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  1. Hello. I have client 34k and i change locale and root to 40k. All its okay, but when I want login to character on loading screen have a crash. Syserr game.py(line:201) Open game.py(line:613) StartGame game.py(line:769) RefreshCharacter interfaceModule.py(line:568) RefreshCharacter uiCharacter.py(line:1110) RefreshCharacter uiCharacter.py(line:1172) __SelectSkillGroup uiCharacter.py(line:1158) __SetSkillSlotData uiCharacter.py(line:855) RefreshSkill uiCharacter.py(line:830) __RefreshSkillPage GameWindow.Open - <type 'exceptions.RuntimeError'>:skill.GetSkillType - Failed to find skill b
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