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open White hair problem


Hi guys,

after adding sash system i have a problem with hairs. This problem occurs only for second look of character in case of warrior for example.

Second problem is costumes they do not sign up for some time, and are removed from costume slot and eq slot.

Do you need any logs ?

Thanks a lot, and sorry for my weak english. I`m from Poland ;)

I would add ss what it looks like:

Link: https://zapodaj.net/9da01383c9f6f.png.html

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11 godzin temu, WeedHex napisał:

Łatwe C ++, kiedy zmieniłeś, aby dodać part_acce / part_sash do czytania player.player, zapomniałeś czegoś na part_hair.

Could you tell me which file ? I'm totally new and I'm still learning ;) And thanks for answer! 

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23 godziny temu, Brolly napisał:

Try :

in : db/ClientManagerPlayer.cpp



Code :

queryLen = snprintf(queryStr, sizeof(queryStr),

Replace  :



I tried but it still doesn`t work :(

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