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  1. Hello everyone, I am pretty sure you all hate this kind of post when someone posts "which files are the best" etc etc. I have started getting into metin2 server making but i am kinda noobish and the only serverfiles i ever used it Daroo 1678 and Profizocker, both of them really old. I was wondering if anyone can/would suggest me some serverfiles to try? I would like them to have costume system and dragon stone system. The fewer the bugs the better and then i think i can start working myself to fix bugs and make my "own" files.. It's been around 3 years since i touched any serverfile so i don't know whats going on lately and i would appreciate any kind of help. (I found only some files called 40k by speedi, but i dont know if they are worth spending time to edit) Thank a lot for your time.
  2. Hello everyone!! I am so happy that i finally found a forum like this! People speaking English and not racism or anything. Everything i have seen on this forum has been so helpful so far and today i decided to join so that i can thanks too! My name is Zayon(irl Nick) and its nice to meet you all! PS: I have an error trying to purchase the membership... any ideas?
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