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Found 3 results

  1. SYSERR: Jul 21 21:44:10.360840 :: Analyze: login phase does not handle this packet! header 3 SYSERR: Jul 21 21:44:10.360865 :: Process: SEQUENCE 297b0d80 mismatch 0xc6 != 0x2f header 3 SYSERR: Jul 21 21:44:10.360874 :: Process: SEQUENCE_LOG [UNKNOWN]------------- [109 : 0x12] [003 : 0xc6] Hello guys, I'm experiencing weird problem, I used sequence table generator by Tyrar on both game and bin file The main point is when client is running couple of hours (2-3 hours+) and I try to warp somewhere I got "freeze" or "stuck" I don't get loading screen.. then I choose character select and game kicks me. (but this is because sequence, somehow PACKET 3 (CHAR SELECT?) being send to login phase) I think the problem is much earlier than sequence error happens.. HEADER_CG_LOGIN2 = 109, - so I don't know what is wrong with login2 - it is used anyway? maybe it's used when relogging instead of first login. Are you guys having some experience of this matter? I mean client kick after couple of hours running when you try to for ex. warp (I can move with no problem).
  2. SivleR

    A few bugs

    Hello. Recently encountered a few errors in my syserr. I directed to you with a request. Are these errors are serious? I have problems with 500+ players? : 1. SYSERR: Sep 13 21:36:09 :: Process: SEQUENCE 4242c400 mismatch 0xaf != 0x64 header 254 SYSERR: Sep 13 21:36:09 :: Process: SEQUENCE_LOG [UNKNOWN]------------- [254 : 0xaf]2. SYSERR: Sep 13 21:56:03 :: Entergame: !GetMovablePosition (name [GM]Name 1126400x1510400 map 215 changed to 1135200x1653400) 3. SYSERR: Sep 13 21:57:17 :: Click: CQuestManager::Click(pid=1, target_npc_name=New Npc) - NOT EXIST NPC RACE VNUM[20091] If they are serious you could help me solve them? I'm using the Source mainline_sg. Thanks in advance for your help. !
  3. Hello, I Have My Own Server, and I Like To Have a Clean Syserr On It. Recently I've Upgraded My Server To GameCore r34083, DB r33820 & Made a New Client With The Binary r36469 (Hackshield, Loginpacket & No CRC32 Verification) and on My syserr Files In Each Core I've Thousands of Lines Like This: SYSERR: Mar 23 20:32:50 :: Process: SEQUENCE 34b98400 mismatch 0xaf != 0x64 header 254 SYSERR: Mar 23 20:32:50 :: Process: SEQUENCE_LOG [UNKNOWN]------------- [254 : 0xaf] In Other Topic I Read an Answer From Shogun Saying: And My Question Is: There Is Something That We Can Do To Solve The Error? Or Just Any Kind of DIF To Ignore It and Don't Paste It on syserr? Kind Regards, TheMKLIVE.