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Found 21 results

  1. Hello. I saw this stuff on this and on another board also with bugs or it was incomplete, and I made it to myself. Feel free to use it with your brain. Good to know about this: The name of those items which have attributes will be golden. The skillbook and skillforget items will show the name of skill also. If the item isn't yours than the ownership color will be red instead of yellow. * Készségkönyv = Skillbook(id:50300) * Feledés könyve = Skillforget book(id:70037) PS.: If you have problems with the implementation: start to upgrade your programming knowledges and don't disturb me in private message, I won't answer. Thank you for understanding.!KAh3DQqL!yQQX9o4N8sTsS7Woa4W07C8t5jwp0TV5xg7MHLSFz5Y
  2. Link VDI:!p6RFnYZR!nNVJWv2G1pL1yL8uoj-FuorpaD7JqcBxk2sQlMosnqM User: root Password: 123123 Discord support server: Commands: cd /vanillacore_llvm6/vanilla/Source/game/src && gmake cd /vanillacore_llvm6/vanilla/Source/db/src && gmake Thank to @niokio and @Vanilla
  3. So after a lot of searches I finally figured out how to do everything but I am facing some errors but my question atm is does the compiler have to be on the same FreeBSD of the serverfiles ? and if anyone is up to help me live please leave ur skype or anything in the replies I would really appreciate it <3
  4. Hey Guys i have a Problem. I would add new sash Item's with vnum 86001. to 86053 I can add me this Item but i dont see the model ingame i see the icon and when i equipd the item i dont see the model. when this item the vnum 85001 has can see the model. and i edit code in src client in InstanceBase.cpp and edit code in src svn in item.cpp and this in item list and this in item_proto all to 86058 like this and this is item_scale.txt
  5. Hey guys Searching Stabiel Server fiels like offi
  6. Hi dev, i have some problem with source code when i try to compile on gcc7. My DB compiling without warnings or errors, but my GAME there are such mistakes. If someone knows how to fix this, help me please. Thanks in advance.
  7. hello every one i have doen core and this is debug this debug command and this is where command this is my at MarkImage.cpp:51 plz help
  8. SeXpL0SiVe

    Sash system bug... HELP!

    Hey guys i installed the SSS and i dont know what is wrong but when i login all players are warriors lvl 0 without names and i have this syserr in channel 1 SYSERR: Nov 5 14:44:27.112682 :: GetServerLocation: location error name mapindex 0 0 x 0 empire 3 SYSERR: Nov 5 14:44:27.113866 :: GetServerLocation: location error name mapindex 0 0 x 0 empire 3 SYSERR: Nov 5 14:44:27.114680 :: GetServerLocation: location error name mapindex 0 0 x 0 empire 3 SYSERR: Nov 5 14:44:27.115485 :: GetServerLocation: location error name mapindex 0 0 x 0 empire 3 SYSERR: Nov 5 14:44:27.116204 :: GetServerLocation: location error name mapindex 0 0 x 0 empire 3 SYSERR: Nov 5 14:44:40.823802 :: GetServerLocation: location error name mapindex 0 0 x 0 empire 3 SYSERR: Nov 5 14:44:40.824705 :: GetServerLocation: location error name mapindex 0 0 x 0 empire 3 SYSERR: Nov 5 14:44:40.825413 :: GetServerLocation: location error name mapindex 0 0 x 0 empire 3 SYSERR: Nov 5 14:44:40.826048 :: GetServerLocation: location error name mapindex 0 0 x 0 empire 3 SYSERR: Nov 5 14:44:40.826649 :: GetServerLocation: location error name mapindex 0 0 x 0 empire 3Please someone help me i know its in source somewhere i just dont know what is it and how to fix it
  9. johntons

    Error compile source code

    Hello community have some problems compiling the SRC.
  10. Traceur3RUN

    New Skill Level m->g->p->q

    hello i want change some build of skill level like m change to a and g change to b etc i must change this on source? binary/serverside and source game? like m1,m2,m3,m4,m5,m6,m7,m8,m9,m10 => G1,G2,G3,G4,G5,G6,G7,G8,G9,G10 => P1,P2,P3,P4,P5,P6,P7,P8,P9,P10 => Q thanks in advance.
  11. xRooT


    Hello I have a problem when the accumulation item The separate them Now it can not be separated when the accumulation . Or I can not put the pieces above the rest
  12. Hey devs I want to change a specific skill's bMethod from SKILL_UP_BY_POINT to SKILL_UP_BY_BOOK before Master can anyone help me to do that? Thanks in advance
  13. This problem has been already known, so let me bump it up. Using Boost 1.58.0. Toolset v120. Can't tell how to fix the conversion error. Anyone solved it?
  14. Hello all, i am trying to change the max limit speed for movement and attack on server-side but one thing occurs i changed GetLimitPoint() for 500/1000/2000/3000(and some other numbers between), i checked ALL related with movement and atack speed, even speedhack and etc And the speed becomes strange. When it reaches 256, it becomes 0, so imagine if you set 256, it becomes 0, if you set 512 it becomes 0, if you set 768 it becomes 0, and so on. I debuged ALL outputs on movement and attack functions, but nothing outputs the problem, very wierd. Also checked in the client, but the problem is clearly not from there.
  15. Hello Metin2Dev User's Currently working with 40k Source "Mainline" and Binary Source "Metin2Client with updated DirectX, Granny, Python from Terenzo. Image: Please help me.
  16. Hi, I have this problem when I follow the post of AvelineTM : I follow this step by step and then I see that Bug Can anywhere help me please? Thx!
  17. Dafuq313

    Unbugged source ?

    Hi,i want to create my own server and my question is : is there an unbugged 40k source? i don't care if it has lycan or not,or some other systems ... i just want one unbugged AND if it is not clean ( it has new features ) those features to be in that thread ( so i can know what is modified and what i will modify ). And ofcourse it must not have backdoor xD.
  18. It was interesting to read them, but they got some wrong encoding and changing it to a Korean like didn't improve. I think, they are already screwed. There isn't a chance to recover them, is it? Can someone actually read them on his own system?
  19. Hello I have a problem I do not know how to solve them do not know how I facedI've recently developed 80 stores fromSrc Client and Src Serverand I have a note that it is working in the operator that you push Before this problem,image of the problem c59d072ba4.png Work on VB 2013 Is the problem of VB 2013 ? # Update I solve the problem
  20. Hi, how i can change the drop chance from source events?, like /e 2006_drop .... if (GetDropPerKillPct(100, g_iUseLocale ? 2000 : 800, iDeltaPercent, "2006_drop") >= number(1, iRandRange)) { sys_log(0, "육각보합 DROP EVENT "); const static DWORD dwVnum = 50037; if ((item = CreateItem(dwVnum, 1, 0, true))) vec_item.push_back(item); }
  21. Hello, I recently downloaded the client/server source files from the web (which includes some tools ??) anyways, in the package I found several branches : dev dev_wolf_branch mainline mainline_cython mainline_released mainline_w2.0 mainline_w2.1 novaline Which of those is the most recent revision,or should I say the most "functional"[novaline "server" has around 700mb compared to the others(70mb,400,etc)]. I plan on using Microsoft's visual studio 2010 professional to compile. Starting next month I will be a Student, majoring in Computer Science, so I want to learn C++, compilers, server-client stuff, and I tought this server would be the best to start doing just that. My last question is : could you guide me on how to compile this for windows..what libraries should I include for win,etc. Thank you, Daniel.