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  1. You are noob ! The author for this hack is Anihilat0r and some polon mans .
  2. Yes is send attack and work very good for ninja archer . PS: Dami un pm cu un id de skype ceva sa vedem ce putem rezolva.
  3. This is aleardy published ! PS: Lasa hackurile :))
  4. Hy , i have a strange problem with client .... he loading and when enter in game client crash . Syserr : And my ui.py line 3034 : Any solution please
  5. Upload uwyn2.fr client on mega.co.nz please . I play with server to know dont scam any people !
  6. I have item_proto structure changed .. renamed you can modify please ? Give me in PM skype
  7. Hy , exists someone on this forum who have proto reader source ??? I change sride and i lost my .txt file .... i need to modify some line to make a reverse ! Please leave a message i pay if work !
  8. Skype id in PM ! I can help you !
  9. Someone who have a reverse proto ? ProtoReader Source ! item_proto (client) =>> item_name.txt , item_proto.txt . I need to make some changes on this .... ? Someone have source ?
  10. Post the binary ! And i solve you problem !
  11. Hy , Someone who have Proto_Reader source :-s ? Please respond ... or someone who have can give me the skype id to make any modifications and compile ... i don't need source ...
  12. I have this error when i compile the source vanilla : How i can solve this please ?
  13. Hy , i have a problem when i try to exract item_proto ! Error : 160 version is mismatch with 156 Error When i try another item_proto : item_proto] STRIDE[156] != sizeof(160) I attach item proto in topic ! item_proto
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