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  1. It doest detect the interface but the interface have private ip and it wont use the public one ....
  2. This header is from offline shop right? Just make 40 slots instead of 90.
  3. Of course is possible and also very easy I have coded it like 3-4 months ago for my server
  4. Hi boys and girls. I have installed the server on my hp proliant, and I have the bind ip problem. Still i was unable to fix it. Whatever ip I use on BIND if is not the one avaible on interface the players can't connect to server. Logout after character selection. Any ideeas? I have already changed 192.168 with 999.999.
  5. I have fixed the problem, thanks anyway
  6. Hi devs, I have implemented costume weapon but each time when I levelup or add stats, increase skills, I have this problem... Any solution???
  7. check your database table see if it have all columns. PS: you must buy the shops from ken if you want help. !
  8. I did changed root 3 times still same problem....I even build my own root and uiscript files to be clean, maybe is possible to miss some libs from lib folder?
  9. As I have mention before there is no error not in game or client. It just close instant.
  10. Just stop to change function names if you dont now what you ar doing, use the system as you got it.
  11. Hello dev, I just have this problem is the only one that I could not resolve so far. So I have compiled client binary (0 errors 0 warnings), I can connect to server but every now and then the client close after the loading bar, (total close), if I run it in DEBUG there is no error, just after the line "Load script from file: uiscript/cracterwindow.py" bam client not responding. I have changed my root with and official clean one still same problem. This problem is every now and then not always.
  12. This is my release =))) Thanks for copy it I will fix it but not post it again !
  13. Hello mogulul, try to change mob_proto.txt and compile a new mob_proto for client. RO: Salut, incerca sa schimbi mob_proto si din client si din server, este posibil sa iti lipseasca dmg din ele.
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