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  1. 5e ball is for item haha Click 'Item EXP" en give item for give exp
  2. Hey! Can you help me ? 1 Bug) When I equip myself with a mount, it disappears after some seconds. In screen is : AddAffect 2 Bug) when I run and i equip mount, disconnect character. In screen is : Sync
  3. Hey Thx for share. I have other problem, when /reload q, quest crash... Exemple: If player lvl 250 login, item of creat character is gived..
  4. InnoDB is shit, I don't recommanded. InnoDB crash your table and irrécuperable.
  5. Actually this is a problem in some places. This method is not recommended.
  6. Oh ! If you have fix maybe..., send me haha Thx man
  7. Hey.. Have you idea methode use for ? Thx...urgent
  8. Hey dud ! - EDIT - : Actually this is a problem in some places. This method is not recommended. I explcan for you how write name with color. Go player.player and ctrl + D and edit "Lenght" of "name" of 12 to exemple 120. Next, edit the name, exemple Unity to |cFF000bff|H|hUnity|h|r Go IG : Cordialy,
  9. Use sql for fix, don't change ! Channel crashed when i search for exemple : Glaive :/
  10. Hello, I am writing to you about 3 problems that I encounter now.. 1) Shop Offline 2) Sash System 3) Search Shop So, thx for your help ! skype : -EDIT- Cordialy,
  11. When I search item, my channel crash and game.core created :/ Screen game debug : j
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