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  1. are you still available to help out ? i have a problem, not letting me use the grant priviledges on the @'%' .. I cannot connect to navicat for some reason.. i don't know what to do. i have it started on my virtual machine, but on mysql 5.6 with no problems
  2. it was a fresh db so i don't mind. The service is up and running until i start the server. after that, it goes down and i can't open it back up only if i reboot the server.
  3. My host is 2Cores 4gb ram. my.cnf: mysql.err:
  4. Keep in mind: FreeBSD 12.1 64 , mysql 5.6 fresh installed. this problems since day one. CH1 runs well if i open only that channel, but when i attend to open more than one, it closes all auth for even ch1 and none of them are working ch1 autorun: ch1 syserr: auth config: i have set "x" so i can hide my id, ip and pass, but they are there in my files auth autorun: Output : Only CH1 opened PS output and i can login ingame no problems So, because of my mysql stopping the connection may cause the rest of channels to drop, maybe. and how can i fix my mysql to be up? If anyone can help me with this, add me on discord please "Revenge Arena#4229".. i'm 28hours awake already pushing on this problem with no solution..
  5. Solved, i deleted the /var/db/mysql directory then -> # sysrc mysql_enable=yes mysql_enable: yes -> yes # service mysql-server start Starting mysql. # service mysql-server status mysql is running as pid 25457.
  6. Hello, i just installed mysql 8, latest update but it is not working. err file attached. thank you very much discord: Revenge Arena#4229
  7. No, i dont have it on server, that is the question, how to add them in server?
  8. Man, this set is a 2 years old one...
  9. How can i add new bonuses on 6/7 and on 1-5 too? I want to put skill damage and hit damage as a bonus to 1-5 and 6/7 Sow should i do this? Thank you
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