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    Welcome to my service page. 



    Event Manager



    • Players will be up-to-date with upcoming events as well as have the ability to check out currently active ones while administrators will be able to plan events months ahead or start/end event at any point in time (Scheduled events can be only stopped by reloading the table).
    • Events can be scheduled at a MySQL table by inserting event type, the start of the event (UNIX_TIMESTAMP), end of the event (UNIX_TIMESTAMP) and two optional values which can come in handy when you would like to specify variables in an event, e.g. Experience Event’s rate.
    • You can reload events in real-time. If the server starts or an administrator performs an event-reload and event’s start time is lower than the current time it will be automatically started (Reload will cancel out currently running events which will be automatically started right after if the start-end variables meet the time conditions).
    • Before the start of each event, a notice will be displayed to the players.
    • Event overview window offers players a nice overlook over previous/upcoming events in the current month. As stated above, they will be able to preview currently active events and their rewards. There is also a button which serves as a “door” to the event’s quest or whatever action you desire. Event overview window can be accessed through a small button on the mini-map window.


    There are already twelve events prepared which can serve you as a template for future implementation of your own events. You will also receive a special event-purpose map.

    1. Experience Event
    2. Item Drop Event
    3. Boss Hunter Event (Bosses are spawned in Event Map)
    4. Metin Shower Event (Metins are spawned in Event Map)
    5. Mining Event (Veins are spawned in Event Map)
    6. Golden Frog Event (Gold Frogs are spawned in Event Map)
    7. Moonlight Treasure Event
    8. Hexagonal Chest Event
    9. Fishing Event (Player must bring Minnows to the Fisherman to receive the reward)
    10. Hide & Seek Event
    11. OX Event
    12. Tanaka Event (Pirate Tanakas are spawned through desert map carrying precious items)


    Hide & Seek Event and OX Event require game administrator’s presence while others are completely automated.


    Event Map:






    Event Overview Window:

    • User can browse through his current month calendar by using the arrows bellow the banners.
    • General banner colour is blue. If it is a weekend, it is coloured red.
    • Banner that hold user’s current date will have a flash effect around it.
    • By hovering over a banner, a tool-tip will be shown below the board listing every event starting on that day.
    • Active events are automatically appended/removed from the board.
    • User can also preview the rewards for each active event.
    • By clicking on the event button, window will be closed and event’s quest will be opened.



    For more technical information, feel free to ask me on private.

    Languages: C++ / Python / Lua

    Digital Good: 180€

    • Automated Event Manager
    • Event Map
    • 12 Events

    Discord Contact: Sonitex#1880


    Official Growth Pet



    Click here to view a detailed presentation. 

    For more technical information, feel free to ask me in private.


    Languages: C++ / Python / Lua

    Digital Good: 350€

    • Growth Pet System

    Discord Contact: Sonitex#1880





    The client will be updated to DirectX version 9. The result of it is greatly increased performance.

    The game lag that has been produced by rendering multiple instances at once or viewing new ones, is no longer present. The game freeze that appears on laptops is gone as DirectX9 can switch between integrated and dedicated GPUs while DirectX8 was bound to integrate only.

    Languages: C++

    Digital Good: 300€ 

    • DirectX9 Update

    Digital Good: 400€

    • DirectX9 Update
    • Text Renderer Update

    Discord Contact: Ipxven#1111





    Languages: XAML / C#

    Digital Good:x€ 

    • Launcher Application & Source

    Discord Contact: Ipxven#1111


    Premium Private Shop



    Click here to view a detailed presentation.

    For more technical information, feel free to ask me in private.

    Languages: C++ / Python / Lua

    Digital Good: 400€

    • Premium Private Shop (Cheque support included)
    • Private Shop Search
    • Render Target

    Discord Contact: Sonitex#1880


    Future Plan - Poll:


    • You can contact me through Discord (Sonitex#1880).


    Terms of Customer Service

    Service Policy:

    • Payment is done through PayPal.
    • You will not receive the digital good until the payment is received from our side.
    • After the payment is received from our side and the digital good has been delivered, a refund is no longer possible.
    • It is forbidden to share publicly or privately any kind of digital good part. By doing that you will no longer receive any kind of support.
    • By buying the product you will receive future updates such as improvements and bug-fixes. Major updates may add cost.
    • If the system causes troubles outside the game’s core gameplay we are not obligated to give you any assistance. You must adapt it to your own changed environment.
    • Installation is part of the digital good unless stated otherwise.
    • In case you ordered installation, it is your duty to prepare the working environment. Otherwise, you will not be granted this privilege.


    • We mainly offer support at weekends. Please be patient if we do not answer immediately. 
    • We only offer our services to clients that meet our requirements.
    • We do not offer custom work. We only offer what is featured on the website.
    • Metin2 Dev 1
    • Love 4

    User Feedback

    Recommended Comments

    • Premium

    I bought his event manager. It all works very well.

    Just like described in his thread. Thanks for your time. For the many questions. and your patience. look forward to more systems from you 💯

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    • Premium

    Updated the topic with new products.

    • DirectX9 & Post Processing Update
    • Instance Scale System
    • Launcher Application
    • Love 1
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    I bought DirectX update with Post-Processing from Ipxven, he also helped me fix so many bugs he is very professional, looking forward to work with him again! :)

    • Love 1
    • Love 1
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    We bought the Pet system from Sonitex and Scale from Ipxven. They both did a great job! Very professional, helpfull people! We are looking forward for the new systems :)

    • Love 1
    • Love 1
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    • Premium

    Event Manager has received a tiny update. 

    • Added own implementation of the event queue.
    • Added an announcement before the actual start of the event as a notice to the players.
    • Added OX, Hide&Seek, Siege War and Kingdom War events that are fully automated and require no administrator presence.
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    Recommended! . I bought his event manager and it works very well.

    Thanks for your time and your patience for the many questions.



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    • Premium

    Bought pet system, Sonitex did great job, code is nice and clean, recommended 🙂

    Edited by DemoroCZ
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    • Premium

    This guy is brilliant at what he does!
    Talking to him, it doesn't even feel like work, he is someone who knows what he is doing and enjoys interacting with customers.

    Definitely someone I recommend!

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