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Found 2 results

  1. Hi metin2dev i want to share skill party flag This flag will give buff to all members from your party. Sorry for my english Open skill.h Search: SKILL_FLAG_FIRE = (1 << 26), After this add: SKILL_FLAG_PARTY = (1 << 27), Now open char_skill.cpp Search: SKILL_RESIST_PENETRATE And after add: struct FPartyPIDCollector { std::vector <DWORD> vecPIDs; FPartyPIDCollector() { } void operator () (LPCHARACTER ch) { vecPIDs.push_back(ch->GetPlayerID()); } }; Like in picture Now search: if (IS_SET(pkSk->dwFlag, SKILL_FLAG_SELFONLY)) pkVictim = this; And after Add: if (IS_SET(pkSk->dwFlag, SKILL_FLAG_PARTY) && !GetParty()) pkVictim = this; And again: if (IS_SET(pkSk->dwFlag, SKILL_FLAG_SELFONLY)) pkVictim = this; After if (IS_SET(pkSk->dwFlag, SKILL_FLAG_PARTY) && !GetParty()) pkVictim = this; Now search: if (IS_SET(pkSk->dwFlag, SKILL_FLAG_SELFONLY)) ComputeSkill(dwVnum, this); And after: else if (IS_SET(pkSk->dwFlag, SKILL_FLAG_PARTY) && !GetParty()) ComputeSkill(dwVnum, this); else if (IS_SET(pkSk->dwFlag, SKILL_FLAG_PARTY) && GetParty()) { FPartyPIDCollector f; GetParty()->ForEachOnMapMember(f, GetMapIndex()); for (std::vector <DWORD>::iterator it = f.vecPIDs.begin(); it != f.vecPIDs.end(); it++) { LPCHARACTER ch = CHARACTER_MANAGER::instance().FindByPID(*it); ComputeSkill(dwVnum, ch); } } Open guild.cpp and search: if ((pkSk->dwFlag & SKILL_FLAG_SELFONLY)) { // 이미 걸려 있으므로 사용하지 않음. if (ch->FindAffect(pkSk->dwVnum)) return; victim = ch; } After add: if ((pkSk->dwFlag & SKILL_FLAG_PARTY)) { if (ch->FindAffect(pkSk->dwVnum)) return; victim = ch; } Open navicat->player->skill_proto->design table and at setFlag change the values with: 'ATTACK','USE_MELEE_DAMAGE','COMPUTE_ATTGRADE','SELFONLY','USE_MAGIC_DAMAGE','USE_HP_AS_COST','COMPUTE_MAGIC_DAMAGE','SPLASH','GIVE_PENALTY','USE_ARROW_DAMAGE','PENETRATE','IGNORE_TARGET_RATING','ATTACK_SLOW','ATTACK_STUN','HP_ABSORB','SP_ABSORB','ATTACK_FIRE_CONT','REMOVE_BAD_AFFECT','REMOVE_GOOD_AFFECT','CRUSH','ATTACK_POISON','TOGGLE','DISABLE_BY_POINT_UP','CRUSH_LONG','WIND','ELEC','FIRE','PARTY'
  2. ShadowsPR0

    Party Buff Distance

    Hi Metin2dev community, I use this tutorial ,but you can only buff all your party members if they are in the Buff Range the shaman has , and i really do believe its a great idea but i'm not an expert in this so i'm asking you guys .. Does anybody know how can i make the Buff distance longer ? maybe infinite like if all group members are on the same map they receive the buffs.