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Found 9 results

  1. The title says it all. - Programming meme - Metin2 meme Please, no memes with people with disabilities. Please use also the spoiler function. I'll start: @martysama0134
  2. Hello, me and my friend are planning to make a web app game where we would love to use Metin2 weapons and armours and we are not sure if we can or can not due to copyright. So if there is anyone informed enough to tell me if we can or not I would really appreciate that. We are ex-players of Metin2 and would love to make something not that time-consuming and fun to play in browser just to satisfy our nostalgic memories.
  3. June 17 2014 - I rewrote the whole the source. FAQ: How can I open the project, which version of Visual Studio do I need? I used Visual Studio 2013, but I'm sure you can open in 2012 too. What is CRC? You can learn more about Cyclic redundancy check here. How can I make a list for the patcher? You can use the lister tool, it's in the source. HOW TO MAKE IT WORKS: 1. Change the ServerURL variable in Globals.cs to your url 2. Build the project 3. Create a list with the lister tool (Example of the list) 4. Upload the files and the patchlist to your server (Example of the folder structure) Downloads: MEGA.CO.NZ If you have any question or suggestion please just reply to this topic. Kind Regards, Sanchez
  4. Hello, I am new to MT2 server creating stuff and i am really into it, but I wasn't able to find anything else but simple tutorials using already made servers files, so I would like to find out more about theory behind it. I have been searching for hours, but I haven't found any articles yet regarding how are server files actually created? Are they whole programmed by authors, is it about reverse engineering, cracking the official ones, how to get the official server file..? If you knew the answers or some articles, guides, resources I would be really glad. Have a nice day. Lexy337
  5. Hello guys , I was wondering if there's and API for metin2 , I'd really want to look into creating some stuff , I mean I'm a beginner at programming but I'd like to learn this . If there's not , is there any way I can access the code of the game and change it to my liking??? If you know any tutorials that you could link would be awesome.
  6. Hello , If someone can help me , just with a piece of code or ... I want a quest that when the GM from the server starts trading items event if they drag that item to a player , they should be kicked out of the server , and if they put any item in inventory the same. I want to make the GM's being forbidden by kicking them from the server trading , showing and putting the items in vault. Thank you
  7. Hi! I want disable trading with GMs well its looks like: exchange.cpp (def. line 61) if(strstr(victim->GetName(), "[")) { ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("You can't trade with admins")); return false; } Yes thats right, but if GM isn't the victim it doesn't works. Modify like this: if(strstr(victim->GetName(), "[") || strstr(pOwner->GetName(), "["))But the pOwner is not declared yet. How can i solve this?
  8. Hello, i am looking for someone who can write and change some codes for me in the Source. I just need fixes and some editing which should not be so difficult for someone who actually understand a bit of c++. Because i am working alone, it would take me to much time to do it all by myself. Here is some stuff which have to be done (Server): Remove the .txt files (item_proto.txt, mob_proto.txt) Fix number_ex (dice and war bug) Fix invisibility bug Move the exp table out for easier editing (Example: /usr/home/game/share/exp.txt) Increase exp and gold to long long Fix Hp/MP Bug (If you have over 32k) Fix stone exploits/bug Unknown bugs which are not listed here (Bugs you maybe know about but not me) Stuff for Client/Server: New duell System: You have the option of 2 types of duells, the first option is the normal duell. In the second option you can choose a amount of Yang you want to set for the duell. After you choosed the amount, the other player will be asked if the amount is okay. If both players agrees to the amount of yang the duell starts and the winner will get all of the yang. To avoid bugs, the duell will stop if one of the ones which are duelling are getting attacked by someone else. Lua parts can be done by me! If you can help me send me a message or add me in skype: noel.an.mey. I am offering you a place in my team or money in form of: Paysafecard Paypal Prepaid-Visacard Thanks for reading and i hope someone can help me.
  9. Hi everyone, We are looking for professional and skillful programmers to our team. Currently opened positions: Python Lua / Quest C++ Requirements: - Good communication skills in English or German - Fully functional Headset (we are always talking on Teamspeak) - Skype Some of our new functions: Equipment Change-System Eventmap Count-System If you are interested, please contact me via PM. Kind Regards, [sA]Risan, [sA]Sky, [GA]Sanchez and [Dev].CreaTiioN™.
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