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Found 30 results

  1. I come to present a project in which I have been working for a long time and which has a base worked for 5 years (Angel2) The official starts will be September, 07/2019 at 20:00:00 GTM +1: https://ascyra.net/ DISCORD If you want to see the 'interactive' presentation: PRESENTATION Downloads: https://ascyra.net/download In no time I will also upload a video with the presentation of the server.
  2. Website: https://rol2.global/ Discord: https://discord.gg/f6CSkgU More Info : https://info.rol2.global/
  3. The server is online since the 6th of December 2019 CH ON : 4 MAX LVL: 210 MAX. STATUS: 150 The server is up 24/24 ! You can drop Dragon Coins (DC) from World Boss! DISCORD OFICIAL Website: https://www.lirium2.com/ Forum: https://board.lirium2.com/ Register: https://www.lirium2.com/user/register Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lirium2/ SERVER PRESENTATION
  4. Hi everyone. I am dracaryS, i am the developer of Asgardion. I am spent about 3 years working with this game's logic and coding. And I believe it's time to present the game I've been dealing with since I started. I'm work alone. My only supporter and sponsor is OdinWork. I've played Metin2 for about 10 years and when I went into coding, i said, 'Why don't you develop your favorite game?' and i started. It took me three years to do the game of my dreams. You will feel the quality as soon as you enter the game. You will feel the quality with Systems, Dungeons, Mounts and Pets. Asgardion appeals to every pleasure player(Farm,PvP,Event...). The game's flow and market are solid. Players will be consulted and major tournament awards will be held. The game is set to last long. 21 dungeons available. The dungeons are professionally arranged and all have back to dungeon. My goal and dream to build a beautiful environment. The game is set to play internationally. I hope you like the game I made. Join us. Thank you for reading and supporting this article. Best Regards dracaryS SERVER START TIME: 17.01.2020 GMT+1: 18:00 GMT+2: 19:00 GMT+3: 20:00 Server Presentation: www.asgardion.com Server Forum: www.odinwork.com Server Discord: discord.odinwork.com Server Facebook: facebook.odinwork.com Server Youtube: youtube.odinwork.com Some screen in game:
  5. adi1998adi

    Level : 105 Status Points : 90 Mode: PVP Site: http://www.hammerm2.com/ Forum: http://www.hammerm2.com/forum/ Description:
  6. Undead2014

    WebSite: http://devilcore.eu Board: http://board.devilcore.eu Register: http://devilcore.eu/users/register Download: http://devilcore.eu/download I will let the pictures to speak.
  7. Board HomePage Discord Click to view properly
  8. Link rapid catre website: http://tandoria2.com/ Link rapid catre inregistrare: https://mmorpg.tandoria2.com/users/register Link rapid catre descarcare: https://mmorpg.tandoria2.com/download Link rapid catre forum: http://forum.tandoria2.com/ Deschiderea officiala: 03.08.2018 ora 20:00 (3 August). Cu stima, Echipa Tandoria2.
  9. We would like to introduce you server Godnite, it's brand new server full of new systems, maps and fast exp. It's more PvP server, but there is a huge place for PvM either. The game is easy to understand and it there are so many new features, like brand new emotes, dungeons, pvp systems etc. You can check server out on https://godnite.cz/en/ , the language is English and Czech and more languages coming soon. We are looking forward to see you in the fight! Godnite Team. Website: https://godnite.cz/en/ Download: https://godnite.cz/en/download Facebook: https://facebook.com/godnite2 Launch date: 1.8.2018 PS: Server is already online, but just in czech language, 1.8.2018 we will add english language.
  10. HekateTheMagic

  11. Hello guys, I found a little problem on my server. Well, the problem is : Well, I know that problem is because of Budokan quest, but how can I use the pvp arena with the Budokan tournament ?
  12. Numele serverului: Metin2Ahira Canale deschise: 4 Nivel maxim: 105 Puncte status: 90 Prezentare video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlocN_4Tfq0 Site-ul serverului: Metin2Ahira Home Inregistrare: Pagina inregistrare Client: Descarcare Rata experienta: ~150% Rata yang: ~100% Rata obiecte: 120% Rata fierarului: +1 =>100%; +2+9 =>Variaza in functie de item(90-30%) Detalii despre server: Fara donatii! Fara esarfe/peturi/alchimie; Piatra Magiei+4 ofera 12 int, +3 ofera 12 str, +2 ofera 12 dex. Se poate folosi roua verde (max 15%) si apa mong simultan; Piatra Protectiei+4 ofera 150 aparare, Vitalitatii+4 ofera 2000 PV, Monstrii+4 ofera 15% Tare impotriva monstrilor; Unele arme de lv 30 si 75 au fost usor modificate. Echipament pana la beta (evolueaza sau este dropat); Efecte speciale de sclipire; Rata de succes pentru adaugare piatra: 70% Calul armat se poate obtine facand misiunile la grajdar, cere o medalie la fiecare lvl. Nu este timp de asteptare! Pentru militar este nevoie doar de yang, indata ce ai armat. In itemshop exista freze si costume ce ofera bonusuri speciale, nimic exagerat. De asemenea, puteti gasi mount, schimbari si Piatra curcubeu (ofera M10 la toate competentele, nu le afecteaza pe cele mai avansate) Serverul este tinut 24/7 pe un server propriu, HP Proliant DL380. Va fi offline doar daca imi pica reteaua electrica pentru mai mult de 30 de minute sau pentru mentenanta. Detalii despre evenimente: Premii in MonedeDragon la fiecare eveniment ! Eveniment clar de luna - permanent; Eveniment permanent pescar cu bucati de piatra (Poate pica freza, manualul pescarului etc.); Eveniment OX - saptamanal; Eveniment Bookday - saptamanal; Poti lua pergamentul exorcizarii sau citit concentrat de la Hwa-Hee in schimbul unor iteme; Diverse evenimente in functie de perioada anului. (Sf Ion, Sf Valentin, Dragobete, etc.); Echipa jocului: [GM]Cezar Sugestiile sunt mereu bine-venite!
  13. Hi all! I would like to present a NewSchool PvM/PvP server, built on individual elements with Metin2. It is a Hungarian private server. General information: - 300% multiplier (Gold, EXP, item dropp) - Max level: 150 - Max stats: 200 - New, unique Maps (with beautiful grapics) - New story - New quests - New Weapons - New Armors - Sash system - Costume mount - Costume weapons - Pet system - Mounts are upgradeable - Mob information system - Empire war event - Razador RUN (You can get 'SÉ utalvány(100)', what DragonCoins in English ) - Nemere RUN - Spider RUN - 10 skillbook/skill and G1 (100% upgrade) - Between G1-P (Soul Stone) - Etwee events - All items 100% upgrade with Smith and Seon-Pyeong Videos: Pictures of the server TEAM: [SA]Pisti95 [SVM]Locysus [SGA]Nebirots [YT]Drelaky Contacts: Facebook: Click Webpage: Click
  14. Metin2 Kai

    Buenos Días Comunidad. Nuevo Servidor Full PvM - The Last Metin2 Servidor Dedicado - Estilo Clasico Fecha de Apertura: 1 Septiembre 2017 - 2pm (CO) Pagina Web: -- Pagina de Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MtLast2/
  15. • Team Metin2EU - Dark Revolution Games Administrator - [SGA] Joye Service Games Administrator - [GA] Wolf - [GA] M3TrickZz Teams Manager - [TM] FEX • LVL client interface classes (in English) - Rate: - Weekend: all 150% - Online CH: 1/4 - Maximum LvL: 120 - Time Online: 24/24 - Bugs Resolved: Yes - Tower-their demons 11 Floors - Suggested Kingdom: ALL - Quests in English ... - Biologist translated into English ... - Crystal Room (like en) ... - Key Drop twisted (crystal camera input) ... - Maintenance: Every Wednesday - 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 ... - Event Chests moonlight: every weekend ... - Maximum Bonus: 2K PV, 15, 15, 15 ... - The server did not exist and there will be no bonus 6-7 ... Site: Metin2EU Global - Acciunea Oriental MMORPG Full Client download: MediaFire Link VIA Game Client Torrent: :)
  16. Web: https://www.btmt2.com/Face: https://www.facebook.com/Beyond2Social/Grupo: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Beyond2SocialTwitter: https://twitter.com/Btmt2SocialDiscord: https://discord.gg/hXdV7af
  17. Drakon2.org

    Good afternoon, today I come to present a new private server in which has been worked for a long time. It is going to start with a Beta Phase to verify that are no problems. Player who find bugs will be rewarded. The registrations will open at 22:00 spanish time today and the server will open tomorrow at 18:00 With nothing more to say, here we leave our presentation. If you cant see the image properly, do click here. Thanks!
  18. NO PAY2WIN, NO ITEMSHOP Server wird komplett von mir finanziert -> alles INGAME erreichbar mit VOTESHOP[/SIZE][/B] SERVERSTART IST AM: 07.04.2017 um 20:00 UHR Jetzt noch schnell im Forum registrieren, die ersten 50 Mitglieder erhalten einen Startbonus und können Beta spielen. Die ersten 50 Skype-Addys erhalten ebenfalls einen Bonus SKYPE: live:steamgroup_1 LINK ZUM FORUM: http://metin.boardtrump-world2.com
  19. Hello Community, how can i block riding/use mount on example open-pvp/normal pvp? "if user on pvp/fighting, user cannot use mount/cannot riding." like this thank you for your interest.
  20. Metin2 Zaunt - Servidor Dedicado. FanPage: https://www.facebook.com/Zaunt2/]https://www.facebook.com/Zaunt2/ Grupo: https://www.facebook.com/groups/219256008555033/ Información Básica: Servidor Dedicado a las Guerras y Duelos. Todo Accesible en el Juego; Servidor de Alta Calidad y Estabilidad. El Yang es el objeto mas valioso en Metin2 Zaunt, Inevitablemente se deberá comerciar, no esperes mas, anímate y únete a esta gran aventura. Todo es adquirible en el juego, el jugador puede escoger entre conseguir su equipamiento mediante el PVM o batallando en contra otros jugadores PVP para ganar puntos de Gloria. Nuevos Jefes, Desafían a los Jugadores, Eventos de Jefes Semanales, Encontraras una gran variedad de mobs en Metin2 Zaunt. Los Puntos de Gloria básicamente lo compran todo, puedes subir todo tu equipamiento y mejorar tus cosas sin salir de la Ciudad, eso si prepara un buen equipo para arduos Duelos. Metin2 Zaunt. La Revolución del PvP - Gran Apertura 12 de Abril
  21. 1. Hello, i have a bug with exchange .. when i clicked first time , the exchange disappear but when i clicked second time the exchange work without any error .. all time until close the client for that player you clicked second time. How fix it ? In syserr client i have this: This a video about this bug: PvP system i fix.
  22. Metin2 Kai

    FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/Metin2-Kai-116679465086752/
  23. WEB PAGE: http://metin2international.com/Server 1: http://en.server1.metin2international.com/Server2: http://en.server2.metin2international.com/Board: http://board.metin2international.com/ WHAT DO YOU EXPECT TO JOIN? Have the opportunity to have fun and interact with people of everywhere!
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