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Found 7 results

  1. Hi there, Recently the official server had introduced a new upgrading scroll called rituals stone, it can work only with item with a minimum level of 80, has a better chance of success, and the failed items don't lose a level. So I have created it's c++ part, and I would like to share it with you: you can find the icon and item_desc and so on here:!fVMBkB6A!05DtaW7A32mtVPxWT0rJza5L6yoIvbFNgFIDz01ZA5E it's in Arabic, you can translate to your own language If you found any bugs please comment below
  2. Howdy!I have a problem with anti-magic stone, that is, do not offer a dmg bonus, or reduce the defense to magic, give the same damage and with the stone on the weapon or armor and without!I did the tutorial completely without warnings or errors, but I do not know where this problem might be.thank you
  3. icewolf

    Anti Magic Resist Bug

    Hi EveryOne There is a problem in the Anti Magic Stone When I but the stone in the Armor + Weapon and bean under beaten with magical attack from Sura Or Shaman The Anti Magic Stone not doing his job the sura attack 2300 remains the same after wearing the stone can any One Help me
  4. .plechito'

    [Summer]Melon metinstone

    Hi to everyone!Summer is here so here is some fresh summer release
  5. Hy,i have a problem with offline shop.When i try to put weapon(lv 75),in offline shop he has six socket,but in fact he has just 3 socket.And i don't know ho to fix this bug.Can somebody help me please?(if it's necessary i pay for fix.
  6. Hello devs can anyone show me how to add a new button to the Dragon Soul inventory window? I have my images I want to add something like the Item Shop button of the inventory page but this time I want to make a toogle button (stays at "down" state after click, until clicked again to restore to normal state). I want this button to communicate with the game and changes a quest state. This is the quest What this does is enabling/disabling the Dragon Soul drops from mobs and it comes as a letter and that's very annoying so I want to turn it into a button but I've just started to learning python and I don't even know how to position it. I appreciate any help guys. Thanks in advance
  7. killerakos1999g4

    Protect your metin2 stone! [Help]

    Hello devs. i want to make event protect your stone if is possible can someone say how can make a metin who can be attacked only by one kingdom; (i have source code too) Thanks!