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open Block lalaker1 hack


Hello everyone.

I'm trying to block lalaker1's hack and I want to do it by changing packet headers' numbers in client/server. I tried it and now when I move a little it kicks me out with syserr "Process: UNKNOWN HEADER: 199, LAST HEADER: 0(0), REMAIN BYTES: 51, fd: 18". I don't even have that header. I verified 2 times headers' numbers and they are all ok client/server side. I changed them like 58 -> 5899.

I changed that only in packet.h and Packet.h. Do I need to change it in any other files?

What I'm doing wrong?

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Acum 15 ore, Shang a spus:

Headers are BYTE data types which means the max value of it is 255.

Thank you, it worked.

But... It doesn't block lalaker1. It works well... I changed 10 packet headers: 


Do I need to change other?

EDIT: For now I blocked Pro damage, Wait damage and Mobber. All the rest work.

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If it still works, try to change function name or try to change better. I saw that this trick works to block lalaker.

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