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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, I'm looking for a good C++ developer who is able to implement a simple, but completely new communication between the client and the server. The point is pretty straightforward, the client should be able to send the server some kind of keep-alive packet, that "Hey I am alive!". The server should be able to check the last time such a packet came from specific user and if it isn't coming, then disconnect the user. You should be able to implement it into multiple servers (you can reuse your existing code). I will pay you for each server where you will implement it. Note that once you create the code, it's just some copypaste for you, but I'm still paying the full price, so it may be some quick win for both of us If you need any further information about the topic, please PM me here or DM me at Unc3nZureD#9313 We will discuss exact prices in private message
  2. Hello everyone, It is a nice day to release my modifications to sell items from dragon soul inventory too So let's go. Serverside: 1) Open input_main.cpp 2.1) Search(CTRL+F) this: case SHOP_SUBHEADER_CG_SELL2: 2.2) Replace that whole case with this: case SHOP_SUBHEADER_CG_SELL2: { if (uiBytes < sizeof(WORD) + sizeof(BYTE) + sizeof(BYTE)) return -1; const WORD wPos = *reinterpret_cast<const WORD*>(c_pData); const BYTE bCount = *(c_pData + sizeof(WORD)); const BYTE bType = *(c_pData + sizeof(WORD) + sizeof(BYTE)); sys_log(0, "INPUT: %s SHOP: SELL2", ch->GetName()); CShopManager::instance().Sell(ch, wPos, bCount, bType); return sizeof(WORD) + sizeof(BYTE) + sizeof(BYTE); } 3) Save and close it, now open shop_manager.h 3.1) And replace this: void Sell(LPCHARACTER ch, BYTE bCell, BYTE bCount = 0); 3.2) With this: void Sell(LPCHARACTER ch, WORD wCell, BYTE bCount = 0, BYTE bType = 0); 4) Save it and close it. 4.1) Next step; open shop_manager.cpp and search this function: void CShopManager::Sell(LPCHARACTER ch, BYTE bCell, BYTE bCount) 4.2) Replace the parameters/arguments only with this: LPCHARACTER ch, WORD wCell, BYTE bCount, BYTE bType 4.3) Search this line: LPITEM item = ch->GetInventoryItem(bCell); 4.4) And replace it with this: LPITEM item = ch->GetItem(TItemPos(bType, wCell)); 4.5-Choosable) I added a log function too into the antiflag_sell check against hackers 4.5.1) Replace this: if (IS_SET(item->GetAntiFlag(), ITEM_ANTIFLAG_SELL)) return; 4.5.2) With this(as I said, this is choosable, not important change): if (IS_SET(item->GetAntiFlag(), ITEM_ANTIFLAG_SELL)) { // In clientside the sell is blocked by python if a player arrive here he's a hacker, maybe. ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("You can't sell this item.")); sys_err("[HACKER] Force sell-script used by name [%u]%s.", ch->GetPlayerID(), ch->GetName()); return; } 5) Save and close the file, now you are ready to build your game. Clientside-BIN: 1) Open PythonNetworkStream.h 1.1) Search this: bool SendShopSellPacketNew(BYTE bySlot, BYTE byCount); 1.2) Replace it with this: bool SendShopSellPacketNew(WORD wSlot, BYTE byCount, BYTE byType); 2) Save it, close it. Open PythonNetworkStreamPhaseGameItem.cpp 2.1) Search this function: bool CPythonNetworkStream::SendShopSellPacketNew(BYTE bySlot, BYTE byCount) 2.2) Replace the whole function with this: bool CPythonNetworkStream::SendShopSellPacketNew(WORD wSlot, BYTE byCount, BYTE byType) { if (!__CanActMainInstance()) return true; TPacketCGShop PacketShop; PacketShop.header = HEADER_CG_SHOP; PacketShop.subheader = SHOP_SUBHEADER_CG_SELL2; if (!Send(sizeof(TPacketCGShop), &PacketShop)) { Tracef("SendShopSellPacket Errorn"); return false; } if (!Send(sizeof(WORD), &wSlot)) { Tracef("SendShopAddSellPacket Errorn"); return false; } if (!Send(sizeof(BYTE), &byCount)) { Tracef("SendShopAddSellPacket Errorn"); return false; } if (!Send(sizeof(BYTE), &byType)) { Tracef("SendShopAddSellPacket Errorn"); return false; } Tracef(" SendShopSellPacketNew(wSlot=%d, byCount=%d, byType=%d)n", wSlot, byCount, byType); return SendSequence(); } 3) Save and close. Open PythonNetworkStreamModule.cpp 3.1) Search this function: PyObject* netSendShopSellPacketNew(PyObject* poSelf, PyObject* poArgs) 3.2) And replace it with this: PyObject* netSendShopSellPacketNew(PyObject* poSelf, PyObject* poArgs) { int iSlotNumber; if (!PyTuple_GetInteger(poArgs, 0, &iSlotNumber)) return Py_BuildException(); int iCount; if (!PyTuple_GetInteger(poArgs, 1, &iCount)) return Py_BuildException(); int iType; if (!PyTuple_GetInteger(poArgs, 2, &iType)) return Py_BuildException(); CPythonNetworkStream& rkNetStream=CPythonNetworkStream::Instance(); rkNetStream.SendShopSellPacketNew(iSlotNumber, iCount, iType); return Py_BuildNone(); } 4) Save, close and build Clientside-Python: Here you have to do it by yourself. The new function of the m2net/net module are called by 3 files uiInventory.py uiDragonSoul.py uiShop.py You have to edit these files if your files are not containing these updates, but thanks to [sA]Con for the newer root package from his release ^^ Here you can download the "new" root package which is containing every changes for this and for wolfman. I do not recomment to replace or overwrite your files with those files! Use a comparer tool like Notepad++ Compare plugin to check the differences at "sell" keyword. Tested and works, but if you found bug/mistake/error please write into this thread a detailed post. So not like this: ps.: I hope you understand everything, and sorry for my poor english:3 ps2: In the official bin this message " SendShopSellPacketNew(bySlot=%d, byCount=%d, byType=%d)" can be found, but I renamed the variable too, hehe :-D. With Regards, P3NG3R
  3. Hello, i have problem with: Analyze: login phase does not handle this packet! header 100 Can anyone help? Thanks for help
  4. Hey guys, it's been a while... In my last visits to the forum I was dealing with an unknown-origin bug in my binary code. I'm referring to this: so I made a discovery about it and it turns out that the bug is caused by the Packet.h synchronization with the server source. I did a large amount of tests and reversings but I couldn't find the problem exactly. I was hoping a more experienced dev could shine a little light to this. This was the initial Packet.h file: https://pastebin.com/xtpfgJN3 And this is the modified one, where the headers are identical to the ones in game/src/packet.h: https://pastebin.com/9rDab7xV After the migration, all the required files where modified, such as: PythonNetworkStream.cpp PythonNetworkStreamPhaseGame.cpp PythonNetworkStreamPhaseLoading.cpp PythonNetworkStreamPhaseLogin.cpp PythonNetworkStreamPhaseSelect.cpp GuildMarkDownloader.cpp I believe the issue starts when I change the from 15 to 113, which leads to index number 103. Before this conversion the client crashes when loading a character to the OX map or any map listed in channel 99, the reason is unknown. I hope someone can help with this now that I can share more. Thanks!
  5. Hey, does anyone have a guide or smth for the official logout method, where logout gets canceled if any packet is received or sent to the client (regarding the character) except walking? For example if the character attacks, mounts, opens shop, drops item, anything other than walking, countdown for logout stops.
  6. Hello guy´s we have a problem sometimes the Metin2 Client closes with the error Unknown Packet header, the problem is the Packet header dont exists in packet.h what can we do ? (we think the packet header is dynamic or something) if some can help us we are willing to pay some money Skype: epvpdaskuchen
  7. Hello everyone, for some time the rule of packet filter to filter on site ban asser quickly after 20/25 refresh on 20 minutes and especially the users of freebox. Here are my rules :
  8. My server is crashing some times, so im searching for bugs http://prntscr.com/fan9za http://prntscr.com/fanap6 this is a bug or is okey? thanks for read.
  9. Hi there. my sys error has to many of this error: SYSERR: Dec 14 10:01:41 :: Process: UNKNOWN HEADER: 9, LAST HEADER: 254(2), REMAIN BYTES: 8, fd: 19 but with diferente headers. i have search a lot. and people say its because diferent pachet.h client/server. i realy dont know how to solve this. can any one help me please. i upload pachet.h from server/client https://mega.nz/#!AcwhUbSJ!b_CiHkjoEgxmmf0Ak3es79K16sI13ZYYJqJPSzUCJHs edit: and hot to solve this warnings in client Source from cryptopp
  10. Hi guys, can somebody help me with these errors? Unknown packet header: 58, last: 251 250 Unknown packet header: 102, last: 251 250 Unknown packet header: 148, last: 251 250 Unknown packet header: 185, last: 251 250 Unknown packet header: 230, last: 251 250 Unknown packet header: 240, last: 251 250 Unknown packet header: 248, last: 251 250 Thank you for your answers! Kind Regards ReFresh
  11. Hello guys I have added COSTUME_MOUNT system by Enzi and I have a bug. So when I click the seal it goes normally at it's new slot but the character is not riding the mount. In fact nothing happens... Until a game refresh (teleport, etc...)! Then the character appears normally on the mount, after 5 game refreshes in 1 second... I double-checked my source and I have tried many quests. The last person I asked told me that he had the default (ride.quest) and the new (mount.quest) both compiled in the qc file. Can anybody help me please? This is an image displaying the problem after I click the seal: These are some quest files I've tried so far: #1 - ride.quest #2 - mount.quest #3 - reittier.quest #4 - ride_costume_mount.quest Thanks guys...
  12. Hello all, I know a lot of topic already exist about this, but no one fixes the problem. I'm using NOVALINE client and MAINLINE game/db. Randomly when me or my players go in the map C1 (I don't know about others maps), the client just crashes with this error in SYSERR.txt : "Unknown packet header: XX, last : XX XX". The headers are never the sames so it is really hard to find what is the problem. Example : One line per crash, always differents headers. Does someone know how to fix it ?
  13. Hello M2D Community, Recently I found that on my syssers there are some errors like this one: Process: UNKNOWN HEADER: 220, LAST HEADER: 0(0), REMAIN BYTES: 923, fd: 26 I managed to find a solution on this forum, but i did not find something useful. Can somebody help me? There are Headers with different numbers on everytime... My main problem in this specific Unknown header, is that, 220 not exist in none of the files that are responsible, have this header on them (packet.h (clientside), tables.h (serverside), packet.h(serverside)) In the spoiler below there are these files. Can you find me a solution or at least give me a hint? I can pay if that is a problem. tables.h packet.h(serverside) packet.h(clientside)
  14. Hi guys, I've got a big problem on my incoming server.. My alpha/beta server test has got the packet lost problem, when I'm by myself this is not a problem, I get the error like every 60 warps/gotos and sometimes not even after 100 warp. But with people inside, I can crash at the loading on the first login for like 6 times in a row or even more. But sometimes it is working good... Can't understand... The error is this one: Unknown packet header: 207, last: 47 44 I've read all the other topics and isn't a problem of variables int or float, all has been fixed. Any ideas on what can be? Please help! Immenso
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