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Privacy statement

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Hello community,

we know that privacy is important to all of us. Therefore I will explain a little bit of what we store about you, why we store this, how long we store this, and how you can contact us regarding your privacy.

Data we store:

  • We store your email address which you provided us in your registration.
    Reason: We need to know this to provide you a way to recover your account.
    Data duration: As long as your account exists
  • We store your ip address which you used to access metin2dev
    Reason: We need this information to prevent abuse of our services like multi account etc.
    Data duration: 30 days
  • We store all access data to metin2dev including your ip address, browser, date of request
    Reason: To prevent abuse and increase the security of metin2dev
    Data duration: 14 days

To comply with the GDRP law you have the option to request all associated data to your account.
For this please contact please make sure that you must contact us with your email address associated to your account. This is required because the exported data may contain sensitive data.

Also you have the option to anonymize all your personal data. This won't remove the content you posted here, it will just erase the association with your account, all stored ip address, all stored access data, and your account. For this you must contact us at also with your email address associated to your account.

Request from email addresses without an associated account can't be processed, because we have no way to make sure that you are the original account holder.

I hope this make it more clear to you what we store and why. If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to contact us at

Kind regards,

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