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  1. #closed by request Problem solved! Best regards Raylee
  2. Have they been leaked? Why don't you use 3dsMax 2018 with the leaked 2.11.8 Export Plugin? Otherwise, you can use 3dsMax7 all the way up to 3ds Max 2012 or even 3dsMax 2018. Best regards Raylee
  3. If you need clean svfiles + source with support then I would go for this: If you do not want to spend money then I would take a look in our Binaries & Clients / ServerFiles - Metin2 Dev area. Best regards Raylee
  4. Do you get server syserr entries? Does this only happen when you are on a mount? I think you forgot to do the server part with your mounts. You have to place your mount folders (without .gr2 models) in your server folder share/data/monster/. Otherwise without a syserr message it will be difficult to find your error. Best regards Raylee
  5. Wow looks awesome, especially the face in the stone Cool idea with the spwan effect btw.
  6. Sooo.. after a while I finally found some time to give a feedback to P3NG3R's service topic. As we all know from the releases section - P3NG3R is a great guy and a MASTER in what he is doing! (Thank you for that). Regarding his service: - The conversation went off without a hitch. - The scaling works perfectly. - In case of questions he always answer them and gives the best support. ++1 Highly recommended. ? One of the best guys in this scene!!! Thank you for everything. Best regards Raylee
  7. Raylee


    Sorry I do not have this package anymore. Just look in the official client and you can take it from there. The base model for example of warrior is: warrior_5_1.gr2 So you just need the texture: warrior_5_1_jin.dds The icons are: 12050.tga, 12060.tga, 12070.tga, 12080.tga, 12090.tga. For the Group Shape Data: Search for ShapeIndex 31 Best regards Raylee
  8. #moved Best regards Raylee
  9. Try this out. (It should work) Best regards Raylee
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