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Get bonus name from tooltip affect dictionary as string, ignore the %value% and function SA, SNA etc.
Ignore the dump.txt &, is just to test how function works.

Just follow tutorial from


import localeInfo
import item

# FormatBonusNameString
print localeInfo.FormatBonusNameString(item.APPLY_RESIST_SWORD)

# FormatBonusNameDict
for bonusIndex, bonusName in localeInfo.FormatBonusNameDict().iteritems():
	print '{:d}: {:s}'.format(bonusIndex, bonusName)

GitHub repository:

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# Using ymir function
affFunc = self.toolTipItem.GetAffectString(bonus_index, 99)
affFunc = affFunc.replace("+99","")
affFunc = affFunc.replace("+99%","")
affFunc = affFunc.replace("99%","")
affFunc = affFunc.replace("99","")
affFunc = affFunc.replace("%","")


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