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Found 2 results

  1. .PolluX

    We want you! is searching for new moderators! Requirements no warnings received yet (or latest older than 1 year) good english (not perfect but on a high level) Skype (for better communication with other team members) enough time to check all sections (~1h daylie) 18 years or older no bad reputation not a member of any other team What do we expect in your application (information)? Who are you? experience as a moderator strengths and weaknesses Why should we choose you? contact information Please send your written applications as a private message to @DevChuckNorris or @.PolluX until 6th November 2016.
  2. Hello dear metin2dev, We're going to release a huge server wiht many new features, a full new story and pvp balancing. Maybe you've heard of it, maybe you're new. Alessa made a post at another board. It's outdated, but yes, the features are still in there and there are even more than them. We're currently looking for gamemaster and moderator. In Aruna2 everyone can contribute to the server so it's the best if those ones who want to be a part of the staff are also a bit creative and can share their thoughts about upcoming features, systems, etc... So, yeah. We don't want you to write a roman and since I hate the formal things with application and stuff we only want you to write a pm with the content YOU wish to write. It's the best if we get more information out of you, but we seriously don't need unnecessary things. We won't ask you for hobbies 'n stuff, we don't want a letter of application, because we don't want you to advertise yourself, we want you to be trustfully and honest and tell us straight away. The server language is german, but the scripts are made bilingual so we can also make it possible to distribute the server in english. It all depends on the team calling. So don't mind if you can only speak english, it's no problem, everyone with some knowledge about metin2, creativity and (with utmost importance) honesty is useful for us. And to begin with it: We're only 3 people at the moment. I'm the only one working on the serverside stuff, one is a moderator and the last one is a gm. Alessa helped us out with publicity, but is not a part of the team though she sometimes helps with some stuff when I only receive errors and I'm clueless x) So yeah, send me your messages, I am prepared!