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  1. how i need to put this the FileZilla + Putty didn't work
  2. not working i can't do any Order it's keep telling me " shared object "libedit.so.7" not found, required by "sh" "
  3. Hi Everyone i have a big problem with my FreeBSD i cant Write "root" or the password and the FileZilla + Putty does'nt work because i don't have the IP from FreeBSD this problem came when my computer sadnly shutdown When i try to Write "root" it's give me this error Please guy's i have no Packup for my files
  4. Hi Every One i have a little bug after a add the Official Costume Weapon System The system is perfect Only one problem i had . .... When i wear costume weapon the character freeze i cant move or hit or do skill's emotion, but when i ride a horse it's all fine there's no Photo to add i think the problem is in void CInstanceBase::RefreshState(DWORD dwMotIndex, bool isLoop) part this is my Instansbase.cpp i think you understand the problem thanks in adv
  5. i know it now the problem in the server source any help guy's
  6. ok wait there's nothing from today ?? last one Oct 23
  7. Hi guy's i tried to add VegaS Title System i did the source part it was so easy but when i open the client and select the character the game stay in loading window like this and the system is empty can someone help me with that thanx in adv
  8. all problem solved but there's only 1 the arrow for lycan and ninja ....WTF
  9. Hi i have problem with Unlimite Arrow when i try to attack it's keep telling me (((no enough arrow))) and i have this in the unlimited arrow this is my uitooltip.py part help
  10. thanx Chris90909090909090 it work's now
  11. Hi i'm adding the mysql part of 7&8 skill system but when i try to click Run i had some problem with it this is my 7&8 skill Mysql
  12. #edit the storge problem solved still 1 problem
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