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  1. Hello Devs, As i see, if the Sparkle effect is active, the show/hide system is not showing the gr2 anymore. This is the only problem i found with with this system. https://i.gyazo.com/63fdce5fa05de496869927df22a0e9d6.mp4 Does anyone know how to fix it?
  2. Hey there, i noticed that i have a sound that it's reading path is missing, and so i don't hear it.. If you guys can help me out finding or rewrite it back, i would love it! The file i am trying to mess with is: backspace.wav from sound/ui/ I can only hear the type.wav but not the backspace.wav. It is there, it is an audible file, but i don't know where to check it's reading path. Thank you
  3. I understand now, thank you for the explanation, and also for the Implication. I couldn't do it without you Hope you have a nice evening. Kind regards, Shahin
  4. Ok, i understand that, but my squestion was: Why the serverside values are not rounded at all? Can you please check? I asked this because python was good, but c++ was normal float value all of that calculation and just added + 0.5 or -0.5 at the end. No rounding after getting the final value. Before telling you about the calculation, i was doing a 20% sash with Battle sword +0 which meant 100 min att, 140 max att. In the calculation, it should be an integer at the end. The values should be 20% of 100 = 20 min attack; 20% of 140 = 28 max attack; The server side is showin
  5. This is so great!! Thank you, kind sir I appreciate it!
  6. Hey devs, i have a great idea on highlighting something pretty relevant (for me at least), but i don't know how to make it myself. How to make the sash bonus absorption rate in between 20% & 24% to be colored with #fffbe700 and with #fffb9200 for 25% ? As an idea: Normal sash bonus in between 1-19% color: For 20% - 24%: For 25%: Thank you! Have a great day
  7. I have tried with different sashes as values, also i have tried with the attBonusMin and Max -= 0.5; Look: the values before the -.5 should be: 20 and 27 45.03 and 52.63 ^ this are The normal, calculated without round With normal round it should be : 20 and 27 & 45 and 53 In Client side the round calculations are working good as i see on the sashes, but the server side are not.. There is no round in server side.. [EDIT] Also the char_skill part is not rounded. Can you please help me with a formula to round them? Thank
  8. One last question: I see i'm getting the server side value +.5 why is that?
  9. It is working PERFECT!! Also: The rounding bug was not a bug anymore after your serverside&clientside source fix. Thank you very very much ! One last question: I see i'm getting the server side value +.5 why is that?
  10. Also the increment now should be rounded with -.05 on sash , haha The status board for magic damage is ok with the server side, also for attack rate. The only thing is to show att damage in Caracter Board, also to round this : wep(min 20.000000 max 28.000000) mag(min 13.000000 max17.400000) to 17.000000
  11. @Ikarus_ 1105 19:32:33404 :: Going to add to your points : wep(min 20.000000 max 28.000000) mag(min 13.000000 max17.400000)
  12. Hello, I have Effects only on the largest Elixirs and i would like to have them on the small ones as well. How can i do that? https://i.gyazo.com/2e0589e5229920e9d03e4372405f3f1f.mp4
  13. Thank you guys, so it was working server side but it is not showing in game
  14. There is no text appearing while ingame when i equip a sash. Tried building other sashes and still nothing. I guess the code is not read by the static void ApplyAcceAttackValue from battle.cpp what now?
  15. Hey guys, i am working at this server for some time now and i have some missing files. Since i don't know where to get them from, could any of you help me out please? You might have them in the server already. Thank you in advance Motion: spider_egg have not motlist.txt vnum(2095) folder(spider_egg) Motion: yamachun have not motlist.txt vnum(6091) folder(yamachun) Motion: magma_crystal have not motlist.txt vnum(6114) folder(magma_crystal) Motion: reddragon_room_fly have not motlist.txt vnum(6115) folder(reddragon_room_fly) Motion: reddragon_room_human_boss have not motlist.
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