9. Buy bin source for Visual Studio 2013 +
  10. Please, quest function Duel Winner ? ---Please move to section---
  11. My client is with a high consumption of processing, this may have to do with communication with the gamecore?
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