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King Sora

[Release] Metin2 Wallpaper ~ by Sora

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Hello! :)

I've created some Wallpapers for you!


Original Logo by SquareEnix - Final Fantasy X



These Wallpaper are full Vector Wallpapers, that means, you can

scale it how you want, without quality loss!

The standard Download mirror in this thread, just contains the non-vector Wallpaper in the resolution of 1920x1080.

If you want a higher resolution, just write me a private message, with the reason, why you need one!


I just want to mention, that the idea for these Wallpaper comes from "Plentakill", they are creating

the same kind of Wallpaper, just for League of Legends! If you wanna see it,

check their Channel on Youtube or use google! ;)


Wallpaper Preview (Version 1):


Maybe there will come a version 2, with the male characters of Metin2!

I just want to mention that one Wallpaper requires 8 hours of

work and over 700 Shapes, and I am a lazy guy... so it will take its time for version 2.


As a last resort, I ask you for your thought about the Wallpaper, please write

feedback or critique, so i know what i have to change in version 2...

And guys, please dont remove my copyright on the right-bottom corner!


Download version 1

Best regards,


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First of all, I love your work overall. 


I really liked all the wallpapers but especially the sura one. It's so neat! Great job. 

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