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  1. Ghost bugs is kinda strange, only in channell 99 this need some debug stuff, hmmm , did you install some stuff? or this bug comes with your source?
  2. Check if the Packet from game and client are connect with same ids
  3. Hello, today i was setting the Kawuco npc to do the new item Crafts, but i figure out this: (Was you can see all 3 crafts have the same materials) but if i scroll down and up slowly i get this: I don't know what is happening, this bug is just with this kind of itens (they multiply just in icon this don't have the right tooltip btw i got this syserr:
  4. Hello, today i figure out' a little bug in this System. If i reset all skills with Scroll of Fluid Training i don't get back my Point Skills. What i need to do??
  5. Hello, i have the same problem in this video: Why im getting this "bug"?
  6. I have a problem with this System, the item_Scale don't work i got big models , i don't know why i think is from pet system scale, but i don't know how to solve, so someone can tell me how to fix?
  7. Hello i have this problem in transmutation system:
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