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  2. AltanOzkan

    [C++] Some usefull stuffs

    Is it working at gcc49? What should i change at your codes ? At my codes ALUA(item_select_cell) { lua_pushboolean(L, 0); if (!lua_isnumber(L, 1)) { return 1; } DWORD cell = (DWORD) lua_tonumber(L, 1); LPCHARACTER ch = CQuestManager::instance().GetCurrentCharacterPtr(); LPITEM item = ch ? ch->GetInventoryItem(cell) : NULL; if (!item) { return 1; } CQuestManager::instance().SetCurrentItem(item); lua_pushboolean(L, 1); return 1; } At your codes int item_get_flag(lua_State* L) { LPITEM item = CQuestManager::instance().GetCurrentItem(); lua_pushnumber(L, item ? item->GetFlag() : 0); return 1; }
  3. Yesterday
  4. Dexter_Stuff

    Plague dungeon

    Haha.. this monsters is a great! Good Job! Regards!
  5. #Search in "class InventoryWindow(ui.ScriptWindow):": def __init__(self): #Add after: if constInfo.ENABLE_EXPANDED_MONEY_TASKBAR: self.wndExpandedMoneyBar = None self.wndGem = None
  6. Horus

    Easter Maps1

  7. Runah

    Nexus2 - Internacional (Coming Soon)

    3# Leak Hello everyone, Here is one more leak, our Offline Shop System. About the system: - This is a well known system by Metin2 Community; - One of the biggest systems. - It is used to create an Offline Shop to sell items; - Easier to create, edit and manage your shop. System functions: - Create your shop; Put a name, duration, style. Styles will be unlocked with levels and other stuff. Duration can be increase with in-game item and IS items. - Edit your shop; Edit name, items, change prices, change duration. - Manage; Change offline shop position and move your shop close to you if you are on the same map. - Logs; You can check the logs of your sells and contact the buyers. This weak we will start posting gifs or videos regarding the systems we already spoiled. Join US: Do you have any suggestion regarding this or any other thing? Be welcome to share with us: Best regards, Nexus2 Team
  8. Was ist WE GOLD rar pass ?

  9. serex

    open Xhaman visual skill bug

    I want the skill to be on self. Yep I know that I should change it on clientside but where exactly?
  10. VegaS™

    open Check metinslot in py

    onPressKeyDict[app.DIK_F5] = lambda : self.GetItemData() import player, dbg def GetItemData(self): slotIndex = 0 # Slot index (position) window_type = player.INVENTORY # INVENTORY, SAFEBOX, MALL, DRAGON_SOUL_INVENTORY, BELT_INVENTORY ... itemVnum = player.GetItemIndex(window_type, slotIndex) if not itemVnum: return metinSlot = [player.GetItemMetinSocket(window_type, slotIndex, i) for i in xrange(player.METIN_SOCKET_MAX_NUM)] attrSlot = [player.GetItemAttribute(window_type, slotIndex, i) for i in xrange(player.ATTRIBUTE_SLOT_MAX_NUM)] dbg.TraceError("slotIndex({}), window_type({}), itemVNum({})".format(slotIndex, window_type, itemVnum)) dbg.TraceError("metinSlot: {}".format(metinSlot)) dbg.TraceError("attrSlot: {}".format(attrSlot)) >>> 0419 16:37:40825 :: slotIndex(0), window_type(1), itemVNum(12019) >>> 0419 16:37:40825 :: metinSlot: [28442, 28441, 28438] >>> 0419 16:37:40825 :: attrSlot: [(1, 2000), (29, 15), (30, 15), (31, 15), (32, 15), (0, 0), (0, 0)]
  11. Alphax Wolf

    [ERR] etc_drop_item.txt

    Copy the vnum and paste it to > name. Then edit in etc_drop_item.txt > 30006[TAB]2.0 item_proto etc_drop_item.txt For me, it worked.
  12. avertuss

    Transfer costume bonus

    Same problem. Any ideas?

    open [Problem]Alchemy with refine Rubin slot

    4 invetory simply not work , 4 inv + belt same problem..
  14. Syreldar

    open Xhaman visual skill bug

    do you want the skill to be on target or on self? On self: change the skill clientside. On target: you have to add the skill type to the damage computation.
  15. Best regards Raylee
  16. Raylee

    WoM3: The Path of the Dragon

    Good luck Shogun and a successful start today Best regards Raylee
  17. DevChuckNorris

    WoM3: The Path of the Dragon

    Looks nice, good luck
  18. Legend

    Plague dungeon

    Amazing! The boss at the end is just perfection.
  19. Legend

    open Xhaman visual skill bug

    Try to change the distance (range_attack) dmg from skill_proto, and also u have to edit something in char_skill.cpp too to make enable the distance range for this skill.
  20. .plechito'

    Plague dungeon

    Hello everyone! I had idea of this dungeon for a long time in my head and now i finally made it I did my best to fit the map and other monsters with classic ymir's plague monsters. I hope you like it!
  21. The bug is only visual because the damage is done correctly in the right area not in the target, anyone knows how can I fix this?
  22. Last week
  23. Shogun

    WoM3: The Path of the Dragon

    Thanks for the praise. We are opening tomorrow at 6pm CEST and excited about it.
  24. Shogun

    Feedback for our new theme

    I like the theme but it needs a graphical logo. Without a logo it always feels too "default".
  25. Johan™

    Searching to buy Serverfile with source and client
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