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Found 18 results

  1. Tatsumaru

    Princess assassin

    This is the edited texture of the initial outfit for assassin, made by me. Download:!D9sTHDSZ!f80YQFnLxnDvGz15AydtCUxzbxgERkTu-QvwObdEuAM Special place:
  2. Tatsumaru

    New water texture.

    The textures of this water are ideally joined by no visible textures (seams). Colors are well matched to the climate of the metin. Download:!r8cDyQLY!HGdBTOkf2F5fxykneYwCu6SiXw_Tcpof5SxnoItxhpo Special place:
  3. Tatsumaru

    Necromancer hood

    This hood is generally available somewhere on the net, but only for the character of a sura. I changed it to ninje, I improved the texture quality and changed its overall appearance. Download:!r4sCmaoQ!ptw0buAbRWu4c2teQH0DmGsqXPX3xzfvpeevfgdjdEo Special place:
  4. A small model, nothing ambitious, but it may be useful to someone (designer mapper). I made 3 sizes of this model to choose. Download:!als0jIjD!VB1glMW6QuKp2DBiNe49-7AGqMD1updHyxCM6TLtVOM Special place:
  5. I'm looking for the c++ change for make pickup function more faster. It already exist. Can someone share it for us?
  6. Tatsumaru

    New building shinsoo (best quality)

    If you like it, share your opinion here. Model have collision and lights. Download:!OhEQ3JpC!NrH3eV2xexBKvl72JO4at0kpBXIKxdMWIphmIeW1MzM
  7. Tatsumaru

    Ninja texture HD.

    Some time ago took me to some creativity and thought to myself that I would try to make HD texture for metin. And here are the effects. Download: Scan virustotal:
  8. AutodesK

    [Release] +8500 Icons!!

    +8500 icons!! for metin2 Size icon = 64x64 For metin2 need 32x32. DOWNLOAD Password: Sorry, this post go to 2D graphics
  9. Hello everyone, today I present my second release.I called "Luna" It's a design of a presentation for a hypothetical metin2 server. Inside the archive you will find the .PSD files complete with everything, ready to be modified and to be adapted to your needs. I hope you enjoy it. Sorry for errors in translation from Italian to English. Screen Download
  10. Dexam™

    [RELEASE]Stone Sculptures

    hey, today i will share some stone sculptures from my server which i dont really use, so i am going to release it here. screen: download: best regards, dexam
  11. iks

    Top killers

    Hello. This quest show us top killers from last 24 hours(killing stones, bosses). I know it could be wrote better, but who cares... Sorry for bad english, I hope you understand. How it works? Quest shows 5 top stones and bosses killers. To turn it on - go to NPC 20082 and choose GM: Top killers option. Optionally, if you want to change show time, just set: /e top_kill_info_time X -- where X is time in seconds Then restart notification. MySQL(log database): Quest: Also I used npc.is_stone and npc.is_boss functions, source: Questlib: function dev() return true end I hope you enjoy.
  12. Hi, I wanted to know if there is any Chinese or Korean Forums that release Metin2 ServerFiles... I would like to see how they look but i just can't find 1 single forum... I searched on Asian Browsers, using Chinese and Korean Language, i even went to Beijing and even there using a local computer i couldn't find anything. All i can find are Forums talking about Metin2 or very old ServerFiles like Rain. Do you know any forums? I'm just curious
  13. Hello, today I release two new weapons for you. I have created this by myself. If you want more models, then visit Currently is a 30% discount on all models. Screenshots: Download:CLICK FOR DOWNLOAD
  14. .plechito'

    New objects and map

    Hi, i looked at some old stuff what i have in my computer...I found a lot of things what i've never used.. There is one old map for santhia, i won't use it anymore, so I hope someone from you use it. In pack is map and a some new objects for your maps. For map like desert.... Property are in pack too. WE screens: Click here for download PS: This topic is maybe better for Maps forum, but i want you download this from my web... If some admin can re-move it, i'll be glad. Thanks
  15. Hi everyone, here is the new patch from Metin2 DE, Snow Dungeon unpacked. Kind regards iCoredump Metin2DEPatches - 20.05. SnowDungeon.rar 56.1 MB Downloads 1. Metin2DE_Clientside - 20.05. Snow Dungeon 2. Metin2DE_Serverside - 24.05. Snow Dungeon
  16. Dear Community, I've made this design about 1,5 years ago but I didn't use it and never will, so I decided to publish it for you. As I'm not a graphic designer, I just plagiarised it from different GUIs, only the header is made completely by made, so don't hate me because of that In this download you can find: css index.php home & login.php includes images psd file for header (only with the picture and logo, so you can change it) This template is fully compatible with Hen's cms, but you can convert it for any cms. Screen: I know this isn't the greatest work you can find but I think it can still be useful for newbies. Ps.: I didn't translate the php files, but I don't believe it can cause a problem for anyone to translate them to your own languages. But if you demand it, I can upload an English version too, of course. Download Kind regards, RoxaLyssa
  17. dRain02

    Source 40k

    Hey there, I had nothing to do with Metin2 for approximately 4 years and now everybody here and on other boards is talking about the source of the metin2 game file. I already read several threads about it but i can't find any link. May i ask someone to send me a link? Best regards, dRain02
  18. Dear Community, Long time ago I have found some mushrooms and crystal models for Metin2 in epvp, but now I cannot find the topic in which was released at all. Here you can see a picture how they look like: I've tried to take out them from my old client (in which I found this screenshot), but this is how they look like in my new client: I guess it can be a decompression error, but I am not sure, so I would be glad if you could find the download of these models for me, or if you have an idea what can be this error. These models' folder name is resources picking zon, if it helps you. Thanks in advance for your help.