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  1. Hey guys, Im searching for this armors for a couple weeks but i can't find them. https://www.pic-upload.de/view-32990243/tera.png.html Maybe you could help me. Thx, Prinz
  2. I want to create an account but its not possible. Database error.
  3. Hey everyone I bought the Fliegesource from Kori, i compiled the binary and i noticed that there is a trojan.... Would be great if someone could send the Source without a trojan to me Thx
  4. Well... Thats very kind of you but i cant compile the prevo source.. i think i should give up
  5. Alright i already found it but nothing changed... i tried everything ._.
  6. Server syserr is empty, client syserr 0626 16:16:00546 :: CSoundManager::PlayMusic - Failed to load stream sound : BGM/login_window.mp3 0626 16:16:08532 :: CSoundManager::PlayMusic - Failed to load stream sound : BGM/characterselect.mp3 0626 16:16:08750 :: invalid idx 0 0626 16:16:15224 :: CSoundManager::PlayMusic - Failed to load stream sound : BGM/login_window.mp3 Every port that i could found works, everyone has the right hamachi ip
  7. Hey everyone, Today i setup the Prevo2 files for hamachi because i want to make pvp with my friends. The problem is that when my friends want to start the game and pick a char they get a kick. Would be great if someone could help me. Thx
  8. I Tried thx. But I still have the same problem
  9. Hey everyone, I tried to compile a few server sources.. (Kori, Samurai, Vanilla, Maxmi, Fliege) But i have a problem. Everytime when i start to compile the source i got an error and the game file isnt there. Would be great if someone could help me. Thx x3PrInZpIx3
  10. Wow that was fast xD Haha thanks both of you Very friendly
  11. Hello everyone, a couple minutes ago i downloaded Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate and i tried to compile the samuraicore 1.2 clientsource. I uncluded the Include and the Library folder and startet to compile but there is a problem. http://www.pic-upload.de/view-30080202/compilefehler.png.html Fehler 13 error RC1015: cannot open include file 'afxres.h'. Can anyone please help me. Thx in advance. x3PrInZpIx3
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