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Found 4 results

  1. pollux


    Hello Developers, because we want to be the best possible experience we have to setup some rules. Please re-read the rules - we've made some changes! Rules §1 Language (1.1) Language The language in this board is english. If you want to post something in your own language always add an english translation. The only exception for this rule is this section: Private Servers (1.2) Behaviour Don't flame at other users. We want this board to be the best possible experience. You maybe want help and everybody started with no or little knowledge. So help and don't flame! Also we don't want to see any racism or sexism. (1.3) Spamming Do not spam in this board. Posting a topic or a question once is enough. If you don't get an answer maybe your question needs more description. Or nobody is able to help you there. Double post aswell as double threads will be punished with an infraction. §2 Topics (2.1) Titles For titles there are the same rules as §1. (2.2) Bumping Allowed bumping times: Services area - 24 hours Q&A - 48 hours Any other bumping will result in an infraction! (2.3) Close/Move/Rename request To make a close/move or rename request please report the topic with the thing you want us to do. Rename request are only allowed by the thread owners (2.4) Content Don't post commercial stuff others made and/or sell commercial stuff others made. You are allowed to release systems made by others if you did modifications to it. Don't ask for commercial stuff made by others, neither free or for resell, we don't support resell in any form No Links to other boards with the same sense as metin2dev allowed. (This include file names and image content also!) No posting (whether to sell or give away for free) anything that involves cheating or stealing from people's clients or servers. It's not allowed to give your/our social media contact information (e.g. skype, discord, ...) in public topics/posts nor signatures, only via pm. The only exception is for people that are trying to sell their services. (2.5) Questions & Answers specific rules Don't modify your thread (or reply to it) to mark it solved, and not explain the solution to the issue. Please use our tag system and vote good/bad answers so everyone can clearly see what matters! (2.6) Release specific rules You are not allowed to remove releases you did. (2.7) Services section specific rules You are not allowed to post more than one thread per section inside the services section (which are max. 4). Please post anything you want to sell in the correct section and just edit your posts. Please also mark your offer via tags inside your thread title and with the tag function of this board so possible customers can find what they're searching. Additionally to this you are not allowed to post any thread (and/or offer any content on m2dev) until you've reached 50 posts. If you're registered for at least 1 year you're free to create a service thread without having those 50 posts. Please do not spam senseless posts to reach the required post count or you will be banned! (2.8) Tech section specific rules You are not allowed to post your services or releases in here. We have a release/service section for this. You're free to start any discussion or ask general questions connected to the sections name. Anything which especially is connected to metin2 (questions) goes into Q&A. §3 Account (3.1) Names Names have the same rule as §1.2 (3.2) Multi-Account You are not allowed to create more than one Account. Also if you got a temporary ban. (3.3) VIP Becoming a VIP is really easy. And you help us running this forum! Please read this topic if you want to have more information. §4 Others (4.1) Contacting Team Members Contacting moderators and/or administrators personal (e.g via skype) for anything related to this board (questions, reports, etc) can be punished with an infraction. For reporting we have a report button in every post and for discussion about actions taken contact an administrator via a private message about the problem. Also don't contact any team member because your report wasn't solved in a specific time. We will do our best to solve it as fast as possible so there is no need to spam reports or write a pm within 24 hours the report got submit. Update: It is only allowed to have one conversation (private message) open with the team about the same topic. (Feel free to invite more team members in the conversation). (4.2) Scamming Scamming is a bad thing. If you do so on this board you will be banned permanently. Please keep in mind that you are not allowed to report a scam without trustworthy proofs. (4.3) Advertising on metin2dev We do offer banner spaces on our page. Please read this topic to get more information. Sanctions We have some predefined sanctions and the possibility to create a custom one. Every action which is taken by us will have its correctness. But if you think your case was handled in a wrong way you have the possibility to contact an admin via pm. And because we have these predefined sanctions with infraction points i want to inform you about the actions taken by our system. < 3 points - no penalty >= 3 Points - suspended from accessing the site for 5 days >= 5 Points - suspended from accessing the site for 7 days >= 7 Points - suspended from accessing the site for 10 days >= 10 Points - suspended from accessing the site for 14 days 12 Points - suspended from accessing the site indefinitly Please note, that you are not allowed to create any other account while you are temporarily banned (as described in §3.2). If you are banned indefinitely you may create one more account (as a second chance) - but not more. If you are violating against these rules we may revoke any blue/special group (e.g. Developer etc.) Sincerly, .PolluX and the metin2dev team
  2. pollux

    Discussion about m2dev

    Hello, the metin2dev administration is thinking about some changes of our rules and the forum itself which will affect all of you - and also may benefit you. First of all i want to give you an overview of our thoughts: the Services Section Sometimes it is a mess for you to reach the 50 posts to post your service. Especially for users which are registered for a long time. That's why we want to change this. One example: If you're reigstered for at least 6 months you are allowed to create a thread in our Services section without having 50 posts. But we keep to review every single thread. the Tech Section Do you think we need this section? Or do you think we can optimize it in any way? We think it isn't necessary to have this section with a lot of sub-sections because most of it isn't in use, it's some kind of dead. Forum languages We are an international forum so our language is english. But what do you think about some more languages? Should we translate the forum frontend into german, romanian, ... ? - this could give us the possibility to have our rules and the frontend in some more languages to help users which are using google translator because they didn't learn english. But keep in mind that we won't allow the use of any other language than english in your posts and threads. Questions and Answers I personally don't like this section because it is a mess. You don't see which thread is answered with an appropriate answer and on the other hand you don't see which still need a good answer. We have two(three) possible solutions for this: Users can ask questions that other users can post answers to. Answers can then be rated by other users and the highest rated answers are shown first. We create a sub-section named "Answered" in which we move all answered questions. A combination of 1. & 2. But before we change any of these things we would like to hear your opinion. Maybe you also have an idea/advice to tell us? Any concerns? Take part in this discussion! Sincerly, the metin2dev administration
  3. pollux


    Hello Developers, we will post any changes of metin2dev in here. Sincerly, .PolluX GMT+1 12:37 PM | 2016-10-22 Added code tag GMT+1 8:00 PM | 2016-10-21 Due to requests we added a facepalm emoji (:facepalm:) GMT+1 5:13 PM | 2016-10-06 We added the possibility to see if a user is banned: The user name is now crossed out if the user is banned. Additionally the rank of the user got changed to suspended (if the user is banned temporarily) or banned (if the user is banned indefinitely) GMT+1 6:09 PM | 2016-10-05 * updated rules (2.6) GMT+1 4:16 PM | 2016-09-20 We've updated the structure of the Services section as mentioned here. Additionally to this we also updated our rules. Please read them again to be sure you know everything! + new structure for Services + updated rules (2.2 / 2.6 / 2.7 / 3.3 / 4.1 / Sanctions) Everyone who posted more than one thread per section (in Services) please merge them into one thread and report the others.
  4. Hello guys I'm searching for these serverfiles: If Rules is on this forum I already sent you on Facebook and Skype. I'm buying them but first I want some security and bug demonstrations to be sure of what I'm buying. I want full serverfiles with source and client with binary. Reply here or on PM.