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Found 20 results

  1. Hi everyone! So, after serveral days of searching a tool that could change the texture path of a .gr2 file, I found the tool(probably all of you know it, the texture changer by marv). After that I tried to change the texture paths of some gr2 models of a weapon, and guess what, it didn't work. I'm gonna reupload the file, because I didn't seen it on metin2dev, and I'm gonna teach you how to use it. First of all, I don't know about others, but for me it didn't work to change anything with this (I'm running windows 7 x64 bit). Some of guys told me that this "texture changer" works only on windows 7 x86 bit, so I reinstalled my windows(I really needed that tool), of course, it didn't work either way. So, go in Start and search cmd, and run it. After the cmd started you'll see a path right there C:\Users\Name (Instead of Name you'll have your username of computer administrator, or the account you're logged in), now that's the path where we can work with the tool. PAY ATTENTION!!! IF YOU START THE TOOL IN OTHER FOLDER INSTEAD OF C:\Users\Name THE TOOL WILL NOT WORK, AND YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SAVE THE NEW MODEL. Exctract all the files from the archive(I'll post it below), and start Metin2TextureChanger.exe. Now click "Load" to choose a gr2 file you want to change texture path, BUT, the model name can't have spaces in name(devil sword.gr2 for example, it's wrong, the tool won't read it, and you'll not be able to save your new gr2 model), so if you want to change for example devil sword.gr2 you need to rename it into devil_sword.gr2 or devilsword.gr2 or any other name without spaces betwen. Where is "Neuer Texturpfad" we will chose the new path for texture, for example d:\ymir work\test\devil_sword_blue.dds , there you can choose any other path, but you can't modify "d:\ymir work" or you won't be able to see the weapon/armour in-game. Now we save the file wherever we want, it doesn't matter, this way must work for everybody. AGAIN, THIS TOOL WASN'T MADE BY ME. And I made this post because I've searched many days a tool that would work, but neither didn't work, and this tool didn't work for me either just when I used this method. So, this post is for guys who had the same problem like me (they had the tool, but couldn't save the new model) that's why I wanted to help them, and any other people who weren't been able to use it. And about the other tool I've found on this forum, the tool "made" by thunder-core, I didn't find that tool satisfying, it worked, but after the new model was made, I wasn't been able to import it in 3d max, or to convert the model from file format revision 7 to 6. So you were basicaly forced to upgrade your client to granny 2.9, and I found that inconvenient, because, I don't know about others, but I don't use source for binary, and because of that it's imposible to see the model in-game. And of course, the new model you've created, with the tool in attachement, is revision 7, so you need the new granny if you want to see it in-game, but you can use the converter from archive to convert from revision 7, to revision 6 (old), and you'll be able to see it in-game. If you already see it in-game, you don't need to use the converter. If you found this post helpful I'm glad I could help you. Metin2TextureChanger.rar Metin2TextureChanger.rar
  2. Helia01

    Hey M2DEV Today i will show you my new tool! Open gr2 file, use double click for input or change path, press enter. After changes go to File->Save or Save as.. EASY! ENJOY! Update: 1. Detect and show File Granny Tag 2. Now you have the opportunity to choose the output version Granny. DOWNLOAD ver. VT ver.
  3. Helia01

    Hey M2DEV! Today i will show you my new tool! With the help of which you can make an .obj from the mesh of gr2 file! DOWNLOAD (full project with source code)
  4. Helia01

    GrannyConverter - by Helia01 View File Hi M2DEV! Today i want release my GrannyConverter with GUI! With this converter it is possible to update the version of Granny up to 2.11.8 or 2.9.12 All you have to do is select your unpacked client's folder and after that the conversion process will begin. Model Compression proof! screen (old versions) WTF THIS? QA HERE! VT HERE: SOURCE PREPROCESSOR HERE: Granny 2.11.8 (It's original lib) SOURCE LIB GUI: MahApps.Metro Best regards Helia01 Submitter Helia01 Submitted 09/06/2018 Category Tools
  5. Zonni

    File Name: Granny Converter File Submitter: Zonni File Submitted: 22 Aug 2014 File Category: Tools Usage: GrannyConverter directory true/false choose true to save old gr2 file as file_old.gr2 choose false to delete old gr2 file GrannyConverter can be used for convert granny files with file format revision 6 to file format revision 7 (used by granny 2.9) You can start "run_gc.bat" to test File Format converting with test directory. Click here to download this file
  6. So my problem is that it says Procedureentrypoint "_GrannyUpdateModelMatrix@16" was not found on the dll "......./metin2client.exe" Can someone help me to fix it :)?
  7. socressor

    Hello, is there a way to import granny2 files like Player Models into 3ds max WITH Animation and ready rigged skeletton? I'm tired of rigging -.-...
  8. josikaaa


    Hello do you know everyone send for me granny 2.9 to 2.4 or 2.6 converter? Thank you Sorry my bad english
  9. Hi, trying to make some new Mobs with 3dsmax, but i cant get the Positioning of the Models right, what Pivot does granny use? Its not the World one, and also not of the Object, Seems like it takes the Pivot of the Bones. Does anyone know how exactly it works? Found out myself, keyword "hierarchy".
  10. Hi, im looking for a website like https://sketchfab.com/ or a script to load 3d model (granny), i cant found anything to load 3d granny models. Is there any app or something to show 3d granny models (html, js, ...)??? Or any converter (gr2 to another format) and this other format to upload in a website like sketchfab? I hope someone can help me, thanks.
  11. Is it possible to convert granny model form 2.9 to 2.6 or 2.4?
  12. Hey devs I'm looking for the new Sash models (green and blue) just the models for msm based Sash systems. Thank you
  13. Hello guys, For some time now I have been trying to edit some newer granny models, and I failed with everything I tryed. Blender, 3dmax 2008-2015, Nexus buddy 2. Nexus buddy 2 not working for me for some reason. First I converted the gr files to ms and smd with grnreader98, witch is great isn`t it? Well not sure since... with ms (MaxScript) there is a little problem... I can load it into 3dsmax if it is (I assume) a small model... like I can import a standard horse, witch isn`t granny 2.8 or anything, its the original horse that metin2 always had, but I`m going for newer granny files. I`m trying to load a model of Thor into 3dsmax with Maxscript The MaxScript header: fn create = ( temp = mesh numverts:12225 numfaces:17182 setNumTVerts temp 12225 This seems to be quite a large model, since the original metin2 mobs have like up to 600 numverts. And when I try to load this into 3dsmax it crashes. I tried just loading the maxscript and then checking sections of the code for possible errors, and I found this error: No ""setvert"" function for undefined, also otther functions not defined. Also an error saying vertices out of range. errors I also tryed using the smd importer, witch imports the model nicely into 3ds max, but for some reason its all black, like its not an object at all, I can convert it into an editable mesh and edit it how ever I want to, but when I export it back into gr2 its just empty space. Black model Empety space Not sure, am I just missing something? or am I not even close? Doing some wrong steps? It must be possible to edit them right? Please any help will be wellcome.
  14. Mila

    I updated granny and now I have this error anyone have soluction for this? Use bulkconverter for converter GR2. 0307 17:32:26519 :: GRANNY: Unable to find matching track_group for Model: "weapon_choegogeup01_02" in Animation: "D:\zwork\박재관\3월21일이후의수정애니메이션\무사 캐릭터 수정\애니메이션\onehand_sword\wait.max" 0307 17:32:28532 :: GRANNY: Unable to find matching track_group for Model: "weapon_choegogeup01_02" in Animation: "D:\zwork\박재관\3월21일이후의수정애니메이션\무사 캐릭터 수정\애니메이션\onehand_sword\wait_1.max"
  15. WhiTeBonSai

    Hey to all, does anyone have a export tool from 3dsmax to .gr2 ? I know there are plugins for 3ds max 2007/8 but I only have the versions 2014-2016.
  16. Hey guys has anybody tools for editing gr2 files in 3ds max? All links are down.. i need grnreader.exe all links are down please someone
  17. Guys i really need to know how to fix this error (syserr) 1026 05:22:36164 :: GRANNY: r:/granny/rt/granny_file_info.cpp(145): File has run-time type tag of 0x8000000f, which doesn't match this version of Granny (0x80000010). Automatic conversion will be attempted. and if u can tell me where can i find this file because i dont have it somewhere. I found a possible solution (with diff patcher to the gr2 files) but im not sure in how many files i need to do this or if my case is different. Please tell me what i need to do to fix this. Sometimes the game crashes from this error (ex. wolfman running on horse)
  18. Hey guys, I've got a really weird problem for you today... INTRODUCTION: Basically, in this last few weeks I've been involved into some 3D modeling/animation exporting for metin2. Using 3dsmax 7, granny exporter and you know what else you need to have... I'd like to let you understand that I do this kind of stuff since 2012, so I know what I'm doing with granny and 3ds max for metin2. Now that the introduction is clear for everyone, let's go to the main problem. PROBLEM: I've created loads of 3D animated models, some from tera, some from myself, some from metin2 with new animations made by myself.. A lot of animated models ... Everything all right, working really good in-game, player liked them... BUT one day someone came telling me that he doesn't see all the new 3D animated models.. So basically he doesn't see anything where the models should be. I tried LOTS of fix and nothing good came to me... He still doesn't see them. 95% of the players see the models correctly and 5% not. The 10% who doesn't, has this kind of graphic cards: - gtx 210/220 - ATI 4200 - Don't actually know if other cards have the same issue. SOMETHING YOU MUST KNOW BEFORE ANSWER: - If i put the model without animation, they see that. - One player, today, has logged with 2 account and with the second account, JUST THE SECOND, he has seen 1 of the 40 models I did, JUST ONE OF IT. - 2 Months ago, I've done other works and they have no problems in game. Nothing changed and nothing new with the new 3D models with problems... So.. CONCLUSION: I'm done.. I don't bloody know what's going on here... PLEASE help me out with that... LOVE YOU <3
  19. JIntors

    Hi does any of you have a granny 2.9 converter? Thanks a lot.
  20. Why everyone, does exist any version of a granny exporter/importer that works with maya 2013? Anyway, i'm looking for a granny exporter/importer, even for 3ds max 2013. Thank you!
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