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  1. V 1.3 Switchbot added you can use by click X key! Magic Stone drop from everywhere is increased! Spider Barones power reduced by 50%! Gaya craft succes rate increased by 15%! Gaya Market prices decreased! Aniversary system reworked now 50 An.points for 1 Coin! Experience Ring drop reduced! Red Dragon drop of belts and other stuff increased! Level 30 Weapons added in Weapon Shop Dealer!
  2. In Update 1.2 we made next changes: Starter Set Crafting added into Jack Pumpkin NPC! Trade Book's System fully reworked! Increased drop of Azrael Chest to 100% ! Drop of SASHE'S Reduced! Now +5 Stone crafting is bit easier! Spider Barones HP and Regeneration reduced ! Spider Barones Drop is completly changed ! Tugyi's Tablet drop is increased !
  3. In Update 1.1 we made next changes: Fixed upgrade rates of some Items! Incresed drop of battle chest and reading chest! Added Lycan's Weapon into Death Reaper chest! Increased drop rate of level 30 weapons! Increased 60 level Helmets drops! Added Lycan armour's into Metin stones!
  4. Europe2 - Feel The Difference | International | 06.06.2020 Site: http://www.europe2.co/ Type gameplay: PVP-PVM MiddleSchool Server Grand Opening At: 06.06.2020 20:00h +1GMT! Registrations are started! Our animated/interactive full presentation you can find it at our webpage www.europe2.co This is example of presentation!
  5. Europe2 - Winter Is Here War Is Coming | International | 22.12.2019 Site: http://www.europe2.co/ Type gameplay: PVP-PVM MiddleSchool Server Grand Opening At: Sunday 22.12.2019 19:00h +1GMT! Registrations are started! Full presentation you can find it at our webpage www.europe2.co
  6. Website: CREATUREMETIN2.COM Creature Metin2 is an international PVP/PVM server with a mix of Old and Middleschool content. Server was started on 29.10.2017 22:00 +1GMT, was online for a year with a few months of pause inbetween. Now it is reopening again on this very day 16.03.2019! All ITEMSHOP items can be obtained ingame! Here is the presentation !
  7. Update 1.3 changelog: Sun Elixir, Moon Elixir and Blessing scrrol added in general store Biologist Drop Mision is made much more higher White pearl, blue pearl, red pearl added in general store cor draconis added from metins 100% Demon Tower is fixed you can make dt run
  8. Update 1.2 changelog: Fishbones, clam added in general store! Dragon God Attack, Dragon God HP, Dragon God Intelligence, Dragon God Defence added in general store! Pink Dew,Blue Dew,White Dew, Green Dew, Red Dew added in general store! Critical Strike Piercing Strike added in general store! and other improvements!
  9. Update 1.1 changelog: Beacons and Gold Frog HP reduced! Zen beans added in general store! All Skill Books added in general store! Exrocism and concentrated reading added in general store! Offline Shop bug fixed! and other improvements!
  10. Update 3.5 is now done!DC vouchers are here.You will have a chance to drop 50, 100, 500 and 1000 DC vouchers from Blue Death, Razador, En-Tai and Fire Dragon!For lower level players you will have the chance to get 50 DC voucher from Nine Tails, Flame King and Yellow Ghost Tiger! Beside this Finger bones are now dropable at 50-90 level map and Sewing Pattern and Armour Design are now dropable from En-Tai boss! With Love Your Creature Metin2 Team
  11. In last reboot we had next changes: CHANGES: Some materials now are tradeable,dropable. Incerased level of Blue Death to 110. Incerased level of Fire Dragon to 110. Incerased level of Beacon to 110. Incerased level of Golden Frog to 110. Greetings, Creature Metin2 Team
  12. In last reboot we had next changes: CHANGES: New Materials are stackable now. Reduced respawn time for the new boss. Decreased upgrading materials for new pvp weapons. Reduced Razador's power. Increased drop rate of new materials from the new boss. Greetings, Creature Metin2 Team
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