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6c8db0069d.png Searching Glass, Allows the arrow mark appearing on the private shop where the item you select in the search results and guides for players to call the selling items easier access. You must be the same on the map with the seller. Default time limit; 1 Week

0b575ffcff.png Trading Glass, Without going to the private shop on the same map that allows you can buy directly. Default time limit; 1 Week

691b8d3b9f.png Trading Glass+, Without going to the private shop you can buy directly works on any map. Default time limit; 2 Week

- Common features, You can be viewed right from cheap to expensive price of items in the private shops, you can see the features of items When you move your mouse over the item you are looking for. Level, item name and bonuses you can search on the basis of price.


HowTo tutorial exists in archive,

Warning: It doesn't works with published shoulder sash system. You need upgrade attr type, value amounts.




It doesn't looks like %100 official but it's works, My last shared and my last working in metin2.

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3 minutes ago, KemazI said:

Good job!! It just works on normal private shops right? dsn't work in off shops...

A folder is included for two offline shops' version

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0411 21:22:20118 :: ImportError
0411 21:22:20118 :: : 
0411 21:22:20118 :: No module named uiprivateshopsearch
0411 21:22:20118 :: 



import uiprivateshopsearch

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When find the by item crash the core


Apr  9 16:33:42 :: Handshake: client_time 334783 server_time 514114 name: [GF]Name
Apr  9 16:33:44 :: Testninja: USE_ITEM Fagotto (inven 1, cell: 7)
Apr  9 16:33:50 :: MyShop count 1
Apr  9 16:33:50 :: MyShop: use position 18
Apr  9 16:33:50 :: SHOP_ITEM: ÁÖ¿µ¼®+4            (#28436) (x 1)   PRICE 321  
Apr  9 16:33:50 :: POLYMORPH: Testninja race 30000 
Apr  9 16:33:56 :: [GF]Name: USE_ITEM Ticaret Camý+ (inven 1, cell: 0)
Apr  9 16:34:00 :: SAVE: [GF]Name 959878x273491
Apr  9 16:34:03 :: GLOBAL_TIME: Apr  11 21:24:03 time_gap 0
Apr  9 16:34:18 :: TPacketCGShop2: SHOP2_SUBHEADER_CG_SEARCH  USER: [GF]Name


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Hello Koray

First of all, congratz for this system and for share with us!

I have two bug's

First is when i try to search for Armors or Weapons give me this error

Ik you have said how to resolve that, but i ddnt understand ( sorry, i'm to dumb )

And the second one is when i try to search for potions ( for example ) my server crash.. idk why

Thank you one more time for share this with us!

Sorry for my bad Eng

King Regards

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18 minutes ago, RealReznov said:


input_main.cpp:3697: error: duplicate case value
input_main.cpp:3692: error: previously used here

enum PacketHeaders {





The enum assign automaticaly a number intro data

The real values is

enum PacketHeaders {





You have 2 headers with same value, soo change header value or delete one of them

Please read this too :

The answer is easy now.

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