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  1. yes, thanks but if i need give 954 items?
  2. Hi guys, i have a specific question about "For" function If i write: for i = 1, 500 do pc.give_item(27001) endEverything its okay, but for i = 1, 900 do pc.give_item(27001) end Playser gets creshed. There is something in core what is limited this value? Thank you
  3. Hi guys i have some problem with adding effect (i dont see effect in game) and i cant find any usefull topic. Here are my modified files: InstanceBase.h AFFECT_VIP_SYSTEM, InstanceBaseEffect.cpp case AFFECT_VIP_SYSTEM: if (IsAffect(AFFECT_INVISIBILITY)) return; break; Game: Affect.h AFF_VIP_SYSTEM = 42, char.cpp void CHARACTER::SetPlayerProto(const TPlayerTable * t) .. . . if (GetPremiumRemainSeconds(PREMIUM_EXP) >= 1) { m_afAffectFlag.Set(AFF_VIP_SYSTEM); } client: PlayerSettingModul
  4. Tu ne l'as pas mit dans les protos. You don't add any time in the protos I have this problem too and in proto i have this: 79503 quiver_15_days ITEM_WEAPON WEAPON_ARROW 1 ANTI_MUSA | ANTI_SURA | ANTI_MUDANG | ANTI_STACK NONE WEAR_ARROW NONE 0 0 0 0 0 REAL_TIME 1296000 LIMIT_NONE 0 APPLY_NONE 0 APPLY_NONE 0 APPLY_NONE 0 0 4 0 25 0 0 0 0 0
  5. Hi guys i have little problem with porting into map metin2_map_b2 -> when i port on the onother coordinates then Town, it port me to Town, do you know where can be problem thank you?
  6. I need only value like Attack or defense or attack speed because for private server are these values very small, so any idea how it working?
  7. Hi guys, i try edit value of party like: float k = (float) ch->GetSkillPowerByLevel( MIN(SKILL_MAX_LEVEL, m_iLeadership ) )/ 100.0f; switch (bRole) { case PARTY_ROLE_ATTACKER: { int iBonus = (int) (10 + 60 * k); if (ch->GetPoint(POINT_PARTY_ATTACKER_BONUS) != iBonus) { ch->PointChange(POINT_PARTY_ATTACKER_BONUS, iBonus - ch->GetPoint(POINT_PARTY_ATTACKER_BONUS)); ch->ComputePoints(); } } break;But i am not sure how it
  8. Hi guys, i have little problem with group -> when both players from group are in different maps, they can get exp and coins. Any idea how can i fix it? Thank you
  9. I was looking for every possible name but i couldnt find anything, do you have next advice please?
  10. Hi guys, i would like to do new effect for GM_IMPLEMENTOR with src, i know that is the way in python, but i would like to do like this. So i change: Game src: Affect.h -> enum EAffectBits AFF_YMIR_IMPLEMENTOR = 42, and enum EAffectTypes AFFECT_YMIR_IMPLEMENTOR = 227, Char.cpp if (GetGMLevel() == GM_IMPLEMENTOR) { m_afAffectFlag.Set(AFF_YMIR_IMPLEMENTOR); m_bPKMode = PK_MODE_PROTECT; } Client src: InstanceBase.h AFFECT_YMIR_IMPLEMENTOR = 42, and NEW_AFFECT_YMIR_IMPLEMENTOR = 227, Client: playersettingmodule.py chrmgr.RegisterEffe
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