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Found 17 results

  1. Hello, i have problem with my client, when I teleport somewhere, my client crash and give errorlog. Please help me with this. Thank you.
  2. bramici

    open problem with an NPC

    What happens is that the npc always changes in size, how could it be corrected? screenshot
  3. So after a lot of searches I finally figured out how to do everything but I am facing some errors but my question atm is does the compiler have to be on the same FreeBSD of the serverfiles ? and if anyone is up to help me live please leave ur skype or anything in the replies I would really appreciate it <3
  4. Danonek

    solved Weird Commands

    Hello fellow Dev's, I have a question for you, can you tell me what each of these commands does ? I can't seem to find any information about them on the internet. shutdow - Is this like shutdown but they tried to make a shortcut ? There's more of these.. console refine_rod refine_pick max_pick fishing_simul detaillog monsterlog attract_ranger costume ds_list messenger_auth socketitem saveati special_item add_socket flush temp view_equip rmcandidacy weeklyevent siege pcbang_update pcbang_check eclipse elect clear_land
  5. I want to do a thing. When char die, i block the restart_here. To get up you need to use an item. If you dont have this item, only in this map you can pickup only this item while you're die. So what, how can i pickup while char is die only in a map index (only 1 item possible to pickup)? It's cool, so your party can save you to get up Thanks in advance, i'll give +1 of course.
  6. So I am a new developer as you can tell I actually have programming languages background but I need help with Metin2 developing so I am planning on buying a host because after several tries I couldn't follow the tuts on any forums because I always get errors so I decided to buy a host . I am just confused when I look around forums I understand nothing I am trying to find some tuts from scratch but all I find is tuts for advanced people or a follow along tuts which I am not looking forward to because I wanna learn it from scratch until I become good at it to the point that I can read someone else's scripts like I can do when I am reading a C++ script or C# . For example , I can't understand what is the Source code / game.tar / MySQL.tar and how to make my own serverfiles , how to attach the client to the serverfiles , how to use the root or how to attach a client to the host with out a root (some clients doesn't have root files ) ... etc. I need someone to instruct me , maybe even from scratch , please I am up to pay you !.
  7. Hi, metin2dev I have a question abou mob_drop_item,what is the max value for drop procent. I mean i have an example: Group test { Type drop mob 8001 1 50131 1 1000 } I have 1000% procent to drop , what is the maximum procent to be 100% change to drop,i looked in source but i don't understand how they calculate. And i want to know how many type they are i know : drop,limit,and what that mean. Thanks!
  8. [Dev]Flash

    open Bug Offline shop

    Hello !! I have this system and it works perfectly .. So in the part when someone buys an item the money does not stay in the bank .. Nor does it go to the inventory if the person is off .. Basically the buyer is having the free item, but if the player who made the store off is connected the money is already going to his inventory If anyone can help me thank you! I just need this bug to solve
  9. hiiamcarrot24

    open Can someone explain me?

    Can someone explain me what is the connection between serverfile and source? I mean i want to make my own server and i don't know what to do to source or even to serverfile. I know what serverfile means but i really don't know what is source and what is she doing. Thank you for your answears!
  10. Constantinos

    solved Announcement Translate

    Hello community ! I was translating my server and i'm done with it. But i keep seing that "announcements" like , " Experienced ratio is increased because of your luck" comes out in a different language . I've searched Locales , but i couldn't find it in there . Here is a picture of what it looks like . Can you help me ?
  11. Constantinos

    open Moonlight Event

    quest event_moonlight_2014 begin state start begin when kill with game.get_event_flag("event_ayisigi_drop") == 1 and not npc.is_pc() begin if npc.get_level() > pc.get_level() - 10 then local s = number(1,250) if s == 1 then game.drop_item_with_ownership("50011",1) return end end end end end That is what i found online , but how do i activate it in-game?
  12. RaVenRG

    mob_drop_items help

    Hi guyz i have one big superior problem in winscp /usr/home/game/share/locale/xxx/quest i dont have mob_drop_items but i have there drop_with_kill_mobs and inside that some bullshit quest quest kill_mob begin state start begin when kill with npc.is_pc() == false begin local drop_bt = number(1, 100) local drop_cl = number(1, 150) if drop_bt == 1 then game.drop_item_with_ownership(31012, 1) end if drop_cl == 1 then game.drop_item_with_ownership(50011, 1) end end end end Thanks for any help
  13. ReFresh

    Question about Sources

    Hi guys, I want to ask you if the kraizy sources (mainline, novaline, etc.) are glitchy and which client these sources using? Thanks for answers! Sincerely, ReFresh
  14. The Governator

    Skills and Skill books

    Hi guys, so I've 2 questions. 1. How to make it so that skills upgrade to "M1" only when you have 17 points 2. How to set the required amount of skill books from "M1" to "G" to 30
  15. Englisch: Hey Guys, For first my Englisch is bad so do not be surprised if I use google translate sometimes. I seeking a experienced player who can help me with my general questions in Skype. German: Hi erstmal, ich weiß nicht, ob ich einfach einen Thread auf Deutsch eröffnen kann, also habe ich sicherheitshalber oben auf Englisch geschrieben, dass ganze auch nochmal hier auf Deutsch. Ich hab echt viel bock darauf, an einen eigenen P-Server Projekt zu basteln, die Lust ist da und ich bin eigentlich kein Laie indem Gebiet, wenn es darum geht, Sachen schnell zu kapieren etc. Ich wusste nicht welche Serverfiles ich nehmen sollte, also habe ich mal nach welche gegoogelt, die unverändert sind bzw. an denen recht wenig gemacht worden ist. Am ende stoß ich hier auf die SG Files und dann haben sich schon die weiteren Fragem aufgehäuft: "Was ist eine Game Rev., wo ist der unterschied zwischen 34(...)K und 40(...)k usw.?" Dann wären da noch ein paar Allgemeine Fragen:"Kann ich (ganz einfach) von Hamachi auf DynDNS und nacher auf Root umsteigen?" und so weiter. Ich würde mich sehr darüber freuen, wenn Du/Er/Sie mich einfach auf Skype adden würde, da kann man sich schneller Unterhalten bzw. schreiben. Grüße, Pseudonym
  16. RodrigoXx

    [Questions About VPS]

    Hi, I'm currently searching for a VPS so i can host my metin2 server and play with a few friends. I found a company named OVH that had this VPS: 1.99€ /month CPU- 1vCore Ram- 1GB Hard Drive- 10GB Raid 10 100Mbps Is it good for Metin2? And how many people does it handle?
  17. Can i create a server with the game 34k using no-ip? If yes then what do i have to do? I have tried to create with no-ip but i can't but some people said that it's possible and that they have made it! I just want to know if you guys could help me out