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Here is my version of clean and stable client:

* based on 2k10 client with updated maps/textures etc. working on 40k binary

* client weight ~ 630MB (removed many unused files)

* maps in separated in two folders: outdoor and indoor

* many new features








-    changed enableCodePage to ime
-    fixed bug while player can't type anything ingame (ime.EnableCaptureInput)
-    fixed bug when you press exit while login the windows is beeing reloaded again instead of closing
-    fixed bug with APPLY_ATT_GRADE and APPLY_DEF_GRADE while login
-    msm files are in folder in root
-    improved display of the statistics bar in select and create
-    improved typing data while login
-    fixed logs from virtual keyboard in syserr.txt
-    improved bonus display from leadership
-    localeInfo instead of locale(prepared for python27)
-    added itemshop button
-    fixed pressing enter, arrow keys while select character (VIRTUAL_KEYBOARD_BUG_FIX)
-    added highlight while clicking on shop
-    improved refine display
-    fixed price moving while selling item and also improved display TOOLTIP_SELL_PRICE [Sales price]
-    removed option to set support skill on mouse
-    change all TRUE to True and all FALSE to False in python
-    added 6th skill
-    changed item highlight to red while you have to small level or wrong character, price always with white color
-    added GM mark display while whisper
-    added option to hide shop names
-    costume system added
-    added highlight on other color maximum bonuses in item
-    added autopotions effect
-    changed to new help window
-    added energy system
-    other color of the frame while spirit stones or ores are added to item
-    small UI fixes (*.py)
-    changed console key to `
-    added button "Remember me"-- ID(in login phase)
-    fixed button 'close' in char select
-    removed button 'sell' from private shop
-    official IntroCreate, IntroSelect and IntroEmpire
-    new loading bar with progress description
-    loadingbar texture moved from "locale" to "uiloading"
-    added information about saved screenshot
-    you can select channels multiple time by pressing enter
-    small login improvements
-    by pressing tab when chat is opened you can change it's channel and text is not removed
-    added option for developers - quick log in (
-    added remembering password to storage and mall until you teleport (after password changing it's reseted)
-    upgrades in new introSelect
-    added Crafting System
*    added itemVnum display (only in debug)
-    small fixed in create and select character interface
-    added Expanded Money Taskbar System
-    added colored highlighting channel state in server selection window
-    added Move Channel System
-    fixed function that is checking possibility to create character (
*    itemVnum displaying is shown by pressing LALT (only in debug)
-    item displayed via hyperlink now are showing icon bellow it's name
-    changed taskbar images
-    changed character position while selecting/creating character to make it fit to shadow
-    modifed script that loads UIScript files
-    added tooltip that displays value (yang) of item directly in inventory
-    new introEmpire, introSelect, introCreate based on gf code with some tweaks
-    small code improvements
-    added posibility to stack Blessing Scrolls
-    added highlighted icon of quest while mouse is over in
-    updated some tga/dds files in ETC
-    added 2 new party affect icons and changed their positions
-    added countdown abort button for logout, quit etc.(requires serverside command)
-    refactored coding-- rememberId (now file is saved in 'c:/users/username/documents/Metin2')
-    refactored coding-- colored item title depending on attr
-    added colored player name in popup window-- such as group invitation, friend etc.
-    added compatibility with gf translations



-    added loading True and False from python side in client (PythonLauncher.cpp)
-    quest icon is loaded from locale instead of season1 (PythonQuest.cpp)
-    proper display hyperlink color depending on count of attributes (PythonChatModule.cpp, PythonPlayerModule.cpp)
-    added space ("Lv % ") after displayed level (InstanceBaseEffect.cpp)
-    app is 'blinking' when you receive message (PythonNetworkStreamPhaseGame.cpp)
-    app can't stack anymore on windows bar (MSWindow.cpp)
-    faster quest text display (PythonEventManager.cpp)
-    when item cannot find icon of item special icon is assigned '0.tga' instead of empty bottle (ItemManager.cpp)
-    BOX_VISIBLE_LINE_COUNT changed from 5 to 15 (PythonEventManager.h)


Client_1.12 - entire client: 
mirror #1!xkxEgTTD!-SMjZSX12EyWSVvNxdYhMmp9Zeb-B-iRmL_z-NNS1uE

Update_1.2 - contains: binary source with extern and update:
mirror #1!Q0w2BKIK!Hl0g5Eojygy5CZDe3ZYI1aDP1wIpcM_9ohk-eIQwwfM
mirror #2

mirror #1

mirror #1

mirros #1


Windows Server Files development machine with source
mirror #1


Server source + Windows SF + Ymir documentations (translated into english)


Compiled: Visual Studio 2017-- v90 toolset

You can use any Visual Studio that has v90 toolset


Tutorial Windows SF(localhost):

1)Set up a database using MySQL Server--  in my case MariaDB has problem with saving items in DB(MySQL files inside Server/db/MySQL)

2)Launch make_windows_env.bat as admin and game/make_channel_env.bat as admin


Starting Windows SF:

Run MySQL then launch start_d.bat(debug) or start.bat(release) without admin rights

Console colors: db auth game game99

based on "mainline"
-	fixed DB starting
-	fixed guild exploits
-	fixed guild war
-	fixed shutdown command
-	fixed dungeon coredowner
-	fixed hp overflow
-	fixed hp < 0 after warp
-	fixed receiving status points above 90 level
-	fixed too long cube result list
-	fixed invisibility
-	fixed sura magic sword
-	fixed player kill trigger
-	fixed client version check
-	fixed ghostmode

-	removed requirement for glass of insight
-	removed requirement for emotion mask
-	removed potions on level up
-	removed empire language	convertion
-	removed 3% tax in shops

-	blocked skill using during OX event
-	blocked using sword aura skill without weapon
-	blocked adding 6/7 bonus to a costume
-	blocked adding stone to item while is equipped

-	enabled using 6/7 bonus
-	enabled selling items for 0 yang at NPC shop
-	enabled selling 70024 & 70035 at NPC shop
-	enabled pc_change_name

-	added move_channel command with countdown
-	added abort countdown command
-	added movement & attack speed potion effect
-	added exchange & pc_shop effect
-	added possibility for equipement to drop with up to 5 bonuses
-	added possibility for accessory to drop with up to 3 slots

-	item stacking for party member
-	party leader is receiving 5%/10%/15% of given bonus


- release mode has bug with spending status and skill points (not occur in debug)


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1 hour ago, Cyclone_DE said:

I am positive that you have to rebuild the project as release, and not as debug.

Release will display same as debug instead use Distribute

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7 minutes ago, Nevisor said:

Tomorrow I'll upload new fixed version but without sorted pack yet (in progress)

yah please upload and if no lycan then is good

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On 14.08.2016 at 6:39 PM, raihan3 said:

thanks if it was english then would be much better by the way thanks



change your locale.cfg and replace selected files in locale on image with files from gameforge servers and add/replace those lines:




add: TOOLTIP_SELL_PRICE    [Sales price]

replace: REFINE_COST    Costs for Advancement: %s Yang


add: OPTION_SHADOW    Shadows

replace: HELP_SCREEN_CAPTURE    Save Screenshot: Print (will be saved in file "%s\screenshot")


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On 7.09.2016 at 0:54 AM, Crystal™ said:

Is the revision 28k just with the 3D models that a 2010 client has?If I try to compile a binary from kraizy's tgz would the bin work or it will need some upgrades?

The client is from end of 2010 and models also. If you compile your own binary it will work but you have to add 2 lines to PythonLauncher.cpp:

    PyModule_AddIntConstant(builtins, "True", 1);
    PyModule_AddIntConstant(builtins, "False", 0);

Or just use the source that I included in client it already has it.

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:o it looks very good, it could be the cleanest free client on web at the moment? seems perfect to start a project or i'm wrong? has some particular bug or missing fix?

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