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  1. Check this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q719fmiks60k8dj/40k.7z?dl=0
  2. Someone have working source of MakePack ?
  3. Sorry, że tak późno.. send_letter("&Wybór Umiejętności") q.set_icon("scroll_open_green.tga") tam trzeba do letterów dopisywać jakieś kurwa znaczki jeszcze You must write '&' or other sign to letter name
  4. else: btn.SetUpVisual(locale.GetLetterCloseImageName()) btn.SetOverVisual(locale.GetLetterOpenImageName()) btn.SetDownVisual(locale.GetLetterOpenImageName())
  5. Zmień wszystkie locale na localeInfo Wgl. Dostane warna za napierdalanie po Polsku ? Change locale -> localeInfo
  6. Any accesories in client ? :v (ten angielski ;_;, ja tak miałem gdy miałem to okno od Sanki - coś tam źle dodałem xddd)
  7. Lajk.


    Hi, i have problem on my client. i don't have fog Anybody any idea to fix this? i'm using this binary http://imgur.com/Guv3RTohttps://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/topic/958-sln-metin2client-with-updated-directx-granny-python-and-more/
  8. Hi, i got problem in my source with "tics did not update". Do you have TESTED and WORKING fix?
  9. Hmmm new Serwer by lajk xD All link is dead, like divineworld No, i don't create new server. -.^
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