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Found 1 result

  1. flygun

    MFC PackManager & ProtoManager

    Hello Guys I'm currently working on this program .... i've created this project because Metin2MakePack by ymir is in console mode and i made some python scripts to help me but it's a good idea to manage my packs with a GUI window now this is the program currently only extract button works because I'm testing the GUI i want to see your opinion PS:to try this tool you have to click on (Browse) button first and select your pack folder to see the pack in the Pack Manager list box PS: In the future i'm working on MFC ProtoManager to (Add,Remove,Edit,Import(client/server(sql/txt),export(client/server(sql/txt)) Item\Mob proto) i got too far about this and now i'm importing (itemdesc.txt / itemlist.txt /skillddesc.txt / skilltable.txt / item_proto / mob proto) Download Link :!4EljAKaB!YQWF6olu5kygKqHwPMcTwiSMm_yyjGHTjd8zaO4zw-8 Update (5/3/2017) around 10:19PM ProtoManager -> First of all let me say that I'm on a whole new level on this project from now on .. ProtoManager will be very dynamic a "config.json" file will be created to save your own custom table-like texts ..e.i you don't have to write anything (unless you know what your doing)... there will be "Create/Edit Table" buttons to fully customize your tables... sorry for my bad English FlyGun