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Found 6 results

  1. Hello Community, I'm looking for someone who has Meley's Lair or can the Quest completely coding. Who interest to this Topic or has already the Dungeon can contact me. About the award is privately negotiated . Payment - method: Paypal Kind regards Souza.
  2. Distraught

    fly animation

    Hey guyz, I'm seeking a fly animation posted on this forum. I saw it about half a year ago but now it's disappeared. Does anyone have it?
  3. Distraught

    new run/walk animation

    Hey guys, I tried to add a new walk/run animation. Now it sorta-kinda works, but the character cannot stop when it reaches the destination I clicked (only if I click on a spot). But if I use the WASD (or arrows) buttons to move, it doesn't play the animation correctly. Syserr: CRaceMotionData::SetName - UNKNOWN NAME 39
  4. Hello, I bought virtual server on Hetzner for testing, but Hetzner has changed IP to, I change on my ./channel1 -I & and server start without errors, If I login and select char server me kick to login window. If I test on my 2 server (other hosting) server is OK. Thanks for help
  5. Hello, it is time to play metin2 on the smartphone! The following game should just show you, that it is possible to use metin2 models, dungeons or animations on a smartphone. It's not the same game as on the PC. It rather a game like Templerun. A game which is the same as on the PC, is still in development. The language is currently in Turkish, but maybe come soon also other languages. Important things that you should know: Devam et = Resume Game ( you resume the same level from the start), yeni oyun = New game ( if you are level 2 and you click on this, then you will be again level 1) , çıkış = Exit You can download the game from the PlayStore if you search for metin2, metin2run or m2run. Or you click on the following link. Here is also a short gameplay (thx nybu) Credits: Keyto, Onur (Mekan35m), EnesFG, TGames
  6. SeXpL0SiVe

    I pay to solve some bugs

    I pay to solve some bugs! I'm desperate I don't know c++ and i'm trying to fix these bugs for over 2 months now... My bugs are: When Wolfman is running on a horse/mount the client crashes Blue Possession applys only at self (should be applyed at all party members) Red Possession SHOWS that removes Attack when it actually gives Skills with vnum 4, 63, 111 give attack but in the C panel nothing changes The Bleeding effect is applyed but invisible. No debuff icon is displayed too The attribute "Strong against Lycans" is displayed as "Bleeding PCT" The attribute "Defence against Lycans" is displayed as "Bleeding Resist"If you are interested my skype is live:sexpl0sive and I pay via PayPal, PaySafeCard or whatever you want...