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Hello Community :)
I'm Ikarus (nickname on skype) ,
I'm here today to give you a new complete taskbar (graphics + code)
The graphics were created entirely by K3aX(nickname on skype).
The Code instead  was written by me.
I hope someone will enjoy it!
Bye Bye :)


Download :
I changed the download link of code
I've corrected typing errors and added missing files.
Sorry for Distractions .-.
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hi. i have a problem...
my client exit under login. 
this is my syserr.: 

1124 13:59:08165 :: 
networkModule.py(line:208) SetSelectCharacterPhase
system.py(line:130) __pack_import
system.py(line:110) _process_result
introSelect.py(line:30) <module>
system.py(line:130) __pack_import
system.py(line:110) _process_result
interfaceModule.py(line:10) <module>
system.py(line:130) __pack_import

networkModule.SetSelectCharacterPhase - <type 'exceptions.IndentationError'>:expected an indented block (uiTaskBar.py, line 678)

1124 13:59:08165 :: ============================================================================================================
1124 13:59:08165 :: Abort!!!!

Help me pls.. 

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