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  1. The first regular update blog post is now available. https://quantum-core.io/changelog/updates/2020/05/06/dev-update-1.html
  2. We have relicensed the core to Mozilla Public License 2.0 https://tldrlegal.com/license/mozilla-public-license-2.0-(mpl-2) The reason why we have chosen MPL are multiple: - You have to redistribute the source code if you modified QC and redistribute the binary file We do not want anyone to make money with QC itself (feel free to sell plugins tho) If you modify QC and do not share the binary you don't have to share the source. - GPLv3 didn't really allowed plugins (they would have been GPLv3 too) - MPL allows you write plugins and sell these commercial
  3. We are working on relicensing QuantumCore. To keep track of the current issues and progress follow: https://gitlab.com/quantum-core/core/-/issues/31
  4. Did I ever said it will be legal to host a private server using this? No, I'm not a lawyer But I know that writing server emulators is legal, and making them available to the public too. The main goal of this project was and still is for me to learn more about how to write a stable and more or less solid game server, with the limitations we have. Like not being able to replace the network protocol. So I could also kept this project for me, but I wanted to make it available to all, so everybody can profit from it. No matter how.
  5. The critical part are multiple things: - Providing the client - Making money without paying taxes - Using trademarks in any violating way Working on and making this source is legal (at least based on German law), as you can also see on many other server emulator projects. For example: https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore https://github.com/mangoszero/server
  6. Thanks for pointing that out, we have updated the list of dependencies.
  7. The repository and part of the documentation is now available to the public. Repository: https://gitlab.com/quantum-core/core Documentation: https://docs.quantum-core.io/index.html
  8. Currently the reason is that some major setup part is not documented right now. I’ll create these documentation tonight and than I’ll update the initial post with the repository.
  9. This is definitely a thing we have to do, it should be pretty easy to write a short client based on the core lib. As we have an own file format to describe how packets look like and have a generator to generate code out of it. Maybe I, or someone else, will find the time to write a small program to simulate players.
  10. Currently there is a similar idea to split maps by cores, but for ch99 we will add the support for automatically spawn processes which will very likely utilize docker. For making the queries in maps more performant we are currently using a QuadTree implementation to quickly search for entities in a radius etc. It would be possible to implement automatic instancing of busy areas too. All network related handling are handled by boost asio right now.
  11. Welcome to QuantumCore, most people always told you me you are crazy, that's a waste of time don't do that. But I don't care and still started this project, mostly as a learning process. So what is QuantumCore you ask? QuantumCore is basically a server emulator for Metin2. In comparison to what we currently mostly use this doesn't use any source code by Ymir/Webzen and is a full reimplementation of the 40k server. This project is still in work and far from being completed. So why do you already create a thread for this? First of all we need feedback from you guys of what the features are and what we could improve even more. In addition to a normal rewrite of the core this project is using more modern technology. The code base is based on C++17 and will include features of C++20 as soon as it's officially released. Also we only test 64bit builds, no more 32bit builds. In addition to this we are automated building the core against the current LLVM toolchain and automatically creating Docker images. We have started to implement Unit Testing for some core features, and we will extend this to more code we write. Also we are working on embedding AngelScript (and maybe even more languages in the future) to not only write quests but also to extend the core. The main goal is that you can create most of the new systems in AngelScript with a resonable performance instead of modifying the core source code. For example if you want to create a new command you could write the following plugin: void main() { command::RegisterCommand("test", TestCommand); } void TestCommand(game::[email protected] player, string[] arguments) { if(arguments.length() < 2) { player.SendChatMessage(1, "/test [name]"); return; } player.SendChatMessage(1, "Hello from " + player.name + "(" + player.level + ") to " + arguments[1]); } We also using redis for caching fast changing fields, like player position, items etc. The source code of this project will be licensed under the GPLv3 license. So you are free to modify the source code and use it for your project. We would be also very happy if you contribute back your improvements to the core. So what is the main goal? - Providing a compatible game server to the clean 40k client - Writing a modern, stable and scalable game server - Keep the core extensible Main repository: https://gitlab.com/quantum-core/core Documentation: https://docs.quantum-core.io/index.html With best regards, QuantumCore Team @arves100, @DevChuckNorris
  12. What I like the most about this theme is the text editor. That's a piece of art!
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