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  1. Check this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q719fmiks60k8dj/40k.7z?dl=0
  2. Someone have working source of MakePack ?
  3. Sorry, że tak późno.. send_letter("&Wybór Umiejętności") q.set_icon("scroll_open_green.tga") tam trzeba do letterów dopisywać jakieś kurwa znaczki jeszcze You must write '&' or other sign to letter name
  4. else: btn.SetUpVisual(locale.GetLetterCloseImageName()) btn.SetOverVisual(locale.GetLetterOpenImageName()) btn.SetDownVisual(locale.GetLetterOpenImageName())
  5. Zmień wszystkie locale na localeInfo Wgl. Dostane warna za napierdalanie po Polsku ? Change locale -> localeInfo
  6. Any accesories in client ? :v (ten angielski ;_;, ja tak miałem gdy miałem to okno od Sanki - coś tam źle dodałem xddd)
  7. Lajk.


    Hi, i have problem on my client. i don't have fog Anybody any idea to fix this? i'm using this binary http://imgur.com/Guv3RTohttps://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/topic/958-sln-metin2client-with-updated-directx-granny-python-and-more/
  8. Hi, i got problem in my source with "tics did not update". Do you have TESTED and WORKING fix?
  9. click this in topic :v
  10. Hmmm new Serwer by lajk xD All link is dead, like divineworld No, i don't create new server. -.^
  11. All link is dead, pls reupload! Copy & Paste.
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