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open [SOURCE]Where are skills defined in the source?


If I search for "GEOMKYUNG" (aura of the sword I think) I get this output:


Binary file vanilla_source/vanilla/.vs/m2server.2008/v15/Browse.VC.db matches
vanilla_source/vanilla/game/src/char_item.cpp:            RemoveAffect(SKILL_GEOMKYUNG);
vanilla_source/vanilla/game/src/char_affect.cpp:    RemoveAffect(SKILL_GEOMKYUNG);
vanilla_source/vanilla/game/src/char_affect.cpp:        case (SKILL_GEOMKYUNG):
vanilla_source/vanilla/game/src/skill.h:    SKILL_GEOMKYUNG,        // 검경

I looked up in those .cpp and .h files but did not find anything(you can see the lines in the output,only lines with RemoveAffect() etc).

Where is the skill defined? If I want to create a new skill or modify this skill where do I actually need to look? Tried to look into that database and did not find anything,it's too big

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