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  1. Hello guys, I want to change the game client's language from reading Locale_de file TO Locale_en. Pack/Index is reading the file already. I just want to modify the new path, but where? Kind regards, Shahin
  2. i just found out this...:
  3. Thank you, i searched this so many times but i never found out what it was.
  4. you're so funny I asked this: WHILE in invisible state (while /inv) how can i see my character like the ninja stealth mode ? like this: https://gyazo.com/a6afde0c6aff3e9919398bdef677abcc ^ it is not my version. it is just the idea of how i would like to see mine. https://gyazo.com/b6d2710ec1b16661d09e93b2a97e03ac
  5. Thank you very much!! Do you know about the GM in his invisible state, how can i be Stealth Mode like ninja, meaning I want to see my character while being invisible.
  6. Hey there, It doesn't work for me. Compilation successful but no ingame effect. InstanceBaseBattle.cpp (picture) InstanceBaseEffect.cpp (picture) InstanceBase.h (picture)
  7. Where do i put this ? https://i.imgur.com/EdjjlNR.png It's only showing the discord app(logo picture and name), nothing else.. why and how to fix/configure? I've set the images in the discord app, but i don't know how to call the functions ?? i want so see the icons, the name i play with, the map
  8. Hello, As the title says, i would like a link with the latest weapon costume system if you guys have it. I'm trying to install it on a clean server. Thank you!
  9. Hello there, i have two small questions: 1. How do i eliminate the orange/yellow text color and GM logo that gm has with other players via text? ( i want to have normal white text chat even as GM, and i don't want to show my GM logo in chat) SOLVED 2. GM in his invisible state: how can i be Stealth Mode like ninja, meaning I want to see my character while being invisible. Thank you!
  10. Works perfect! I haven't found any problems until now. I recommend it! Don't forget to SAVE the Mysql tables or you will encounter problems.
  11. Please can you re-upload ? i rly like those sets i need full sets of every weapon from there
  12. Thank you for your help, Karbust I have tried the steps from the link, compiled the source with the new modifications and set-up the configs with BIND_IP: Local IP & PROXY_IP: External IP Still Nothing... Can you help me with a hand via DIscord? I would appreciate it. This problem has wasted a few weeks of mine already.. Thank you
  13. My guess: The weapon type (in your case - costume type) is for two hand, instead of one hand. look in item_proto and compare two weapon costumes, one for one hand and one for two hand and see the difference
  14. Version of Files : XXX Hello, I wanted to start working at a big project using GCP as my host, on a 4 Cpu cores and 3.6Gb ram Machine (FREE SERVICES for 300$ or 1year of use, which comes first). I configured everything, mysql working just fine, connection to navicat working, server showing good life without errors (tested only ch1). And the problem comes NOW: 1. Description of the problem / Question : Can't connect the client to the server / I cannot log in and it doesn't show Channel Status as being Online. i have tried external ip and.. nothing. Tried in
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