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Hello Metin2Dev Community,


I hope you're all right!

It's been about 2 weeks since we took over the forum, which gave us time to familiarize ourselves with the community and the forum. It is now time to announce some of the projects for the forum.


First of all, our projects are the following:


  • Backup of all shared files to a Metin2Dev storage server to avoid dead links.
  • Working on a new version of the forum with a new theme to make it more welcoming and "clean".
  • Clean up all sections (useless topics, dead links, etc ...) and improve the forum tree structure if needed.
  • Work on the more community aspect of the forum, for example by highlighting discord more prominently.
  • Work on the forum to make it more easily accessible to new members.


And a lot of other projects that we can't wait for you to discover!

Don't hesitate to give us feedback if you have any.


See you soon!
The staff

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Wish you guys a good start, thank you for being here!


Maybe I can suggest the following things:

  • A post about new system files, (like shoulder sash, new pet system, new fish system etc. ) with links from your new Metin2Dev storage server.
  • A tutorial on how to implement the new systems.


As a beginner that's what I had trouble to find😅

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