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Found 29 results

  1. I really don't know how to resolve it. I don't know when or how this happened. All the items have the price one Yang in item_proto, so it's only a visual bug because I can buy them with that amount. I didn't tried to change the yang limit or something. Also, I didn't touched client's or server's source, or something related to the price/Yang. Thank you in advance. Sorry for my bad english.
  2. Hey y'all. Question has been given, let me know.
  3. Hy Devs! (Firstly.. sorry but my english knowledge is not good) I have a little bug. The selling price does not work. I modified the selling price of an item (80005-80007). Example: Buy this item 20.000.000, its oke. BUT i set sell price same. Just give 4.000.000. (This item is only a mistake if it costs millions.) What is wrong? Thank you all answer! Have a great day!
  4. Hello devs Today I would like to present you a new solution that can make you feel more safe with your GMs. This is my first release and it's very simple to do, I'm just posting it here for the newbies and those who don't know how to start searching and other shit like that WHAT IS THIS SYSTEM? This system is a number of preventions for GameMaster characters about certain interractions with normal players in the game. The functions you are about to see are blocking GMs from: Trading items with normal players (and the opposite) Invite normal players to parties (and the opposite) Invite normal players to guilds (and the opposite) Adding normal players as friend contacts (I would say and the opposite but it already exists by default ) Drop items to the ground Build their own private shops with the Bundle item Buy items from a private shop Block a GM from buffing normal players Using the commands /set, /a and /setskillother to normal players WHO IS THIS SYSTEM FOR? I believe we can all agree that trust in partnership is a rare thing these days. This system is released from me for the Admins out there that cannot trust their GMs (and many times their self) so much. Imagine having a server and your GM just gives away items for free to everyone. Bad huh? I thought so... So with this system you are sure that your GMs will do their job properly and won't violate any game rules behind your backs. Your server has rules (as all games out there) and if you wanted people to have some items for free you can easily put those items for sale into the town vendors. People who do this kind of things behind your backs are not authorized by you to do it but I believe that it happened (if not happening yet) to the best of you guys, that's why I'm releasing it. It's time to set some things right in your servers, GMs exist to answer questions and not helping players cheat without any authorization from the administrators, so without further ado, let's get started. SORRY AGAIN, ONE MORE THING I BELIEVE THIS QUESTION IS IN THE MIND OF A DEVELOPER WHO READS THIS GUIDE: MIND RAPIST, WHY DO YOU USE THE IsGM() BOOLEAN TO CHECK IF A PLAYER IS A GM AND NOT USE THE TRADITIONAL CHECK GetGMLevel() > GM_PLAYER? In this tutorial, we will be using the bool IsGM() instead of the usual check because some of the guys who see this may have added @Alina's GM Elevation system. In that case, GetGMLevel() won't work before the character elevates, so our GMs will be able to bypass the check and just create a perfect item, relog and give it away before they elevate. We don't want that don't we? So who ever wants to use GetGMLevel() > GM_PLAYER instead of IsGM() there is no difference you can do that guys, except if you did the elevation system, then you need to use my function in order to work. So let's get the party started. PARTY INVITATION BLOCK In char.cpp search for the function "void CHARACTER::PartyInvite(LPCHARACTER pchInvitee)" and under add this: Done with party block, let's continue BUNDLE USAGE BLOCK FOR CREATING PRIVATE SHOPS In char_item.cpp search for the function "bool CHARACTER::UseItemEx(LPITEM item, TItemPos DestCell)" and under add this: Done, let's continue ITEM DROP BLOCK Still in char_item.cpp search for the function "bool CHARACTER::DropItem(TItemPos Cell, BYTE bCount)" and under add this: Done with that one, you can close char_item.cpp. Let's move on BUFF BLOCK In char_skill.cpp find this: and paste this under it: Done with that, next! /SET COMMAND BLOCK FOR PLAYERS In cmd_gm.cpp search for the function "ACMD(do_set)" and under add this: Done, but do not close, we have more commands to block! /A COMMAND BLOCK FOR PLAYERS Still in cmd_gm.cpp, search for the function "ACMD(do_advance)" and under add this: Do not close that file yet, one more command left to block /SETSKILLOTHER COMMAND BLOCK FOR PLAYERS Still in this file, search for the function "ACMD(do_setskillother)" and under add this: Done with the commands, you may close cmd_gm.cpp and move on EXCHANGE BLOCK In exchange.cpp search for the function "bool CHARACTER::ExchangeStart(LPCHARACTER victim)" and under (if you have sash system in your source, the top line may be "if ( IsOpenSafebox() || GetShopOwner() || GetMyShop() || IsCubeOpen() || IsAcceOpen() )") add this: Done with the exchange, moving on! GUILD INVITATION BLOCK In guild.cpp search for the function "void CGuild::Invite( LPCHARACTER pchInviter, LPCHARACTER pchInvitee )" and under add this: Here goes the guild invitation, let's move forward FRIEND LIST BLOCK In input_main.cpp search for the function "int CInputMain::Messenger(LPCHARACTER ch, const char* c_pData, size_t uiBytes)" and find this line: change it like this: Still in the same function, find this line in "case MESSENGER_SUBHEADER_CG_ADD_BY_NAME:": and add this: Friends are done. Let's move on to the last one! BUYING ITEMS FROM PRIVATE SHOPS BLOCK In shop_manager.cpp search for the function "void CShopManager::Buy(LPCHARACTER ch, BYTE pos)" and under add this: Done It's not something hard to do, I just gathered everything in one place, you can now sleep at night knowing that your GMs cannot fraud you. I would like to give special thanks to @VegaS who wrote the blocks for buffs, party and guild invitation, thanks so much buddy Note: These will block any interraction between a GM and a normal player, but a GM will be able to interract with another GM (example trade GM with GM). And before someone asks yes I thought about a safebox block for GMs but there is no need for that since you can login to his account and create 3 players, then logout and delete them directly from their database, leaving 3 warriors with Level 0 that cannot login to the game. Let the poor GMs have their safebox it's the only thing left to them after that I think xD So I hope I helped some folks here the tutorial is done Kind regards ~ Mind Rapist
  5. Hello, I hope someone can offer me help. When trading and trying to put yang in trade window, it stays at 0 and this particular message comes out: The player owns more than 2 billion yang He says that the player with I am trying to trade has more than 2 billion yang, but the fact is that the player does not even have yang or have small amount. In the sysser this line comes out; SYSERR: Nov 2 01: 53: 53.530620 :: Exchange: [OVERFLOW_GOLD] ELK_ADD (884092571) id 1 name [GM] Luke
  6. Hello, I have an issue with yang, as i said in title tha yang does not show in inventory, But before you must know that i made som changes before it was show, So first i used pandora svf and it was haved gaya system : And as u can see i have yang limit solved so max is 9,9kkkkk And now i removed the system from client from locale/invtorywindow.py and root/uiinvetory.py the yang tab. And i put the slot back, where it was normal before... but it show me 0 yang... Some ppl says that problem is from uiinventory.py , this is my uiinventory if u wanna check it but it seems all good My uiinventory.py And one think to say it show me in the dtop yang box the yang But not in the normal slot.... and i dont know why and where to look to make it show I need help if you know any sugestions pls thx.
  7. Hallo Community, gibt es Moment an ein funktionierendes How to für das erhöhen für Yang? Ich habe ein paar versucht doch funktioniert hat es nicht wirklich.. Hello Community, is there a how to for changing the Limit of Yang? i tried some but it doesnt work
  8. Hello Guys,..i'm having a problem in offline shop max yang, when i finished adding max yang in offline shop and go to the client i created a shop successfully but when i try to add another item or to change price of the item the client logout but the server is still connected and i can connect again... i went to the syserr of the client and it was clean and in the syserr for the server i found this Process: FDWATCH: peer null in event: ident 23------------ (means that the core crashed but there was no game core) and when i added the offline_shop_item.sql which belongs to the (offlineshop max yang files) the server has crashed the core and when i made a debug i found this #0 0x08386bb2 in mysql_fetch_row () #1 0x0827fb68 in COfflineShopManager::Refresh (this=0xbfbfaa70, ch=0x5669f000) at offlineshop_manager.cpp:705 #2 0x08160ab4 in CInputMain::OfflineShop (this=0x2a35f49c, ch=0x5669f000, data=0x567df000 "8\tF▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒", uiBytes=<value optimized out>) at input_main.cpp:1262 #3 0x08166be4 in CInputMain::Analyze (this=0x2a35f49c, d=0x2a35f400, bHeader=<value optimized out>, c_pData=0x567df000 "8\tF▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒") at input_main.cpp:3345 #4 0x0814dfeb in CInputProcessor::Process (this=0x2a35f49c, lpDesc=0x2a35f400, c_pvOrig=0x567df000, iBytes=3, r_iBytesProceed=@0xbfbfa2f4) at input.cpp:102 #5 0x08116ed3 in DESC::ProcessInput (this=0x2a35f400) at desc.cpp:313 #6 0x08283a84 in io_loop (fdw=0x293f5500) at main.cpp:1035 #7 0x082844b0 in idle () at main.cpp:912 #8 0x08285da4 in main (argc=1, argv=Cannot access memory at address 0x4 ) at main.cpp:562 please can anyone help me at this?
  9. Hey guys, I've been trying to find the mall.tga of this coin for quite a while now. It can be seen in this video for example: (instead of the normal itemshop coin) As far as I know its the yang logo. I haven't been able to find an old client design or smth that still had it so if someone could upload it for, I'd appreciate it.
  10. Hello M2Dev! I got a new problem, this time it's something... very confusing. When i want to trade with someone, and put in 9.999.999Yang/gold however you wanna call it, the person who receives it, get the amout. BUT the person who offers the amount, got like 200.000.000 removed. Its very strange, and i can't figure out, where is the problem. I got long long MAX_YANG and the python part is on maxlenght(20) for the ifdef: new_exchange_window May you can find some details. Thanks for helping!
  11. Hy,i have a problem, when i want to build a house guild i receive 4kkk in invetory.I remove yang limit.Can anyone help me please?
  12. Hello Guys I Have a problem about npc item sell price When i updated item prices in item proto the changes not affected in game Im using 40k server files OS : FreeBSD 10.2 DB : Mysql 5.5 How can i solve this problem ? Sorry for my bad english its not my first language Thanks
  13. Hi guys, how can I do points between yangs in chat? Thanks for answers! Kind Regards ReFresh
  14. mob kills me not coming yang on my 40k server drobs is full,mob_proto is OK but yang not coming note:soory my english is not god
  15. Hello guys I have a problem with my yang in the trade window when I click to add some yang to the trade nothing happens no little window pops up for yang. The syserr is empty, exchangewindow.py Please someone help Thanks in advance
  16. Hi guys, how can I change picking up items and yang delay? Thank you for your answers! Kind Regards ReFresh
  17. hello i use source code maxmi4.1 i have problem with shop and i buy anything and sell it i don't get the yang Can anyone help me for that have a good day
  18. Hello! Some time ago I removed the yang limit. Since that time, when we build a building in the guild, rather than take a given price, gives us more than 4kkk yang - the data type DWORD. Someone can tell me what I missed? Sorry for my english!
  19. Hey, can someone help me by the max limit of yang with Privateshop's? I saw this Topic and changed all things... it worked perfectly but the only thing which doesn't work is that the item in the shop have 0 yang, if i open the shop... If i use 2.1kkk it worked everyone over 2.1kkk doesn't worked.... but in the uitooltip i haven't any idea what i must change :S
  20. Hey guys I found this tut http://metin2hungary.net/index.php?topic=189507.0 and I did it. When I finally made it my client was not starting. So I went back to my bin and added these 2 lines to PythonUtils.cpp: and changed my uiCommon's function like this: So now client starts but when I login it crashes with this syserr: So what can I do now?
  21. Hello, i want to buy a clean and unbugged HowTo to increase the gold/yang limit. The yang limit increase must be everywhere for example: Mobdrop, Guild, Shop, Exchange, Dropgold, Quest and even Monarch System. Pm me if you want to sell
  22. I have some problems with yang limit, when i buy something from shop or when i receive yang from mobs my yang becomes 0. http://mkerala.com/di/PR98/gif1.gif
  23. Hello, After many research, I still have not found how to change the maximum yang. I am already aware that it's happening in the source code. Thank you for your answer. Sincerely Maurage Contact me via private message or skype Or course on this post My skype: -EDIT-
  24. Nixon

    Max yang.

    Hi! I work with max 999kkk yang but I have problem with: "../../common/length.h:69: error: integer constant is too large for 'long' type" Yes I edit all in game <packet etc.> Please tell me how fix this problem.
  25. http://i3.tietuku.com/1ee229d9051b0da1.png
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