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Found 25 results

  1. Official Serverstart 20.03.2020 19:00 CET Homepage | Forum | Discord (Die deutsche Vorstellung ist weiter unten) You will find the Presentation in other languages at our official website soon.
  2. I come to present a project in which I have been working for a long time and which has a base worked for 5 years (Angel2) The official starts will be September, 07/2019 at 20:00:00 GTM +1: https://ascyra.net/ DISCORD If you want to see the 'interactive' presentation: PRESENTATION Downloads: https://ascyra.net/download In no time I will also upload a video with the presentation of the server.
  3. Eves2 Global Server Site: www.eves2.ro Discord server: https://discord.gg/PUCCDB2 Open on 18.05 at 19:00 (EET)
  4. Greetings Metin2Dev Community! We are proud to make available our newly made presentation of Zaos Europe. Our game will work with Level Cap in each Expansion and each one of them will have more levels, new maps, equipment and much more! While some will find strange to only have 35 levels, it's just the start. With Expansions we can focus better on the content and the community feedback. - Type: New School - Difficulty: Medium/Hard - (Initial) Maximum Level: 35 - (Projected) Maximum Level: 115 - (Expansions) Level Cap: 55 / 75 / 95 / 115 - Available in 9 Languages Our interactive presentation is available through our website! Website: https://zaos.eu Presentation: https://zaos.eu/presentation Facebook: https://zaos.eu/facebook Discord: https://zaos.eu/discord Website: https://zaos.eu | Presentation: https://zaos.eu/presentation | Facebook: https://zaos.eu/facebook | Discord: https://zaos.eu/discord
  5. I everybody, we present you our server ! http://website.memoria-online.eu/
  6. Opening: 10/04/2020. Download now available on the Web. Register available on the web Links Server -Web: https://eternia2.eu -Foro: https://board.eternia2.eu/
  7. Website: http://hades-world.global/ For those who want to be updated with all the news. Or even give us a helping hand to test the project. Just follow the link below & Join us ! Discord: https://discord.gg/kWhRrYz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [EN] -> A brief description of the project -> Hades World. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Level Max.: 105 - The game mode is Easy, but getting items will be a little more difficult. - The evolutions are some classics, so that you will not be too attached to their appearance, considering that they will be harder, they will be on the server a variety of costumes, to choose for yourself an aspect that characterizes you. - In the classic maps, a lot of methine stones were added, which have a low respawn time. - Classic dungeons are on time, once you enter the dungeon you are directly in front of bosses. - Gamplay is a diversified one, but at the moment it is not a fixed one, it will change over time. - The goal is to give you a game as enjoyable, a captivating world, you will hit some weights. - You will not have to play with friends, if you do not want this, you will succeed by yourself. - The donors will not be superior to the players, they will also need the help of the players, they will not have special bonuses, they will not be favored and they will only benefit from a more pleasant aspect, and for the players these will be obtained only through various events. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Hades World] -> Preview - [EN]. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Opening date: 03.04.2020 Do you want to make fast MDs? We have a contest where you just have to invite people to the discord server! Rohiri2 Discord Rohiri2 Website
  9. Welcome community! We want to introduce you a new upcomming international middleschool server. We will be glad if you join us and try to battle for Legends of the Legacy. Maximum level is 120. RATES: EXP - Low, YANG - Low, DROP - Middle Most of information you can find on our Discord server, otherside another main informations will be posted on our social media. Other information you can see less in our presentation. Enjoy it! Discord | Facebook | Group | Website | Twitter Thanks for the reading our presentation!
  10. Dear Community, we are proud to present you Zaos Europe an International Newschool. In the bottom you will find more information about it, for now enjoy our small presentation for the Beta Phase ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We bring you a new project that we have been working on for a while now and we’re really excited for you guys to take a look and tell us what you think! First of all, don’t be scared if you see a level cap of 35 or 55, our project was built upon the idea of Expansions, meaning every couple of months we will release a brand new expansion featuring new maps, tweaks, equipment and many more surprises. Expansions give us time to fix relevant problems (by considering your feedback), imagine and create your next adventures without neglecting the running game. Currently, our expansion program is theorized for a level cap of 115. Every expansion will be progressive within the original story (and maps) that you already know, increasing the level cap by 20 levels (standard) and giving you a whole new set of adventures. The project already had an Alpha Phase to identify and fix major issues and problems. Since then, we changed and improved the gameplay based on what our Alpha participants reported. This is a BETA phase and since we couldn’t test everything we’re asking for your help and feedback. The Beta will take place between Saturday, 15.2.2020 and will last between one to two weeks. Every player that joins us will be rewarded for their help and contribution at the Official Launch. In order to encourage and show you our appreciation for the time and effort you will probably put into this, rewards will be scaled according to how far you have reached in the game and the quality of the feedback you send us. All accounts will be kept after the Beta, but not the characters. There will be a full wipe after the beta in order to make sure we start fresh and clean at our official launch. Our objective with the Beta is to, of course test every functionality of the game, text errors, names, animation/model bugs, details, etc. We expect no major issues at this phase but it’s better safe than sorry. A wiki is being created to help you understand our gameplay. Within it you will be able to check how each non-regular feature works, thus helping you to adapt to our gameplay. There’s also a discord where you can keep in touch with the team and other players, and will be your main platform to send us your feedback. In the name of the team and myself, thank you for taking a look at our project and we wait to see you ingame! Best regards, Zaos Europe Staff. Website: https://zaos.eu | Facebook: https://fb.me/zaos.eu | Discord: https://zaos.eu/discord This and many others features are either prepared or in progress to be presented to you guys in the future (will be posted with a new and more detailed presentation at that the appropriate time)! Zaos was created for the Multi-Language Environment, but in the beginning we will only serve it in English as we want to provide accurate translations. Maximum Level 115 (Beta locked at 35) Expansions (New Maps, Dungeons, Monsters, Quests, Equipment, etc) Enhanced Gameplay (Storyline, Objectives, Skills, etc) Factions (Drakkan and Stellar) Group between different factions. Exclusive Maps and Dungeons Exclusive Monsters, Bosses, Pets, Mounts and Totems Exclusive UI/UX No Pay2Win features Secondary Ingame/Shop currency Multi-Language (Delivered in phases [to be determined]) English Czech German Spanish Hungarian Italian Polish Portuguese Russian Romanian Turkish PvP Ranking Season Ranking Monthly Rewards for Top Players/Guilds Advanced Guild System Advanced Switchbot Pet System Mount System Rarity System Reborn System Atlas (World Map) Improved Character Skills Elemental Bonuses Dungeons Solo and Group Wings Advanced Amulets Mining/Fishing/Gathering Passive Skills Advanced Duel Advanced Guild System Exclusive arena/conquest maps Guild land/castle and Guild Shop Guild Raids Guild Turf warfare Secondary Guilds (Merchants, Hunters and Thieves. PvP content) Unique Guild territories Challenging World and Dungeon Bosses Monster Target Information Offline Shop Offline Messages Advanced Reborn Enhanced Refinement Group Members in the Mini Map PvP Specialization Automatic PvE and PvP Events/Tournaments
  11. Website: https://rol2.global/ Discord: https://discord.gg/f6CSkgU More Info : https://info.rol2.global/
  12. The server is online since the 6th of December 2019 CH ON : 4 MAX LVL: 210 MAX. STATUS: 150 The server is up 24/24 ! You can drop Dragon Coins (DC) from World Boss! DISCORD OFICIAL Website: https://www.lirium2.com/ Forum: https://board.lirium2.com/ Register: https://www.lirium2.com/user/register Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lirium2/ SERVER PRESENTATION
  13. Hello everyone, The Nexus2 Team is currently recruiting Translators to engage the left positions and new Designers. Every information related with both functions is stated on: Translator Recruitment Announcement https://board.nexus2internatio…tment-announcement-guide/ Artworkers & Designers Recruitment Announcement https://board.nexus2internatio…recruitment-announcement/ For who’s interested in filling the functions, follow the steps described on the respective guide and make sure you accomplish the requirements. To protect the own privacy of appliers, the “Application Area” is restricted, and only admins have granted permissions to read/reply to new threads. For more information, please contact: Discord: Dream#1409 Skype: dr3amwithyou Thank you for your consideration! Sincerely, the Nexus2 Team
  14. BARIA.AC Presentation (click) : Come and check us! Start: 07.12.2019 Beta tests: 05.12.2019
  15. - INFORMATIONS Site: http://www.infinitymetin.eu Client Download: Download here Game Registrations: they will be open today, a link will be posted here. Discord Channel: Join us!
  16. Maylin2 is online since the 16.08.2019. We are a international, fresh and new Private Server in Old-Middleschool Style to garante a long playtime! Nevertheless we have a lot of amazing systems and functions implementet. You can look to the hole presentation on this link: https://www.m2tec.net/topic/737-international-maylin2-an-unbeatable-world-start-16082019/ WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE A LOT OF NEW PLAYERS! Homepage: https://maylin2.com/ Forum: https://board.maylin2.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/829EHTX
  17. Website link: http://wildfantasy.ro Discord link: https://discord.gg/ECzFBtZ Graphic presentation link: http://wildfantasy.ro/desc (last updated 28 April 2019) EN RO BETA stage: Graphic presentation:
  18. Board HomePage Discord Click to view properly
  19. We would like to introduce you server Godnite, it's brand new server full of new systems, maps and fast exp. It's more PvP server, but there is a huge place for PvM either. The game is easy to understand and it there are so many new features, like brand new emotes, dungeons, pvp systems etc. You can check server out on https://godnite.cz/en/ , the language is English and Czech and more languages coming soon. We are looking forward to see you in the fight! Godnite Team. Website: https://godnite.cz/en/ Download: https://godnite.cz/en/download Facebook: https://facebook.com/godnite2 Launch date: 1.8.2018 PS: Server is already online, but just in czech language, 1.8.2018 we will add english language.
  20. Link utiliServer GuidesServer RulesYoutube ChannelTicket Support REGISTRAZIONI APERTE! https://www.alyonmt2.eu/index.php/user/register DOWNLOAD! MEGAFIRE: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ws5lbmv5157q9ph/AlyonMt2+v2.0.rar MEGA: https://mega.nz/#!Fu5xgTLK!8HLfYFsAsOep4RtYqyPHU-f704Dd62icEK6DS68HpeM
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKdtM-kLpJg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvMi0SmdTyQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sL6HqPH91n8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4rjxgIuF-U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3XCUgQ50xk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9txdk9qajI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVldZL_U_pQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1-vTqvAoDY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qA-CjxlbbOc Homepage: http://mukari2.com/ Forum: http://board.mukari2.com/
  22. Website: Metin2International Board: Metin2International Board Website: Metin2International Board: Metin2International Board
  23. WEB PAGE: http://metin2international.com/Server 1: http://en.server1.metin2international.com/Server2: http://en.server2.metin2international.com/Board: http://board.metin2international.com/ WHAT DO YOU EXPECT TO JOIN? Have the opportunity to have fun and interact with people of everywhere!
  24. Website: www.ashesmetin2.eu Forum: www.ashesmetin2.eu/board/ Ticket: www.ashesmetin2.eu/ticket/ Best Regards, AshesMetin2 Team
  25. English: Hi everybody I would like to get some help about the locale_string translate to different languages. I would like to make a multilanguaged client , i have the client-page. I would like to know, what should i do if i want to like this: select "one random language" in the client and because of this the locale_string has change and read the selected languege from the quests. With avoid to use 2x VPS. Anyone? Deutsch: Ich habe eine Frage. Ich möchte eine mehrsprachige Client. Unsere Client-Seite ist schon fertig.Ich möchte, dass z.B. bei der Auswahl die ungarische Sprache die Missionen und "locale_string" sollten auf ungarisch sein, und auf Englisch-Client sollten die Missionen und "locale_string" auf englisch sein. Können Sie ein Ausgangspunkt geben? Und können wir das mit ein VPS schaffen?
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