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Found 12 results

  1. Helia01

    Patcher Key Founder by Helia01

    #removed by a moderator
  2. Sanchez

    Open source CRC patcher

    June 17 2014 - I rewrote the whole the source. FAQ: How can I open the project, which version of Visual Studio do I need? I used Visual Studio 2013, but I'm sure you can open in 2012 too. What is CRC? You can learn more about Cyclic redundancy check here. How can I make a list for the patcher? You can use the lister tool, it's in the source. HOW TO MAKE IT WORKS: 1. Change the ServerURL variable in Globals.cs to your url 2. Build the project 3. Create a list with the lister tool (Example of the list) 4. Upload the files and the patchlist to your server (Example of the folder structure) Downloads: MEGA.CO.NZ If you have any question or suggestion please just reply to this topic. Kind Regards, Sanchez
  3. Kori

    [free] online Patch Generator

    Hello guys i habe changed the Domain Errors or Bugs please in this Thread thanks
  4. Ace


    hello, im searching a guy who can Code for me my patcher (not for metin2 Client, but like that) i hae allrdy finished the standart layout from the patcher. i Need to be coded: Feedback system error-reporting system upload .txt file or send the file with e-mail update system repatch (patch new, if any Thing is changed) and another Features. is not to much, is really simple work for good coders. i dont wane have dll's or something, i just want the patcher.exe tell me your Prices, i hope its not expensiv patcher without big codes:!C40A0TzC!2CyF-fhdSxpNvQ1K6_AQB3dPkmi1VK5uXE9hWNNVw_M bey
  5. Avisek

    Opinion launcher / patcher

    Hello, I have created patcher for my server and I want to know your opinion. I found some patcher design in .png and reworked into patcher. There is auto-check files and auto-patch function, web-window to my not working web, WORKING language select system. Server status and of course buttons like "Start", "Options" and "Register". What do you think about this preview? What would you add or delete? Thank you.
  6. Thedanielx32

    Venus - Metin2 GamePatcher

    Hello. Today I release something different from the usual, I want to share with you a very simple, clean and versatile GamePatcher, created entirely by me. It is common to say that I was inspired by various sources that I honestly do not even remember all. Unfortunately, it is code-free, as it is not my field, if someone wanted - time lost - try to make it "work" and code the project, it is free to do so. The GamePatcher is subdivided into sections, each editable as best you believe because the .psd you will find at the end of the post is free to be modified. - Technical Details - Each element with which the user interacts will have at least 3 phases Normal (User is not interacting with element) Hover (The user moves the mouse arrow over the element) Clicked (The user clicks on the element) Some elements have only two states and in the case of the LoadingBar we have both full and empty. - What contains the .rar file - - [PSD Cs6] Free GamePatcher_Thedanielx32: The .psd completely free and editable in every aspect. - [SCREEN] Free GamePatcher_Thedanielx32: Simply a visual feedback of .psd. * - READ ME: A file with the names of the fonts used and some technical details and not. - Show Steps: Image showing the various steps of interactive elements. * - Sliced Elements: Contains all the elements with which the user interacts subdivided one by one, and also contains a .psd backup file. (Expanded Folder in the spoiler below) [SPOILER="Cartella Sliced Elements Espansa"][/SPOILER] * Image also posted in this discussion Feel free to use it as you believe it best. I do not offer support as it is a free release for expert users, as long as you were planning to create the code, you can contact me and I'll be happy to help. If you are going to publish it to other sites outside of, I just ask you to quote me. The graphics resource, as free, is not for sale. Download File .Rar VirusTotal: - Thedanielx32
  7. Avisek

    open CRC Patcher

    Hello, Could you explain me how CRC patcher works please? (about patchlist) First word in patchlist is name of file.. and other 2 words? What should I input there? Thank you!
  8. markx202

    Professional Patcher

  9. NexuS

    Open Source Patcher

    Hi! I have got some freetime in summer, so i release my patcher source. Just use file size (bytes) to check files. (Made it in C# WPF) How to work: 1. Create your patchlist.txt (added image) 2. Upload on FTP or wherever you want 3. Upload the listed files Lets do the exe 1. Open solution with a compiler 2. Edit Globals.cs public static string ServerUrl = "http://www.***.com/patcher/"; The "ServerUrl" is the server folder, that contain created patchlist.txt //starter exe name public static string exename = "game.exe";If downloaded finished automatically start this exe (currentfolder) //create patchlog.txt with datas of downloading and etc public static string logname = "patchlog.txt"; public static bool enablelog = true;The patcher create log, "enablelog" = true/false Download link:!pFhVFZoL!kG8zorvqfxikPbcuPxdVwyGifVldWP2ciAaz3gcWXsY For any service, effect, design, programming PM to me Ohh, the main thing : Have nice summer!
  10. RaVenRG


    Hi guys i need autopatcher like if i dont have root.eix in folder it will download you know just autopatcher :D. With tutorial will be best ty guys.
  11. Hi, I purchased a Website/Board PSD from kurlz (here on m2dev). I'm happy with the design, but his coder is a incompetent person (nicely said) which deleted me from skype after asking for continuation of the work So right now I have a semi-functional PHP Website ...which would need a expansion (or overall complete recode) A .psd for a Website, Board & a Patcher So right now im looking for someone who could do Website & Board. Also for someone who could code me a patcher with that design. Skype via Private Message. Payment Methods: Paypal.
  12. Hello, I just tried to compile the official Patcher but I get an error: 4>LINK : fatal error C1047: Die Objekt- oder Bibliotheksdatei '../../Z_Extern/libMantleWMT.lib' wurde mit einem älteren Compiler als andere Objekte erstellt. Erstellen Sie die alten Objekte und Bibliotheken neu. 4>LINK : fatal error LNK1257: Fehler bei Codegenerierung.(This lib has been compiled with an older compiler version. Please recompile the old objects and libraries.) I don't know where to get the source of this libs so I cannot recompile the libs... Does anyone know a solution? Thanks for all answers. Kind Regards, Lefloyd