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  1. For some reason, some mobs, like blue dragon, azrael do not drop, even if ive set the drop in mob_drop_item, but for lvl 90 metins the drops is ok it works
  2. Does anybody has the black dragon itms from metin2united ?
  3. Thanks fam have a great day ! Even tho i made it work eventually, forgott a " at say kek :)) ! Thanks again tho for ur time!
  4. quest level_and_farm_maps begin state start begin when 20095.chat."Liho - 90" begin if pc.get_level() < 90 then say_title(""..mob_name(20095).."[ENTER]") say("Revino când atingi nivelul 90.[ENTER]") return end if not pc.can_warp() then say_title(""..mob_name(20095).."[ENTER]") say("Nu te poþi teleporta.[ENTER]") return end if pc.is_polymorphed() then say_title(""..mob_name(20095).."[ENTER]") say("Ai revenit la starea ta iniþialã.[ENTER]") pc.remove_polymorph() return end if horse.is_riding() > 0 then say_title(""..mob_na
  5. this is the system.boolean code i guess bool CEterPack::Create(CEterFileDict& rkFileDict, const char * dbname, const char* pathName, bool bReadOnly, const BYTE* iv) { if (iv) { m_stIV_Panama.assign((const char*) iv, 32); m_bDecrypedIV = false; } m_stPathName = pathName; strncpy(m_dbName, dbname, DBNAME_MAX_LEN); strncpy(m_indexFileName, dbname, MAX_PATH); strcat(m_indexFileName, ".xim"); // EIX m_stDataFileName = dbname; m_stDataFileName += ".mnd";
  6. So, the pack files are eix/epk just the path file is " file ", How do i check if the binary wants that(where should it be specified ) , im sory i dont rly get it
  7. 0223 17:16:32466 :: pack/patch_m2happ_ui: Pack file does not exist 0223 17:16:00014 :: RunMain Error But the file does exist there, with the old starter it is working just fine, im guessin the lzo key isnt the same but i didnt work for along long time with metin2 things, and im kinda rusty with it pls help a brotha in need :))
  8. I have generated a starter using vs2008, and it woun't start when using it in the client... any idea why ?
  9. Im trying to isntall the source on the host, did these stepts till now portsnap fetch extract , portsnap fetch update and when i try to cd /usr/ports/devel/gmake && make install clean it says ===> gmake-4.2.1_1 pkg(8) must be version 1.6.0 or greater, but you have 1.5.5. You must upgrade the ports-mgmt/pkg port first. *** [install] Error code 1 Then when i try to pkg install ports-mgmt/pk it says, No active remote repositories configured. Please help fellows
  10. When i use gmake -j20 ( i had used gmake clean ) it returns this i rly need some help here
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